SotD-Co-Ed’s “Too Late”

How have I never heard this song before now? I mean, I’d heard of it, from one of our k-pop mashups, but I only just listened to it for the first time the other day. That’s sad, because I really like it. I feel like this group is sadly underrated.

We already knew Co-Ed somewhat through their other music video, “Bbiribbom Bberibbom.” They debuted in latwe 2010 under Core Contents Media (the same company as T-ara, Davichi, and others), but got very little attention, I think. Then they disappeared for a long time, before coming back with a unit group, of only the girls from the group, called 5Dolls. (Co-Ed, true to its name, is a group with both boys and girls. Go figure! Their full name is Co-Ed School.) Anyways, we liked Bbiribbom Bberibbom because it was uber-catchy and all, and very perky and upbeat. But “Too Late” (which was their debut song) has a very different feel to it, and I like it for different reasons. It’s hard to compare the two, because they’re completely opposite.

“Too Late” is a more intense, kind of angry song, full of attitude, that shows you a whole different side to the group. The choreography is pretty good, and I love the coordination of the boys’ dancing and the girls’. That mixture makes it really appealing. The song is catchy, and I rather like the vocals, even if there’s a pretty heavy use of autotune. I actually really like the rapping, too. Overall, I think it’s a pretty solid track and video. So I’m not sure why it got so little attention.

Here’s the music video:

I actually prefer the dance version, just because I really like their dancing. It’s so great! And there are so many of them that it reminds me of Super Junior ^^ There are six boys and four girls in this particular video. I think they’ve replaced and added members since then, though. I know pretty much nothing about this group, so…sorry D:

Hmm, so the video itself seems pretty basic–lots of close-ups, dance scenes, and so on. There seems to be some inkling of a plot, but for the life of me I cannot figure it out. Something to do with robots…and talking on phones in bathrooms…whaaa? Regardless, i’m very impressed with the video for a debut MV. I mean, usually debut music videos are pretty low-scale and not too fancy, but here they’ve got all these different background sets, and outfits, and cool costumes, and special effects and such. I would never have guessed it was their debut. It’s really high-quality, and I am amazed. Well done!

The song is really good. It’s super catchy, has a heavy beat, an overuse of autotune but in a way that in a way enhances the general feel of it, and just this intense and hardcore ambience. I like it. It seems to be about how it’s “too late” for a boyfriend/girlfriend who cheated on you (they’re co-ed, so it’s gender ambiguous). Actually, now that I look at it, it seems to be a sort of conversation between the girls and boys–the boys are the ones who cheated, and are trying to say it was just a one-time thing and all that, and the girls are saying no, it’s too late. Huh, that’s pretty cool. Like a duet, but…there’s more than two people. I like it! It’s new and awesome. And the song actully makes sense and is kind of meaningful and such. Very nice 😀 (I got the English lyrics here) However, I am slightly confused by the lyrics, because…you see, some of these members are quite young. Younger than myself, even. At the time of this song’s release, little Sungmin would have been 14. Hyewon would have been 15. And they’re singing about cheating? When I was fourteen (ha, two years ago) I was too busy reading fantasy novels and playing Gameboy to even think about cheating. I didn’t even have a boyfriends. (I still don’t >_>) I understand that some of the members are significantly older (some would have been 21. Big age gap.) but really. How can 14-year-olds sing about this stuff? Weird…

As for the English–I was going to say there wasn’t much, so it was fine, but it turns out that the little there is, kinda sucks. I mean, “Break your mind”? “What’s gonna back to me?” Sorry, Co-Ed, but I am not impressed. Shame on you! 2/5!

As I said before, the dance is just really cool, especially because there are so many of them. It’s pretty powerful and memorable, and it suits the song really well. The coordination of the members and everything. So cool. The girls get a girlier dance, the guys get a more manly one, but they work really well together. The wrist-tapping, the butt-shaking, the stomping…it’s quite impressive. One thing, though, is that at some parts, they all just seem so out of it. Like, no emotion, no power, no energy. Mostly in the dance version. They seem really tired. As talented as they are, I think they could work on their facial expressions more.

There are some things I don’t like about this song/video. One is that there are some serious flaws in the line distribution. Pretty much everything goes to either Chanmi or Sungmin. The others get some lines, but then there’s the couple that get, like, two. Agh, it drives me crazy. And as much as I love Sungmin (holy crap, he’s so cute! He’s my favourite) he gets way too much screentime. What, is he their main dancer, rapper, and also the visual? I think he is. And that is just way unfair, with nine other members. Also, I feel like they could have toned down the autotune. Some of their vocals are really good, but you can’t tell, because it’s all electronicized. Boo! I agree that it gives the song more attitude, but seriously, they overdid it.

I really liked the visual aspects of the video. As in, it looked great. Their dusty clothes were really cool and captured the essence of the song well, the grungy backgrounds, the water floor, the confetti flying around, and outfits and flashy bling and all that. It just looked really epic. Their hair, too. Sungmin’s red streak, Chanmi and Taewoon’s platinum blond, the Soomi’s (?) blue. They looked really cool. Ohhh, and Sungmin’s hat/helmet ^^ Cute! I also really like that they didn’t try to over-sexualize the girls. Some of their outfits are quite tight-fitting and revealing, but not overly so. And they also got some really cool, hip-hop, kind of baggy outfits, which I liked. You rarely see that in k-pop. Overall, the whole thing was extremely visually appealing.

Hmm, what else? Oh, I do feel it quite necessary to mention some interesting things I’ve read about this band. Apparently member Hyoyoung is Hwayoung from T-ara’s twin sister, Taewoon is Block B’s Zico’s older brother, Chanmi was originally in the lineup for SNSD, Soomi was a former member of girl group SeeYa, and Noori was featured in a couple of T-ara’s music videos. Huh! These guys got connections, no? So it’s odd that they’re so non-popular. They came out with one mini-album, three music videos, and then nothing for a long time, until 5Dolls debuted in February, came out with another two music videos, and disappeared after May. Now their male sub-unit is supposed to debut in early 2012, but still. They get very, very little recognition. I’m disappointed. They’re so good!

I would tell you all about which members are seen where and all that fun stuff, but unfortunately, I don’t know myself. I just started looking into them, and there are quite a few members. I can recognize Chanmi, Sungmin, Taewoon, and Hyewon. The rest are a mystery. They mention all their names at the beginning of the music video, but somehow I still couldn’t manage to figure them out. If I ever do sort out the names and faces, I’ll probably come back and fix this. But for now, you’re on your own. I’d suggest looking into comments, colour-coded lyrics, and other such things if you really must know. Sorry! (On a sidenote, I find it funny that both this Sungmin and Super Junior’s Sungmin have that innocent, baby-faced image. I love them both ^^)

Aaanyways, I think that’s about it. Overall, this song is really catchy and really good, and I love the choreography and the group dynamic and the video. Therefore, pretty much everything about it. I don’t know how these guys didn’t shoot to stardom, with this impressive of a debut. Poor them 😦 I’m gonna guess I different, even more impressive group debuted around the same time. Will look that up. So yeah, great band, great song. It’s seriously been stuck in my head for three days straight now. Agh. Good stuff, Co-Ed 🙂 I look forward to more by them. I hope they make a full-group comeback soon. Because co-ed groups are the best. Seriously. Anywho, I wish you much luck in the future. Fighting! ^^



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