SotD-CN Blue’s “LOVE”

I cannot believe I haven’t reviewed this already. The reason I am today, though, is because on November 27, 2010, I discovered the wonder that is CN Blue. Now, exactly one year later, I still love their music. We’ve bought two of their albums ūüėÄ And, maybe more importantly, it led us to love k-pop.

We discovered the band through our first k-drama, You’re Beautiful. Those who have seen it may know that Shinwoo (aka The Perfect Man) is played by Jung Yonghwa, CN Blue’s lead singer. We looked it up, and we fell in love with their album “Blue Love.” On November 27 last year, I wrote in my journal, and I quote, “Today we downloaded some songs by Jeremy’s band (FT Island) and Shinwoo’s band (CN Blue). You know, from You’re Beautiful. They actually have bands. And they’re AWESOME.! Those song have been stuck in my head all day. So great. Even if I can’t understand most of the words (some are English!) Soooo amazing.” Seriously, I loved that album to death. I listened to it every single day for like a week. That was also the day I discovered FT Island, obviously, but I only really fell in love with “I Hope” by them (though I loved that song the most of all) but I already reviewed that¬†song¬†long ago. So I figured this song would be perfect for today (er, yesterday. I was too busy yesterday to finish this post).

I must say, for those just getting to know Korean music, bands like CN Blue would be a good¬†place¬†to start, because they’re very similar to American rock. At least, that’s how it was for us. When we found CN Blue and FTI, we thought that was the only Korean music we’d ever like. Then we were introduced to Clazziquai Project, which we also liked, because it was so whimsical and beautiful. But eventually we caved and fell in love with k-pop. It was pretty much inevitable, I think. But everyone I’ve ever showed this song to has liked it, even the ones with zero exposure to Asian anything. So I can honestly say it’s a really great song, for all audiences.

Here’s the video:

It starts off with a bit of an intro scene. Pretty basic stuff: CN Blue walking into a bar in their snazzy plaid suits (OMG I love them!) and sitting down, and the mood in the bar being really, well, boring. Their barkeeper throws the menu at them (by the way, when they talk at the beginning, they’re just saying “Should we order?”) and everyone’s just sitting around,¬†practically¬†asleep. Whoo, what a party. Then they all look at each other and nod, and they go up to the¬†front, where there are already drums and mics set up. Their audience regards them with boredom and disinterest.

As they play, all cool and awesome and into it, their audience looks on, pleasantly surprised, and eventually start clapping or get up to dance. That’s more like it! They seem to get more popular from this performance, because next they’re at a different location–on a rooftop. Nice! The crowd is now enthusiastic and dancing, and everyone’s having a great time. And that’s pretty much it! Not the most exciting music video, but it’s pretty and simple and leaves room to appreciate the music. They’re a rock band, after all, not a boyband. They’re supposed to focus on the music, and not so much the presentation (though that’s definitely important, too).

So, the lyrics of the song are pretty straightforward. Love song. Can’t even quite tell if it’s supposed to be happy or upset. The message of the song isn’t that clear. Just…love. Okay. I found the lyrics and translation here. The English of the song is not great, to be honest. I can only give it a 3 out of 5 or so. There’s quite a bit of it, and it’s understandable, but it’s pretty nonsensical. CN Blue had very good English-speakers, especially pronunciation-wise, but this song does not show it. That could be why we loved it so much; weird English in Korean songs was a new concept for us, and we found it hilarious and great fun to sing along to. But really, my favourite lyrics have to be “Yeah! We make you high! I’m ready for this! CN Blue, microphone check, 1-1-1-1, 1, 2.” Also, the infamous, “CN to the Blue!” The rest of the English lyrics are equally random and odd. Just thrown in there for good measure, it seems. Ah well. It’s funny, at least. And pretty cute.

As for the video itself, it’s pretty mellow. As I mentioned before, the plot is very, very simple, and there’s no mistaking the meaning of it. There’s nothing fancy about it. No dancing, no symbolic meaning, no frills or crazy stunts. Just the band, doin’ their thing. But I like it. The lighting is great, the clothes are fantastic (in my opinion XD) and the boys are looking dang fine. Except Jungshin. When will he ever cut his terrible long hair? It looks awful. Maybe it’s because no one would recognize him without it. I probably wouldn’t.

So anyways, no dancing on this one. Boo! I joke. I love CN Blue. But they’re no boyband. I love love love their music, and I have since the day we discovered them. So here are the members, in case you don’t know: Lead singer, rapper and guitarist Yonghwa at 0:21 and 1:00. Drummer Minhyuk at 0:47 and 2:20 and 4:03. Lead guitarist and vocals Jonghyun at 0:28 and 1:28 and 3:33. And bassist Jungshin at 0:20 and 2:30.

And I guess that’s all. I can easily say CN Blue (as well as FT Island) spurred my love for Korean music as a whole, and introduced me to the concept of loving music not in your language. So I have them to thank for that. Yay! :’D I will love them forever, and that’s final. It’s been a good year, boys! K-Pop Forever! CN Blue, fighting!



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