SotD-Bang Yong Guk and Zelo’s “Never Give Up”

Oh. My. GOSH. So many new songs are coming out lately, I don’t know what to do with myself. I currently have…13 songs I want to review. Why so many??? D: Ah well, I have to start somewhere…

So I’ll begin with Bang Yong Guk and Zelo’s “Never Give Up”! I will not lie. This is not my favourite song ever. It’s a lot of rapping, and I’m not usually a huge rap fan. But I do like it. And I have a bit of a history with these boys, so I figured I’d review it anyways 😀 Anyways, I’ve been anticipating this video, and it’s better than I expected. So yay!

So, I’ll give you my back-story first. The first time I ever saw Bang Yong Guk was in the Secret song “Starlight Moonlight.” He was just this random ticket-seller guy in the music video, and I guess he would have been pretty easy to miss if he wasn’t super-cute, and also had a lot of people asking about him. I was all like, “Whoa, he is cute!” But at the time, he hadn’t released any music or anything. So I forgot about him. (I don’t believe I knew his name at the time, either.)

Then he came out with his solo debut song, “I Remember” ft. Yang Yoseob (from Beast). I looove Yoseob, so of course I watched it. The music video was terribly depressing, but pretty epic and very very well done, and I actually kind of loved the song. And I learned that this Bang Yong Guk guy was the same person as the “Starlight Moonlight” guy, which made me love him even more.

He came out with another single and was featured in another song, but I didn’t actually like either of them. Sorry! But his rapping was nevertheless really awesome. His voice is super low and husky and cool-sounding, and I loved it. And then they revealed that he’d be making another comeback, this time with another member from the group Yong Guk will someday debut in. I was somewhat interested–after all, I love that guy! They kept the new kid’s face covered, though. So I had little interest in him.

And then, the other day, I saw an article on AllKpop titledBang & Zelo reveals a picture of  new member Zelo” and I was like “Pshhh, why would anyone want to click on that?” But of course I did. Just because I was curious, after all those pictures of him with his face covered. And the moment I did click it, I was all like “Awwwwwww! He’s so friggin’ cute! O_O” Seriously, I melted into a little puddle of goo. And he’s only fifteen. He’s younger than me >_> Does that qualify me as a pedo-noona? Too cute for words, I say. I just think he’d super adorable, okay? Is that so bad???


Anyways. So that made me super-excited to see their new music video. So when it came out the other day, I was all like asjbdflk YES! So I watched it. And while neither the music video nor the song was extremely outstanding, I loved it anyways. I love both these guys, for some strange reason. They’re not really the perfect-looking type, but I do find them really cute. And I just love them. I can’t even explain it.

So here’s the video:

I’m having some trouble figuring out the exact plot of this video. It seems like Zelo (who is actually the correct age to be in high school in America, but would only be in middle school in Korea) is infatuated with a girl in his school (played by  Secret’s Hyosung, who is much too old to be in high school). And Yong Guk and Zelo are in the same class…despite the fact that the former is five years older than the latter (and also too old for high school). Oh well. Who said k-pop music videos were ever realistic? Anyways, the two boys are sick of school, and ditch their class to take over the PA system and play some real music (aka their own CD), and apparently, for Zelo to confess his feelings (adorably). That’s a lot of parentheses in one paragraph.

The whole thing was surprisingly cute and fun. I expected something more manly and bad-boy-ish, considering their teaser and Bang Yong Guk’s past songs. But I was pleasantly surprised. I liked this concept a lot more. It was totally cute, and totally worked for both of the guys, despite their age difference.

I gotta say, the video is a lot better with English subtitles. Also, their live performances are awesome. I love them. For rookies, especially, they are amazing. They’re both really confident and have great stage presence, and they look like they’re having fun. AWESOME. I totally fell in love after I saw the lyrics, and even more so when I watched the live perf. No lie. Before, it was just average, but I am steadily growing more attached XD

The choreographed dance in the music video is pretty well limited to a three-second clip at 2:58. But they also have some little dance battles and such, which are all cute and pretty epic. I love how all those extras are awesome dancers, and then there’s Yong Guk and Zelo at 3:23, looking all lame and cheesy with their dance move. Heehee. Not that I doubt their abilities. They just pale in comparison to their competition XD Love it.

In the live performance, though, they actually have choreography! And I love it! It’s super cute and fun and energetic. Not too complicated, but awesome. I just think it all looks great, even if it’s not really impressive. NICE!

The English is actually decent. Their pronunciation is really good, but it doesn’t always make that much sense. Or rather, it makes sense, but it’s kind of awkward :/ Like “I’m back in da school, back back in da school.” Okaaaaay…? Apart from that, it’s pretty good. Except the “Left, left to right. Right, right to left.” That’s just cheesy XD Otherwise, the use of English is pretty good. Well done!

Right! Translated lyrics. LOVE THEM. They’re so true. They’re all about school and what’s wrong with it, following your dreams, and that kinda thing. Really great. I sincerely appreciated the meaningful lyrics. Truly. Made me love them so much. I got them here–> link. There is a part about a love story and all that, but it’s in a cute, fun way, rather than a cheesy “OMG I love you so much!” way. Because really, they’re supposed to be portraying high school students. What kind of high school student has that much love experience? Look at me! (We’ll stop there…) So yeah, loving the lyrics 😀

As for looks–LOVE. Seriously. Their clothes and the sets and everything are just so colourful and bright and fun. There are a lot of bold colours, reds and yellows and blues. It matches the theme perfectly. And the way they switch to darker colours, darker lighting, etc for the dance sequences and the rougher parts of the song is perfect. I’m actually not crazy about Zelo’s curly hair, but it’s growing on me. Yong Guk is adorable. Seriously. Although I adored his red hair in “I Remember,” his new style/colour matches the concept really well, and looks great. Both of the boys look very natural and cute, with a very innocent and young aura around them. You can hardly tell that one’s five years older than the other. And let’s face it. Both of them are just adorable. It’s the truth! I love Zelo’s “cute gangster” look, and Yong Guk’s “protective hyung” look.

Also, I just have to mention it–holy crap, Yong Guk’s voice is so deep! It amazes me every time. It sounds so awesome, and very memorable. I love both of their rapping styles a lot, but they’re made unique by their voices. Yong Guk’s is just so low and gravelly and cool. And Zelo’s is really cute, and sounds really young and energetic. Really great, seriously. Also, at first I didn’t like the gospel choir chorus, but I’m starting to like that too ^^

Favourite moments, since I don’t have to point out which is which (Zelo=blond, Yong Guk=brunette), are 0:23, when Zelo runs into the cart (haha, so cute–happens to me so often -_-), Zelo getting all up in the camera’s face at 0:50 (he’s so energetic XD), the smile at 0:59 (awwww^^), Yong Guk standing on the desks at 1:21 (don’t we all dream of doing that??), the little part at 2:03, the dance scenes at 2:58 and at 3:17-3:28, Zelo’s scream at 3:30, and Yong Guk’s “We out” at 4:13. Also, pretty much the whole MV >_> I gotta say, this music video was pretty much awesome. One of the best in a while.

Okay. I’m done. I have a zillion other things to do. Songs to review. Videos to watch. School to pay a little attention to. This post got way too long. So sorry! Anyways, I really am starting to like the song, and I have high hopes for these two boys, and the rest of the band they’re set to debut with next year. I think both of them are really talented, and I’m growing fond of them already. Seriously. They’re great. So yeah. There you have it. The both of you, fighting!


PS-so many songs are coming out TT_TT So happy, but overwhelmed. Christmas songs are abounding. Eeee! My favourite!

[UPDATE: I know I said I didn’t like either of the songs that BYG featured in, but it later turned out that I LOVE the song “Going Crazy” by Song Jieun. In which he raps, of course. Just telling everyone that this song is amazing ♥]


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