SotD-SHINee’s “Ring Ding Dong”

It’s my SHINee Anniversary~ As in, exactly one year ago, I discovered the wonder that is SHINee. Amazing, right? Anyways, I decided to right a post on them to commemorate, like usual. I also woke up to SHINee this morning and listened to them all day. Yay! (Got their Japanese Album “The First.” Love it so much! :’D)

So, I can easily say that the song/MV that influenced me the most from SHINee was “Hello.” It was pretty much the turning point in my obsession. It was the thing that made me go from “I love Korean music!” to “I FREAKING LOVE THESE BOYS!” As I mentioned in my Hello post, it was the video that made me want to learn the boys’ names and everything about the band. It was the pivotal point between love and addiction.

But I already talked about that in my “Hello” post. And I won’t say it all again. So today, instead, I present to you another song by them, the one that introduced me to SHINee in the first place. And to nonsensical Engrish. Yay! Here it is: “Ring Ding Dong!”

For a while after we discovered this music video, my brother was OBSESSED with it. He played it so often that I soon could not stand to hear it. But I’ve pretty much gotten over that. Almost. The thing is, the song is ridiculously catchy, the dance is super-fun and easy, and there’s enough hilarious Engrish that we can sing along easily. It’s perfect for new k-poppers. And we loved it. And the music video was SO WONDERFULLY CHEESY. I mean, wings? Seriously? AWESOME.

The music video…I don’t think it has a meaning. Sometimes they’re dancing on a broody, grungy rooftop, and sometimes they’re sitting in a car, or dancing in front of said car, and sometimes they’re walking up steps or through a white house. That’s about it. No plot whatsoever. Oh well! The focus is the dancing, and the dancing is great.

The lyrics are pretty average love song lyrics. I found them here. They seem to be about how their hearts rang like bells when they first saw this girl they totally fell for. But the English–oh, the English! Honestly, I’m giving them a 1 out of 5. It is terrible. But I love it. Taemin’s pronunciation of “go rocka rocka rocka” (what does that even mean?) is atrocious. And the very fact that they used the word ‘elastic’, inexplicably, so many times, just baffles me. Why? WHY??? It makes no sense! I feel as if someone was like “Hey! What’s a hip English word that rhymes with ‘fantastic’?” and all they could find was “elastic” so they were like, “Oh well! No one will know it makes no sense!” BUT I DO. And I love it. It’s so easy to make fun of! We have had entire conversations about the English in this song. It is wonderful. Some of the worst I’ve ever heard. So yeah. Great job, boys XD

The dance, on the other hand, makes up for it. It’s so great. I learned the whole thing, once, but I’m terrible at it, to be honest. Ah well. Nevertheless, it shows how much I love this dance. It’s just so great. Seriously. Especially the chorus, in all it’s beautiful glory. Something about it is just–asdfghjkl AWESOME. The whole thing. I love it all. No lie. I don’t know what about it amazes me so much, but I love it. And I just love the whole dancing in the water thing (as I always do) and watching it again right now, I can’t help but fall in love with it all over again. *sigh* Brings back so many memories :’D

As for looks–I don’t even know what to say. I kind of love the black-and-grey grunge, the pure, blinding white, and the red-and-black boldness. But the style is just…unspeakable. There is an abundance of feathers, leather and weird outfits. Some of them are good; I like most of the red-and-black outfits, and some of the white ones, and so on. But some of them are just so not good. And the hair? I LOVE Jonghyun’s. That style was probably his best. But the rest I kind of hate. I’m not a fan of Minho’s long ‘do (I must be the only one >_>) and I don’t like Taemin’s weird bowl cut and Key’s is alright but not great and Onew’s is just weirdly cut. It all depends on how they’re styled, though. At some parts I like all of them. Other parts I hate them. *sigh* I feel sorry for them, honestly. Except Jonghyun. That was awesome. As for the sets, I kind of like all of them. The car is pretty cheesy, though. The rooftop is really cool, though, with their billboard name and everything, and the water scene and such. I have nothing against their set use. Lighting was well done, too. Not remarkable, but good.

I gotta say, though, my favourite part of all time is the end, where they all…turn into angels. HAHAHAHA. Cracks. Me. UP. Every time. Where did they get the idea that that was in any way cool or intense or not-lame? I’m not saying it’s bad. It’s just super funny. I cannot take them seriously as they stare into the camera all serious and intense, with feathery wings sprouting out of their backs. Just too hilarious. And I don’t care what anyone says; I WILL have this as my cellphone ringtone one day. It’s so perfect! The more I watch this, the more memories it brings back. ^^ Still giggling after all this time…

As for members, pretty simple (so much easier than SuJu): Baby dancer Taemin‘s at 0:48 and 3:06 and 3:39. Leader Onew‘s at 0:39 and 2:44. Lead singer Jonghyun‘s at 0:02, 0:55 and 1:49. Rapper Minho (who’s birthday is today!) is at 2:00 and 2:19. And triple-threat Key is at 0:33 and 1:57 and 2:24. That’s all! Just five! Thank goodness! (Is it just me or are boybands getting bigger…?)

Well, I suppose that’s all. I feel like I could talk about this video for a lot longer. It’s so full of funny bits and things ot make fun of, as well as awesome moments and sick dancing. But overall, the song and video are really great. They were really popular, and I can see why. It’s awesome. Not my personal favourite from SHINee, but very memorable, and a great introduction. All I can say is that I’m VERY grateful to have discovered SHINee. They were my first k-pop love *_* My first band obsession. I have a special plce in ym heart for these boys, and that’s no lie. I will love them forever. The end. For one year now, and forevermore, SHINee fighting! 



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