SotD-Big Bang’s “Let Me Hear Your Voice”

To be honest, yesterday was my SHINee and Big Bang 1-year anniversary. However, I didn’t want to smush them in the same day, so I decided to move Big Bang’s to today. So today I’ve been celebrating one year (and a day) of wonderfully good Big Bang-ness, and it has been awesome. This band and I go waaaay back.

Big Bang isn’t really like any of the other bands we love. They are technically a boyband, but they have a much more hip-hop, rap-based, gangster style a lot of the time. They don’t really dance much (probably because TOP fails at dancing XD) and their target audience is older than most bands. Nevertheless, they are WILDLY popular, and I can’t help but love them myself, despite never liking their style in the past. 

As seems to be the trend, the song I’m reviewing today to commemorate this special event is not the one that was most influential to me by Big Bang, because I already reviewed that one. That title goes to “Haru Haru”, which made me cry my eyes out, but was so beautiful. And it’s not even the one that got me hooked on them in the first place, which was “Tell Me Goodbye” which I would have reviewed if I liked the music video more (it was a hard decision). But the song I decided to review today, “Let Me Hear Your Voice,” was also very poignant in my k-pop journey, and was one of the first songs I really fell in love with by BB. So beautiful! So soulful! Love love love it. Brings back hordes of memories.

So here’s the MV:

I was introduced to this song and video by my sister, who heard about it from her friend. I’m not sure which of them was the one to say, “It’s mostly just three of the guys singing very emotionally, and the other two standing in the background looking wistful.” It’s a pretty accurate description. Anyways, that’s all we could think about when we watched it the first couple times; how soulful GD and TOP (as we later found out their names were) looked, all quiet and intense for most of the video. We found it quite hilarious, and still do. We also became a big fan of their finger-shaking and collar-pulling and hat-tipping. Major LOLs. (I never use that phrase. Ew.)

So yeah. Our first reaction was pretty skewed by how we were introduced. But we soon found ourselves deeply in love with the song, and somewhat with the band, because the people who showed it to us were pretty big fans. The singing is absolutely beautiful, the video is really pretty, and we started to love it.

Is this the first Japanese song I’ve reviewed? I think it might be. Wait, no, I reviewed 2PM’s “Take Off.” And I half-reviewed the Japanese version of SHINee’s “Replay.” I suddenly feel like going back and fixing all of my first posts, because they were awful >_> Anyways, this was one of Big Bang’s Japanese releases, though I feel like at the time we didn’t know it. Or didn’t really care. Korean people singing Japanese songs? Preposterous! But BB is actually fairly popular in Japan, if I’m not mistaken. Good for them! I can’t imagine Western artists trying to sing in a non-native language -_-

The lyrics sound really pretty as well. I don’t know if they have good accents, seing as I don’t speak Japanese, but they sound really nice, and the English translation sounds nice too. (I got mine here.) It’s a pretty basic, somewhat melancholy love story. Nothing special. For the most part, they don’t use any English apart from a word or two. Except the rap. The rap is ALL English, which made it perfect to sing along, especially in that it makes very little sense. YES!

The first time I heard the song, I didn’t notice how bad the rap was. But it is gloriously nonsensical. I love it. I also memorized it, so that I can rap along with it (because, y’know, I’m a great rapper). But it seems like I learned the lyrics wrong, according to different sources. They sound like they’re saying something different than what other people are hearing. I don’t know. But it’s funny. My personal translation has always been this:

Yeah, since you went away hasn’t been the same/In my heart all I got is pain/Could it be that I played the game to lose you?/I can’t maintain/Sunlight, moonlight you lit my life/Realizing the night while love shines bright/Can’t let you go/We were meant for forever, baby let me know/Days passed without you, can’t forget you/Baby be the cloud hanging above me/Raining on me, missing your touch/Nights get longer, it’s hard to crush, uh/Bein’ apart breaks my heart/So for the best girl you’re my world/Any time my love unfurls/Till then wait for you, girl

Now that I listen to it closely, though, I’m changing my mind at parts. Oh well. I doubt I’ll be able to remember what the actual ones are, or if anyone even knows them. Whatever they are, the don’t seem to make much sense, grammatically or even literally. But I’m giving them some creative license, you know? Let them do what they want. It’s not their language! I just like singing along to it XD

Anyways, there is no dancing in this video. What a shame! TOP is known to break out the mad dance moves, after all. (HA! He’s so good :P) There is, however, much wistful staring, some great hand gestures, some humorous running by Taeyang, and some soulful screaming and/or collapsing. Makes up for it, no? I enjoy the video greatly, no matter what. The sets are a little random, and the clothing selection isn’t my favourite, and some of the haircuts or styles are somewhat questionable (not you, Taeyang. You just keep rocking that mohawk). But I find the whole thing very aesthetically pleasing nonetheless. I don’t know what it is. Maybe I’m biased. But I love it.

A few things to comment on: I feel like some of the props and stuff, such as the ice cream on the ground or the numerous pairs of dice, are supposed to be in some way symbolic, but I really can’t figure out how. I find them cool nevertheless. Surely they’re meaningful to someone! And I gotta say, I love love love the lighting as well as the colouring (does that make sense?) in this video. At times everything is all kind of sepia, or very washed-out, and it matches the mood perfectly. And the lighting really adds to the dream-like, magical, beautiful feel. The little details, like the fog, and the twinkly lights, and the cloudy sky, the city lights int he background, all add up to really make a huge difference in the filmography. Extremely well done, I must say. I love everything about it.

I gotta say, you have to watch the guys in the background more than the one in the front. It is so funny. They always look so soulful, but sometimes they’re doing little actions or kind of dancing, or look extremely awkward, and it’s great fun to watch. Makes everything a lot funnier. Extra notes: I love TOP’s hair. He looks awesome. In a perfect, almost unreal way. Not diggin’ GD’s hairdo, though. Love the blond, but the way they clip it up and part it and stuff is cringe-worthy. Also, TOP’s part is just…great. Ha. His lip-syncing is pretty bad, and his hand gestures are a little funny, but the best part is his numerous hand-waves/sweeps at 3:40. It would be fine if he did it once, but he does it, like, FIVE TIMES. It’s great.

There’s plenty more I can say about this video and song. I freaking love the “YEAH!” at 3:43, and I adore all of Daesung’s parts because his voice is so perfect, and Taeyang’s running at 3:56 (HA!), and all those screaming parts, and GD’s hat-tip at the end, and just everything. So good. But I think I’ll stop there. Watch it for yourself. You will not regret it. The whole song is gorgeous, almost in a haunting way, and pretty powerful and emotional. I like this side of Big Bang a lot, as much as I like their catchy electro-pop songs. They’re all really talented, and I like to see that part of them shine through.

Ah, members! Almost forgot! Main singer and dancer Taeyang: 0:23 and 1:13. Maknae and lead dancer Seungri: 0:40 and 1:48. Lead vocals Daesung: 0:53 and 2:16. Leader and rapper G-Dragon: 1:28 and 3:07. Lead rapper TOP: 1:42 and 3:23.

So anywho. I guess that’s all I have to say. I’m glad Big Bang is coming out with more songs in this style these days, what with “Love Song” and such. I really like it. And this music video has a long history with my family. I have seen it so many times, honestly. Brings back memories. I still love it to death, and the song still makes me feel all emotional inside. So beautiful. Just goes to show that you can appreciate music, no matter what language it’s in. Music is the universal language (none of this math stuff. That’s bullcrap -_-) It’s been a year now since I discovered Big Bang, and I’m still very much in love with them. I think this song and MV affected me pretty largely in the long run in my k-pop journey, even if it is in Japanese, and I am thankful to this day that we discovered it. Good times! After all this time, all I can say is this: Big Bang, fighting! 



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