A Very K-Pop Christmas

I love Christmas music. Seriously, it makes me so happy. And possibly even more than that, I love Christmas sweaters. Cutest thing ever. So when it was first announced that various bands would be releasing Christmas songs this year, I was ridiculously excited. A dream come true! (especially when they released teaser photos of them wearing Christmas sweaters. KYAAAA~!)

So I’ve decided to compile all of the Christmas songs and videos I like. Some of them I LOVE, and others I was disappointed by. But there are none that I hate. It’s Christmas! Who hates Christmas???

Anyways, the first Christmas video I saw was Starship Planet’s “Pink Romance.” That’s the different bands under Starship Ent. (K.Will, Sistar and Boyfriend). I didn’t expect to like it…but I ended up loving it. So cute!

It was actually Hyorin’s voice that did it, I think. I watched it for the adorable Boyfriend boys, but it was her extraordinary vocals that made me love the song. There are two instances where she has these amazing notes, and I love it. And I don’t even like Sistar. At all. Anyways, the video is super freaking cute, with everyone in their Christmas sweaters and looking sweet, and playing little games around the Christmas tree. I love how awkward Donghyun looks the whole time. Also, I like seeing Hyunseung and Jungmin for once. Adorable!

I think the next one to come out was “Shooting Star” by all the bands under Star Empire (ZE:A, Nine Muses, Jewelry, etc.). I watched it for ZE:A. Love those guys! I actually found the song quite disappointing at first, but the more I heard it, the more I liked it. I only knew the boys out of the whole group, but that didn’t take away from the cuteness of the video, even if it was just them singing in the studio (in their cute outfits!)

I really love Kevin and Hyunshik’s parts in this song. The latter is my favourite from ZE:A, but I really do love his voice. They all sound great, and the song is sweet and very pretty. I find myself singing it pretty often these days ^^ This also brings me to ZE:A’s Christmas single from last year, the all-English My Only Wish which I actually really love. Not only for their adorable accents, but just because it’s so pretty and nice. Makes me feel like crying a little bit, but not out of sadness. And the falsetto is gorgeous. LOVE.

I don’t remember the order of the songs’ releases after that, but one that really stood out to me was Infinite’s “Lately” (also called “White Confession”). I LOVE IT. I was very eagerly anticipating this song, and I was not disappointed. Not only was their teaser super-cute, but the video was even cuter, and the song is actually really good. It even got an all-kill, which is pretty amazing in general, much more for a simple Christmas single, and even more for a band that only recently got famous. AWESOME.

WOW. Too cute. They’re all looking amazing in their winter wear, and the whole thing is pure love. They’re just walking around a little Japanese town, buying gifts and such, meeting up and acting cute, and then sitting around a table for a meal and being cute some more. AWESOME. There is an unfortunate lack of actual Christmas sweaters, but they look adorable nonetheless. Maybe my favourite Christmas MV of the year. The song is amazing as well, the vocals are awesome, Sungyeol even gets some lines for once, and I love it to death. Eeee! (Sungyeol’s “Merry Christmas” is super, super adorable and squee-worthy, as well as cheesy. Heehee.) I also really like the camerawork in this one. NICE!

Next up was Boyfriend’s “I’ll Be There.” I’m not completely in love with this one. It’s more of a legit single, actually, but it is winter-y and such, so I decided to add it. I have really liked Boyfriend’s singles in the past, but I was somewhat underwhelmed with this one. Sorry!

This definitely wasn’t a bad song or video. I actually rather enjoyed both of them. But it didn’t quite live up to my expectations. Nevertheless, the boys are all looking really cute, especially Jungmin with his white hat ^^ And the song is upbeat, but slightly sad, and really cute, as is the usual with this band. As a sidenote, Youngmin’s hair is no longer blond. Oh noes! How will I tell him apart now?? 😛 Their knee-wipe-in-the-snow move evoked some laughter from us, too. The sets are really great, though, as are the outfits, and I can appreciate every element of the song and video individually, but they don’t add up to a masterpiece, in my opinion. Maybe I just have to listen to it more. :/ In other news…dang! These guys are all freakishly adorable. Curse them!

I was suuuper excited for the MBLAQ single, “White Forever,” to come out, because their teaser photo was adorable beyond words. But I was sadly disappointed with this one, too. I’m adding it only because I love MBLAQ. They definitely win a spot on my list, however average I found their song.

There were parts of this song I loved. But there were also parts I didn’t like at all. For instance, I love Mir’s rapping style, but I feel like it doesn’t fit at all in this song. Sounds totally awkward. The beginning was very ehhhh as well. And the video was boooo. Barely even relevant for most of the time. The best part was the clips of them in the photoshoot for this single (so cute!). I can, however, appreciate the parts I did like. I loved the chorus, I loved the lyrics, I loved the accents (for the English lines), and I loved the end, where they all wave and say “Merry Christmas!” But as a whole–I was not impressed. I wanted to love it, but I just didn’t. Sorry, boys! 😦

If there was one thing I looked forward to the most, though, it was SM Town’s winter album, “The Warmest Gift.” Gahhhh! I knew I’d only really like three songs on the album–the SuJu one, the SHINee one, and the TVXQ one–but that didn’t stop me from being crazy excited for it. ESPECIALLY when I heard it would be all in English o_O A dream come true! Seriously. And when it came out, I was so not disappointed. I love it SO MUCH. AHHH!

The main single was Super Junior’s “Santa U Are the One.” I could squee about it forever. Funniest, cutest, best thing ever. The music video (above) is all sorts of awesomeness. The Christmas sweaters and aegyo and Christmas goodness abound, and I could watch it forever. I love that they included all of SM Town in the video. And HENRY and ZHOU MI sing!!!!! YESSSS! Seriously, there is nothing negative about this entire thing. Their accents are asdfghjkl SO CUTE and they look adorable and everything is wonderful and I can’t stop loving it. No lie. The lyrics are beyond cheesy, but so great. My only wish is that the missing SJ members were there 😦 Ah well. I can make do. Anyways, I love this song to death, and the video is freaking amazing. SM, you are trying to kill me *_*

Then there was also SHINee’s cover of “Last Christmas” and TVXQ’s cover of “Sleigh Ride,” both of which I adore. As I told my sister, this album as “All the Christmas songs we almost hate, but sung in adorable accents, so they’re awesome.” The SHINee boys sound especially sweet, and the song almost brings tears to my eyes. And TVXQ singing in English is just too precious. I love them both beyond words. Waking up to them in the morning makes me so happy, for reals. AWESOME, I say. Awesome.

So yeah. I guess that’s it. There may be more I haven’t discovered or fallen in love with yet, but the ones listed are those that deserved special mention, in my eyes. There was also Wonder Girls’ “Be My Baby” a while back that sounded super Christmas-y, but wasn’t labeled as so, so I didn’t add it, though I am somewhat fond of it. And there are some singles from past years that I love, but I won’t list them, or I’d be here forever. So I suppose I’ll go now. To all these bands; thank you for making my Christmas that much better this year. I am seriously so happy they did this. GAH! Love it. K-Pop Christmas, fighting!


PS-recently got my Super Junior “A-CHA” and Lee Seung Gi “Tonight” albums in the mail. BEST CHRISTMAS EVER! Got a Leeteuk sticker, too ^^ And a You’re Beautiful pig-rabbit keychain. Legit so happy. Life is good…


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