New Years in K-Pop

Ahh, haven’t posted in so long! I was gone for Christmas, you see ^^ But I have returned, and am back to posting. Yay! I was tempted to do something like “My year of k-pop” kind of thing, but that’s pretty much the same as my 1-year K-pop Anniversary, because it only started two months earlier. So instead, I want to do a bit of a Year in Review thing. Best of 2011, you know? Here it comes! 😀

Oh, but before that, i just want to mention that I ended 2011 the same way I started it–watching my first k-pop variety show, SHINee’s Hello Baby! Kyaaaa! I discovered it at 1:00am Jan. 1, 2011, so I decided to watch it again on December 31st as well. SO FREAKING GOOD! I love that show to death. SHINee is just too adorable to bear. Gah! And Yoogeun…so cute… Anyways, if you haven’t already seen it, do so. I have to say it played a huge part in my transition from fan to fangirl. Getting to know a band so well. Seeing this other side to them. Awesome.

So yeah, here come my favourites of 2011! I’ll just be doing things that came out this year, not the ones I discovered this year (which is…everything, pretty much).


My favourite bands of the year have to be: SHINee, Super Junior, Beast, Infinite, Big Bang, U-Kiss, B1A4, Dalmatian, and Teen Top.

My favourite rookies, in order, would be: B1A4, AA, Block B, and Boyfriend. MyName, too, but they only have one song, so they hardly count.


Of the dramas that aired in 2011, my favourites were undoubtedly Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, Best Love and Dream High. I’m currently watching Colour of a Woman and Me Too, Flower, which began in 2011, and though I love the latter more, the former is looking great as well. I watched a few others as well; The Musical turned out to be pretty dull, You’ve Fallen For Me was good but not amazing. There may have been others, but not really notable ones. I’m looking forward to watching What’s Up and Can You Hear My Heart. All in all, a pretty great year for dramas ^^ I love my k-drama, you know! Not only music!


A lot of good albums came out this year, I must admit. But it’s hard to get albums that are seriously solid, where every single song is good. But my favourites of 2011 would have to be “Fiction and Fact” by Beast, “Mr. Simple” (and the repackaged) by Super Junior, “Bran New Kiss” by U-Kiss, “The 1st Mini Album” by Dalmatian, and “Tonight” ( and repackaged) By Big Bang. There were others, of course, but those are probably the best of the year. Almost every song on those albums were seriously top-notch, and I love them all.

Songs! (This one will be very long)

AA-“Call Me”
B1A4-“Beautiful Target”
Big Bang-“What Is Right”
Big Bang-“Love Song”
Block B-“Tell Them”
Dalmatian-“That Man Opposed”
FT Island-“Hello Hello”
Infinite-“Nothing’s Over”
Jang Woo Hyuk-“Time Is Over”
Lee Seung Gi-“Slave”
LeeSsang-“I Turned Off the TV”
MBLAQ-“I Don’t Know”
Super Junior-“Andante”
Teen Top-“Don’t Spray Perfume”
Teen Top-“Supa Luv”
U-Cube-“Fly So High”

And that’s not including songs in different languages, which would include:

Super Junior-M-“Off My Mind”
SHINee-“To Your Heart”
U-Kiss-“Tick Tack”
2PM-“Take Off”
Super Junior-“Snow White”

That may not even be all of them. This is harder than it looks o_O

Ahh, I think that may actually be everything. This is only the tip of the iceberg for the music and dramas I discovered this year, because it was my first year of k-pop and I also had to discover all k-pop from the past five or six years. Haha. But I feel like everything I listed up to here was the best of 2011, in my own opinion. These are the bands, songs, dramas, etc that made me smile the most, cry the most, and be the most excited for the next day. There were also sad things about 2011; people leaving for the army, accidents and scandals. But overall, I have to say that 2011 was a good year for k-pop. It was definitely a good year for me 😀


PS-Things to look forward to in 2012: the return of SHINee! Comebacks from Dalmatian, AA, B1A4, and a million other bands. Kya! Kangin’s return from the army. Dream High 2 and other awesome dramas. And endless happiness from the k-pop world. I hope for as much in 2012 as we received in 2011, which means a LOT. Can’t wait!


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