Song Dump #3-Random Artists

I was so planning on doing a review on MBLAQ’s “It’s War” today. BUT, I really want to watch it a few times first, because…I want to. But I don’t have time for that right now, so it’s time for my third song dump. This is what happens when you go on song-finding sprees and have no time to review them all, even though they’re awesome. The songs below are just the ones on my YouTube playlist, which means I still have to get around to downloading/buying them. Yikes. Ahh, so stressful XD

IU’s “You&I”

I actually really wanted to review this song, because I love the song and dance and music video. But I just never got around to it 😦 IU is probably my favourite female singer ever. She’s so cute and pretty and talented and awesome. There are several songs of hers that I love. This new one was no exception. Along with that, her videos are always fantastic. The visuals are wonderful, the dance is adorable (as are the back-up dancers ^^), the plot is cute (though confusing), the lead actor is super cute, everything is really great. And the vocals are stunning, as always. IU’s voice is sweet and powerful, but smooth. The song is really pretty and cute and fun. I seriously love it. GOOD STUFF. Will be buying ASAP.

IU’s “Secret”

Another IU song, from the same album. Not a lot to say about this one. SUUUUPER beautiful vocals, gorgeous piano and strings background. A really pretty song. I am constantly impressed by IU’s songs, but this one and the one above are my favourites from this album. This song makes me so happy 🙂 So sweet and soft. Almost magical-feeling. Love it.

FIX’s “Please Don’t Say”

Contrary to popular belief, I did not watch this because Eunhyuk is in it. I actually watched it because I happen to have a certain fondness for FIX ever since they released a OST song called “Please Let’s Live a Little.” 😀 I was excited for their official debut, and I was not disappointed. This song could easily fly beneath the radar (if not for Eunhyuk’s role in the MV) but it’s actually quite nice. I really like it. It’s pretty catchy, despite being a fairly slow and easy-going song. It sounds pretty sad, even if I hardly understand any of it, and the MV is certainly quite depressing, but easy to understand and well-made (though I wanted to see the actual band more…oh well). So far I am greatly impressed with FIX’s vocals and rapping, and I can’t wait to hear more from them.

Brown Eyed Girls’s “Sixth Sense”

Another female song! Much different from the past two, though. This song is extremely fierce and loud and driving, and I actually have come to really like it. The music video isn’t my favourite, but I really respect BEG and the style they’re going for. I also think they are amazingly talented, not only beautiful. That high note? WHOA! Blown away every time. I like Miryo’s rapping, too. I don’t know why I never thought to buy this song in the past. It didn’t catch my interest at first, since I’ve never been a BEG fan, but it’s really grown on me. Wowza. The video’s visuals and everything are fabulous, but totally not my thing. The girls are a little too seductive and sexy for my taste, and it makes me somewhat uncomfortable as a female to be watching it. (Just my opinion, of course. I still love BEG, and I admire them greatly). The vocals are super amazing, and the background music is powerful and grating and fierce. A perfect song for blasting. Whoo!

Brown Eyed Girls’s “Cleansing Cream”

Wow, what a huge change for a follow-up. This song is really sad and powerful and beautiful, but completely different from Sixth Sense. It has really powerful and meaningful lyrics, and the music video is absolutely amazing, but makes me cry. I only recently fell in love with this song, but it’s astounding. The vocals are heart-breaking, and I can’t believe how emotional the whole song is. The music video, too. Another amazing number by BEG. LOVE IT. (Makes me cry, though. No lie.)

Alexander’s “I Just”

Yes, that’s U-Kiss’s Alexander. Well, ex-member. This is his solo debut song and MV, and although it’s nothing amazing, I feel so happy watching it because I’m so proud of him for coming through. It’s really cute, even if it’s kind of cheesy, and it makes me smile. It’s not that his vocals or rapping are spectacular, or that his dancing is amazing, or that the music video or lyrics are extremely touching. But I’m proud of him nonetheless. And the song is fun and cute, too.

DJ Clazzi’s “How We Feel” (ft. 2AM’s Seulong)

Was introduced to this song by EatYourKimchi. (Though I already knew and loved Clazziquai.) Loved it, even if the MV is totally weeeeeird. It has a funky, unique beat and sound to it, and the vocals are both interesting and awesome. Makes me smile, anyways 🙂 A fun song, with a really nice tune and fun lyrics. Plus, I like Seulong 😀 Overall, a great song I’ll have to listen to more. The English may be awkward, but it’s great fun to sing along to. Yeah!

ALi’s “Don’t Act Countrified” (ft. B2st’s Junhyung)

Yes, I watched it because it featured Junhyung. But I fell in love with it because of the vocals. SUCH a beautiful song, and sadly underrated. Rookie ALi has a beautiful, beautiful voice. The lyrics are really lovely, and the song is really powerful. The music video doesn’t make complete sense to me, but I still feel like it has some sort of profound meaning. Anyways, it seems pretty dang sad to me. The amount of lyrics that I actually understand surely plays a part in my partiality to this song, but whatever. The melody is really pretty and heart-wrenching, and I can’t get enough of it. Pure love. 

Ahh, okay, I’m done. I have more. Really, I do. But I haven’t listened to the other songs enough yet, so I can’t say much about them. Also, it includes Teen Top’s “Crazy” and MBLAQ’s “It’s War,” one of which I’ve already reviewed, and the other I plan to. The above songs all have a special place in my heart, despite being fairly new to me, and I love them all. (The amount of female songs I posted above seriously astounds me. For someone who doesn’t like girl groups or female artists in general, that’s quite amazing.) Anyways, please enjoy the above songs. I may not have had the time to review them properly, but regardless, they are great. Must offer my appreciation ^^



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