SotD-Teen Top’s “Crazy”

YEAH! I was super-excited for this song to come out. No lie. For some reason I always forget about how much I love Teen Top until I see/hear them again. They are so great. And when I heard they were coming out with a new mini-album, I was pretty dang happy. And I was eagerly anticipating their new MV, which for some reason I thought was coming out on the 4th. I somehow became fixated on that idea, so I obsessively checked for the next two days, until it finally did come out. And I was really, really happy. Like 😀 It happens sometimes. This is Teen Top’s “Crazy,” and I love it.

So, I was a tad disappointed with “Don’t Spray Perfume,” because I really didn’t like the message it was sending. But I admittedly really love the song. When the first teaser for their new single came out, I heard it and LOVED it. Especially because I could hear Changjo singing, and I for some reason love that guy. And I’m sick of Niel getting 90% of the lines 😀 But then the second teaser (the “dance teaser”) came out and it was nothing like the first and I liked it, but was disappointed. I really wanted them to use the first one. It was so pretty!

And then the album finally did come out, and I was surprised to find that they had used the first song as their title song, but a faster, upbeat version. Still amazing!

Here’s the MV:

Yay for music videos that make perfect sense! It starts out with the boys walking along, together with 4Minute’s Sohyun. She’s pretty 🙂 L.Joe steps up and calls out to her, “Will you be my girlfriend?” Sohyun stops, then walks away saying, “No.” Oh noes! L.Joe then runs after her, obviously pretty torn up. He follows her as she gets on the subway, then a bus, never quite catching her in time (how is he not exhausted? I would be SO DEAD after that much running -_-) There are some flashbacks (I’m assuming) of meeting her at an arcade and having all sorts of good times, which is cute (especially because L.Joe in himself is adorable). He runs after her some more, and almost gives up, when right at the end, she walks up behind him saying something along the lines of, “Dummy. Confessing to me in front of your friends.” I think. I could be wrong. Anyways, he smiles really big and hugs her and kisses her forehead and it’s super cute. LOVE it. Much better than their last music video >_> (Did I mention how adorable L.Joe is? Kyaaa!)

The actual song isn’t quite as good as I was hoping. But I still love it. My expectations were extremely high because of that teaser that I loved so much, but they still rocked it. The chorus is a little underwhelming, though. Very catchy and repetitive, but nothing special. My favourite part is definitely at the 3:38 to 3:52 mark. The teaser part, ha. Anyways, it’s really pretty and powerful and impressive, and I love hearing this style from Teen Top. Overall, a really good song that I think will grow on me very quickly. I actually really love all of the rapping, and although cheesy, another of my favourite parts are when they’re saying, “Teen Top, go go! Put your hands up high!” Maybe it’s because it’s English, but I just adore it. They’re so cute.

I loooove that some of the other members got some lines for once. Niel still got maybe a bit more than his share, and Chunji got enough, but there was also a decent amount of rapping for both CAP and L.Joe, and finally Changjo got some lines. YAYYYY! But poor Ricky, still only got some boring background-ish parts. I agree that his soft, childish voice didn’t really suit the song, but still. I feel sorry for him. I did like the few lines that he got, though 🙂 Anyways, I was pretty happy with the line distribution. It is no longer Niel ft. Chunji ft. Teen Top as background dancers. 😀

As for the dance…I likey! It’s not as great as some of their past dances have been, but it’s still very impressive in terms of synchronization and difficulty level. It’s not the best in terms of eye-catching-ness or memorability, but I still rather like it. It’s a little more hip-hop-ish than their past choreo, and there may be an excess of crotch-grabbing, but overall I enjoyed it thoroughly. I especially like their choreography for the outro at the end (which is actually their intro song, “Teen Top”). Good stuff, boys!

It’s quite amazing how much these boys have matured since their last release. Not only in terms of looks and voices, but in terms of style and choreo and everything. This song is a lot heavier and stronger than their past image, and they look a lot older. It reminds me of their “Clap” days, to be honest. But their dancing and everything is more mature as well. I think I like the change. Except for Niel’s and CAP’s hairstyles. AGH. So ugly. I think CAP’s would look fine if it wasn’t in that horrendous ponytail, but Niel’s is hopeless. So ugly. Bleargh.

Apart from that, I think the boys look great. The outfits are all excellent, and apart from those two, the hairstyles are too. I love Chunji’s red hair, especially. Looks fantastic. L.Joe is as perfect as ever, Changjo looks a lot older and I love his hair, and Ricky still looks like a baby, but I still love him. The backgrounds/locations are awesome as well. It suits the song and theme perfectly. The lighting, the sparks in the background, the grungy-ness, everything; perfect. Overall, the production of this music video was spot-on. Lovely.

Still haven’t mentioned lyrics! (I got them here.) Pretty simple, if I’m not mistaken; this girl is avoiding his calls and such, and it’s driving him crazy because he misses her and she’s breaking his heart but he still loves her. (That is called a dysfunctional relationship. Bad idea, guys!) It fits pretty well with the music video and concept and everything, so I am satisfied. The English is also pretty solid; quite a bit, but simple phrases, perfect grammar. I can’t say CAP’s pronunciation is the best, though. Apart from that, I have nothing to take points away from. (This is excluding the song at the end. I couldn’t understand half of it. Ha!)

Ah, is that all? I think so! Onto the members, then. Maknae and lead dancer Changjo: 1:21 and 3:58. Visual maknae Ricky: 1:23 and 1:52. Main actor and rapper L.Joe: 0:12 and 1:36. Leader and rapper CAP: 0:39 and 2:31. Lead vocals Chunji: 1:30 and 4:02. And lastly, main vocals Niel: 3:07 and 4:00. Nice!

All done! Thank goodness, because I have a thousand things to review -_- Sometimes I just go on insane music-finding sprees and get a crapload of new songs to obsess over, but never get around to reviewing them all. *sigh* Looks like we’re in for another song dump. Ha. Anyways, I actually am starting to seriously love this song, and from the very beginning I loved the music video. It’s catchy, but still well-done and has some excellent vocals and rapping. I have very few disappointments overall. (Except the rest of the mini-album, which was so sub-par). In the end, after much obsessing and such, I got my music video, and I loved it. Happy! 😀 Teen Top, fighting! They really deserve more attention. Seriously. They are great.


PS-SUPER excited for SHINee’s comeback. SHINeeeeeee!


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