Two Notable Rookies I Have Yet To Speak Of – Phantom and Chaos

Today I will be talking about two bands that both debuted recently, but seem to have fallen beneath my radar. These bands are the not-technically-officially-debuted “Phantom” and the just-debuted “Chaos.” Ohhh, so manly!

How did I come upon Phantom? Oh! I remember! It was just a week ago, on the 3rd. I happened upon this article: Phantom Wins ‘Rookie of the Month’ Award Before Official Debut. I was like “Who are these guys? I don’t remember ever seeing them!” It turns out they’re a hip-hop trio under Brand New Music, and they’re quite the band. Oh, and I must mention the fact that the band includes Hanhae, a name I recalled from some pre-debut Block B songs; he trained with the Block B songs and featured Zico in his mixtape, and I loved his voice. Seeing him again made me very happy 🙂

Anyways, this band currently has three songs. Their introduction to the world was through a medley of 19 banned love songs called “19 Song (Love Songs That Teens Cannot Listen To)” as a way of mocking MOGEF for banning songs for lame reasons. HA! It’s so great. Instead of trying to play it safe and stick to traditional, safe love songs, this band is trying to be unique and original, and speak out. Caught my attention, for sure. And their voices are so beautiful! Wow, they’re some talented guys. Here’s the song:

Their next video was another cover; this one of SNSD’s “The Boys”, sung while dressed up as Freddie Mercury, the late lead singer of Queen. I used to hate this song, honestly, but then it started growing on me. Now…I love it. Seriously, this may be a shortened version, but I freaking love it. I know I’m super biased against girl singers, but really, I find this version so much better. Especially because they’re dressed up. Hee. Another great look into this awesome band. Sanchez (dressed as  Freddie Mercury) is absolutely hilarious in his reenactment. And they’re so serious about it. Laughed forever. Here’s the video:

And lastly, they released their first single, “Hole In Your Face.” And, true to their style, the teaser was immediately met with controversy for being too graphic. Seriously, it’s scary stuff. There’s a girl sitting in this creepy room and a hand holds a gun to her head and shoots her, and blood splatters on the wall. *shudder* I don’t handle gore well. Anyways, the company decided to release a “clean version” of the MV instead. Which is only slightly less scary. It’s all in black-and-white, and features a man hanging upside down in a bloody room, blindfolded and absolutely going crazy, struggling and screaming. It’s freaky. There are some scenes of him holding the gun to her head and of a dead girl, but none of him shooting her. Still, their acting is so amazing that it’s almost as traumatizing. And at one point he coughs blood on the screen. And he burns this picture of the two of them for some reason. And in the end he shoots himself. I really don’t get the video. Makes no sense to me. But heck if it isn’t scary o_O Gah. Oh, and at the end is some kind of skit, but I don’t understand it :/ Please explain? I am stupid.

Ignoring the music video (that, despite being freaking scary, I kind of love), the song is amazing. Their voices are absolutely beautiful, and I rather like the rapping as well. I love the English lines, too. That’s when I knew I loved this song. I don’t know exactly what the lyrics mean, or anything like that, but this song is just hauntingly gorgeous, in that striking, heart-wrenching, fantastic sort of way. WOW. That’s a whole lot of talent right there. They may not be a boyband, but they have captured my attention, and I am eagerly awaiting their official debut. One of the most memorable debuts (however unofficial) I have ever encountered.

On to Chaos! I have quite a bit less to say about them. I was introduced to them when they debuted with their song “She Is Coming,” which is a really unique-sounding song that I didn’t fall for in the beginning, but now love. I might have overlooked this band completely if it hadn’t been for their other single, though, which is “Last Night.” I heard it once, forgot about it, and then somehow had it stuck in my head for a really long time without knowing where it came from, nor any of the words except “aniya.” Pretty much all I had to go by was a five-second section of the melody. Not much. But I eventually found it again, and fell in love with it. And then, eventually, their title track. They’re both very different in style, but both very interesting and very well-done. Here’s their title track:

Love the dancing in this one, even if it’s not very impressive or anything. Also, their vocals. They have one or two really strong vocalists, and they have pretty unique voices, and I love them. I can’t say they’re the best-looking band ever, but I totally love the style they’re going for. Their clothes are funky and fun, and I just love them. The whole video just makes me smile 😀 Except the wolf howling. That’s kind of lame. HA! I can’t tell the members apart yet, and I know nothing about them as a band, but I love them. I’ll be keeping my eye on them for sure. This is their other song:

Not sure what it was about this song. It’s slow and very pretty, but sad. Their English isn’t top-notch, and normally this song wouldn’t really be my style. But I love it so much. The vocals are really really good, and honestly, the song really reminds me of music you hear out here. It’s really good. I love it. WOW. And so addictive.

Anyways, that’s all they have, sadly. For both groups, I plan on watching them closely from now on. I love them both. I always feel sad for the underappreciated rookies (which Chaos is) and I’m always sad when I only discover amazing bands way late because I didn’t pay attention int he first place. I don’t want to do this with these two! They both have a lot of potential, and I can see them both going far. AWESOME. Chaos and Phantom, fighting! ^^



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