SotD-MBLAQ’s “It’s War”

Yippee! MBLAQ came out with a new song, and I really like it! Sometimes I forget how much I love this band. Wow. They’re great. As is this song. I was a little bit skeptical when they released “Scribble” and I totally didn’t like it (sorry!), but then this one came out and I was like YES. Love it.

This is the fourth review I’ve done on an MBLAQ song. Wow. That’s tied with SHINee for second most (ha, SuJu’s first, with like seven). They’re a band I have a certain fondness for, and tend to either love or feel completely neutral about. They just have some songs that are pure GOLD. So amazing. Also, they’re starring in the next season of Hello Baby. Kya! Can’t wait. So yeah, I was pretty excited for their comeback, even though I didn’t like “Scribble” at all, and I was hardly disappointed. Je l’aime.

Here’s the confusing and violent MV:

I seriously don’t get it. But this is what I think it might be about. Joon is an assassin (ohhh, manly). He is supposed to murder this one girl, but ends up falling in love with her instead, and tries to save her. She gets injured, so he takes her to his buddy’s place until she’s better. He leaves to go take care of business and kill some other guy, and leaves his buddy (Thunder) in charge of taking care of his girl. While he’s gone, Thunder and the girl fall in love. He returns to see them all friendly and such, and gets mad. He drags her out, but Thunder follows. They have a round of fisticuffs in the junkyard where Thunder lives, and then Joon pulls out his gun. Uh-oh! The girl runs in front of Thunder to shield him, but Joon shoots–and then the bullet turns and hits him in the neck. Joon goes down, and as the other two rush to his side, he holds something out to them. Airplane tickets, perhaps? Honestly, I don’t get it at all. That seems to be the gist of it, but there are parts that I just don’t understand. 

As far as I can tell, the reason he killed himself is so that the other two could run away and be safe and happy together. I dunno. Why was he so angry, and then just shoot himself? Do not understand. But that’s the best explanation I can find, so unless someone thinks of something that makes more sense, that’s what I’m going with.

Anyways, the song is really beautiful, with super-impressive vocals and a wonderful strings and piano backtrack and harsh lyrics. I absolutely love the music to this song; so emotional and powerful. And the vocals match it really, really well. The rapping isn’t my favourite, which is surprising, because I usually love Mir. But G.O’s voice is amazing, especially his falsetto. I adore it. The lyrics are really depressing, being all about this guy whose girlfriend cheated on him with his friend, and then treating her badly. Seriously, so sad. So he’s calling him a coward and declaring war and such. They’re actually quite well written. I’m impressed. I hate them because they make me sad, but at the same time, love ’em. (I got the English lyrics here.)

English is used extremely sparingly in this song, limited to one “no way”, and two “don’t you cry cry cry”s and a few “bye bye bye”s. Awesome! Oh, and I really love the line distribution in this song. MBLAQ is usually really good with that, and this one was no exception. They all got around 6-8, except G.O, who naturally, as the main vocalist, got a few extra power lines. Very nice! Makes me happy when bands do that 🙂

As for the choreography–I really love it. It’s reminiscent of their “Cry” days, with the super-emotional falling to their knees and such. The dance is pretty powerful and aggressive, with some extra-awesome gun-shots and punching and such. Best part is definitely 3:29 to 3:37. I love it. It is both lame and awesome when, in their live performances, Joon still gets “shot” and falls like he does at 4:39. Heh. Then he gets up and starts dancing again. The whole dance is pretty simple and not out-of-this-world memorable, but really cool and visually appealing. I gotta say I really like it.

As for looks…seriously, sometimes I think this band is inhumanly good-looking. It’s ridiculous. I’m not especially fond of Mir’s hair when it’s not done up like it is in the video, and Seungho’s hair is just meh, but overall, they look seriously amazing. So good-looking. Possibly the most perfect-looking band in k-pop. My favourites in this video are probably Thunder and G.O, to be honest. They look so good. And they’re not even my favourite members. I can’t say I love their outfits, because they’re slightly ridiculous, but apart from that…holy crap. They look pretty smexy. The backgrounds are pretty sweet as well. Very cool. The whole video looks excellent, even if I don’t understand it, and I can fully appreciate how well it was filmed and put together and such. The lighting, the grungy look, everything. Awesome! Makes it seem so much more epic. I also love the inclusion of the orchestra. Very nice touch. Also, the red tint when Joon gets shot. Pretty subtle, but has a nice effect.

One thing; why is Seungho the only one crying? He’s so emotional o_O You weren’t even involved, dude! If it’s anyone, it should be Joon. He freaking got shot. Anyways, I digress. Let a guy cry if he wants to, y’know?

Ah, is that all? I always feel like I’m forgetting to talk about a whole bunch of things worthy of mentioning. But honestly, I don’t like watching this video that much, because it’s sad and confusing. Boo. Really well-made and really epic, but not my thing. I prefer to watch the live performances. (I hope they come out with a dance version!)

Members! Lead singer G.O at 0:52 and 3:01. Main character/assassin/good-looking member Lee Joon at 0:23 and 2:13. Crying leader Seungho 0:33 and 4:44. Best friend and vocalist Thunder/Cheondoong at 1:26 and 2:41. Maknae rapper Mir at 0:46 and 2:52.

And that is all! Love the song. Love the dance. Not a fan of the video. Wish it made more sense. Overall, a satisfying comeback from MBLAQ. Already love a couple other songs from the mini-album. Nice! Hope the boys win an award for this one, because it’s really good. MBLAQ fighting!



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