SotD-B.A.P’s “Warrior”

Holy cow…I was so blown away by this debut. It was seriously so epic. I’ve always had an interest in this group, ever since Bang Yong Guk came out with “I Remember.” They were really unique from the start, and I was anticipating their debut, just to see what they’d come up with next. But I never expected to like it this much. So amazing.

When BYG made his solo debut, I was somewhat captivated by him. His outstanding, low, gravelly voice, his impressive rapping, his powerful song, his freaky music video. And then when he and Zelo teamed up for “Never Give Up,” I loved them even more. Zelo was ridiculously cute and a great rapper, and Yong Guk made a crazy transformation from intense, emotional rapper into cute, energetic rapper. I loved both sides. And then they started coming out with these teaser images and stuff for their official band debut, and I got all hyped up because I knew it was gonna be good. Everyone was talking about them. The rookie group of 2012 (along with SM’s EXO). So exciting!

And this is what we got. And it was awesome.

Thankfully, this music video has no plot that I have to explain, even though I tend to like story music videos. It does, however, seem to have some meaning behind it. Or rather, it seems that the choreography does. But I’ll talk about that a bit later.

What a great way to debut. Seriously. This song is so in-your-face and loud and aggressive, and BAP totally rocks it. It’s so different from the usual cute, fun rookie boyband image that I was somewhat shocked. But I loved it. So epic. This band has two amazing rappers (Bang Yong Guk and Zelo), an amazing main vocal (Daehyun), and an amazing lead dancer (JongUp), as well as two other extremely talented members (Himchan and YoungJae). The music video has a sort of arrogant feel to it, but it’s because they’re seriously good that they can pull it off. Wow. I was blown away, no lie.

The music video gets off to en epic and in-your-face start, with some pounding music and some very grungy, haunting visuals. Bang Yong Guk introduces the song with a gruff “Warrior is back” and Zelo adds, “We gonna rock this” (so cute!) Then there are some haunting vocals and Yong Guk saying “B! A! P!” and we get right into the song.

I’m going to start off with visuals for once, because that was what caught my attention right off the bat. This music video was really, reallllly well done. Looks like it was high budget, too. The set is totally perfect, all grungy and grimy, covered in skulls and graffiti, with flames and flickering screens and chains in the background, and some beat-up cars, and crazy lasers and lights. On the same note, the lighting was amazing. Some of the effects, too, like the shattering glass. The paper flying around near the end is fantastic, too. I love it so much. So well put together.

Something that daunted me about this band; the blond hair! All six members have the exact same colour hair. How was I to tell them apart? Now, they do have different styles; Zelo had his curly hair, and I could easily tell apart YoungJae from the beginning, but only because of their hairstyles. If they change it…I am lost. So I really had to focus on their faces. I already knew BYG and Zelo, so they were easy enough. And Daehyun looked unique enough. The other three, though, I’m still having trouble with. Nevertheless, I kind of like the whole blond thing. I think it looks awesome. It just makes it hard for everyone to know who’s who XD The clothes are super epic, too. They’re very manly and tough, and they suit the song perfectly. The rocker look, the grunge look, they pull them both off perfectly. So good. None of their outfits are too outrageous or anything, and I say props for that! Well done, BAP’s stylists. I approve 100%. (Another thing to point out; the smudges of dirt and such they all have on their skin is a great touch. I love it.)

Kay, so I’ll move on to the actual song now. I absolutely love it. It’s not my usual style, but it’s so epic. Very aggressive, with some really amazing vocals and rapping. There’s a lot of yelling and grunting and such, and it just makes it that much better. Really good for belting, if you know what I mean. Zelo’s amazing rapping at 1:45 practically makes the song on its own (so freaking good), and Daehyun’s high note at 3:39 just completes it. I was won over. For reals. Makes me want to cry. Such a strong first single. WOW.

The English in the song is pretty good. There’s nothing technically wrong with it. It’s well-pronounced and makes sense…I think. I just don’t really get the whole “What’s your B?” stuff. What does that mean? But I can’t take too many points off for that. It’s just a bit awkward. Apart from that, all is swell 😀 Well, Yong Guk pronounces “B.A.P” a little strangely, but that can pass as trying to be gangsta. Ha!

Speaking of their name…what the what? BAP (pronounced bee-ay-pee, not bap) apparently stands for “Best, Absolute, Perfect.” Which seems to be just a mishmash of positive-sounding words. I mean, there are some ridiculous acronyms in k-pop–Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality, Boys of the EAst Standing Tall/Boys To Search for Top, Be the One, All for One. But at least they have some sort of flow to them. Meaning. This is just…words. But hey! At least it’s not something worse. At least it’s not bap, as in 밥, as in rice. As I previously thought. That would have been terrible.

As for the meaning of the song! It’s not extremely clear to me. I’m not sure if it really has a definite meaning. But the song is all about rebellion and war and a revolution, and cool stuff like that. Yay, not a love song! Another way these guys differ from most rookies. So proud! Anyways, epic lyrics to go with an epic music video and song. Nice! (I got my English translation here, as usual ^^)

Speaking of rebellion, the dance is freakishly amazing. But it also has a sort of theme, like I mentioned before. Through the choreography, Zelo seems to be fighting with and manipulating the other members, moving them at his will and controlling them. But then at the end, they all gang up on him and shoot him (ah, violence). It’s pretty cool, and I love love love how they incorporated a bit of a story into the dance routine. So cool. And the dance is so epic. Not even kidding. JongUp does some b-boying and such, and their dance break is so epic, and I love the parts where they fall, and holy crap it’s just so great. It’s really powerful and aggressive, with a lot of punching and jumping and shooting and fighting and so on. It just fits so perfectly, and the boys pull it off so flawlessly. I am so impressed.

Ahh, I’m rambling. But seriously, it was just so good that I can’t stop watching it and being amazed every time. Their live performances are super good, too. Zelo even does his fast rap live. I could not be more impressed by this debut. I am a new fan, seriously. They’re good. They have two other songs and an intro on their mini-album, but I actually only really love “Unbreakable.” The others aren’t bad, but not my favourites.

My favourite parts, quickly; the move at 1:08, Zelo’s gasp at 1:49, the strange bunny DJ, the dance sequence at 2:45, dancing on the car at 3:06, the shoes at 3:08, and Zelo’s whole shooting thing at the end. Those are just a few, honestly o_O Such a solid music video.

Okay, members and then I’m done, I swear! First, leader and rapper Bang Yong Guk at 0:12 and 0:28. Lead singer Daehyun at 0:19 and 3:33. Other lead vocalist YoungJae at 0:47, 2:29 and 3:23. Lead dancer JongUp at 0:49 and 2:03. Vocalist and rapper Himchan at 0:59 and 2:14. And maknae rapper Zelo at 1:39 and 4:00. Love them all!

And that’s it. I guess. I could say a lot more about this song and everything, but I won’t. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more from this group. They’re really solid, especially with such a strong debut, and they seem really confident and impressive onstage as well. They’re some of the best rookies I’ve seen in a while. Wow. Anyways, please support BAP! They deserve it. (Is it just me or do they remind you of Block B? Not to compare the two groups of course! Just a similar style.) So yeah. Great, great debut. Seriously epic. BAP fighting!


PS-so much new great stuff coming out lately D: It always happens this way.


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