1-Year Anniversaries–U-Kiss, Beast, MBLAQ and F.Cuz

Oh noes! I have been a terrible person. Okay, not really. But I did accidentally miss FOUR 1-year anniversaries in the past week alone. Between Jan 31 and Feb 4, my sister and I went on this little band-discovering spree, and some of my favourite k-pop bands were discovered during this period. I did not, however, actually fall in love with some of these bands during this time, or for quite a while after.

But I really don’t have the time or patience to write entire reviews for each of these bands, especially because I have about a thousand other songs I need to review lined up. (In January alone, I got 40 new k-pop songs. EGAD. Oh, and I have another 11 sitting on my YouTube playlist, waiting to be bought. Ah. So I’ll be doing 4 mini-reviews today. Sincere apologies to all four bands. I wish I could do you justice, but I do not have that much free time on my hands.

The first, on January 31, 2011, was U-Kiss. I’ll admit, I wasn’t an immediate fan. They are now one of my top favourite bands. Gotta say, they wowed me with their last mini-album, Bran New Kiss. Neverland (their full album) wasn’t as good as I was hoping, but it had some gems. Anyways, I’ve reviewed three songs by them. I always kind of liked them until 0330. That’s when I LOVED them.

I discovered them through two things; DJ Masa’s Hot K-pop 2010 Part 1, and Maknae Rebellion. We first heard of their song Bingeul Bingeul through the above mash-up, and checked it out, but paid zero attention to it. Then we saw and fell in love with Dongho in Maknae Rebellion (which we were watching for SHINee) and decided to check him out. We ended up downloading ManManHaNi and Bingeul Bingeul, but both were merely really catchy, fun songs to dance to, but had little depth or quality. Then 0330 came out and we LOOOOVED it. So much. And from then on, I was a huge fan. I watched a show of theirs, and got to know the band a little. Loved them, loved their music. Been a fan ever since. KissMe’s all the way! ^^

So, here’s the song we first heard from them:

I cannot deny that this song is crazy addictive. We kind of fell in love with it after a while, and the dance. Mostly the dance. It was memorable, easy to imitate, and pretty funny. The music video was nothing really special; dancing, crazy costumes, crazy effects. Awesome dancing. Lots of closeups and some intense makeup. We loved Dongho’s blond hair, but that was the only thing that really stood out to us. That and Kevin’s “I just want you baby here right now!” (they were our favourites from the start). This was not their best era, style-wise. Their dance wasn’t that impressive (even if we loved it), and the song wasn’t amazing, though addictive. It was really synth- and autotune-heavy, and it’s hard to tell their voices apart at all. Their English was awkward and laughable, but so funny that we loved it. Eli looks hideous. No offense. Kind of turned us off. But thankfully, we had an interest in them, which led us to watch their video for 0330. The rest is history. (Seriously, one of my favourite songs of all time to this day.)

Next, two on the same day. Beast and MBLAQ, both on February 2, 2011. We heard of both from the same DJ Masa mash-up (we loved that song *_*).

I’ll talk about Beast first, because we loved them IMMEDIATELY. The first song we heard of theirs was Shock, which I’ve already reviewed. We thought the song was awesome, so we looked into them a little more. We actually downloaded a whole scad of Beast songs that day. The whole album, if I’m not mistaken. Plus, we heard one other song, which was Beautiful. And holy cow, I loved that song. Right from the start. Probably still my favourite Beast song. SO GOOD. It’s really fun and catchy and awesome and I love it.

This is the music video:

Honestly, the video was totally average. There was some nice dancing, and a totally confusing plotline that I still don’t understand. Something about dance battles and making fun of nerd!Kikwang. And Junhyung’s girlfriend. I so didn’t get it. But the dancing was awesome, Yoseob was heckin’ cute and the song was amazing. They later released a follow-up video, I Like You the Best, but still…the plotline didn’t make sense to me. I dunno. Anyways, I tend to like the dance video better, because the dance is freaking great. It’s totally cheesy and cute, and not really fancy or difficult at all, but it’s so much fun. I love it. It makes me love them so much XD Especially at the end where they’re all just being stupid and lame… HA! Makes me love this song even more. Anyways, this song just makes me smile every time I hear it, and it’s what got me into Beast. So much love ^^ The song is upbeat and fun and happy, and you could actually hear their voices (less autotune than a few of their past songs). So yeah. GREAT! I’ve loved Beast ever since. One of my favourite bands ever. They’re amazing.

And on the same day as Beast, there was MBLAQ. However, I totally didn’t like MBLAQ at first. I saw their video for Y first, and it was so mehhh. Still don’t really like it. So I forgot about them completely (well, pretty much) until I saw Mir in Maknae Rebellion (along with Dongho) and totally loved him as well. So I decided to look into them a little more, for his sake. This was in the following April/May, when I  somehow fell in love with Cry, and later Stay. I then went on an MBLAQ rampage and downloaded all of their music at once, then sifted through it and bought what I liked. Those first two songs are still two of my favourite songs by them. I’ve already reviewed Cry, as well as a few of their other songs, but I never mentioned Stay. So I’ll review that now, because it ultimately helped me get into MBLAQ, and I’m glad it did, because those boys have a special place in my heart now. 😀

This music video seems to be a mish-mash of fancy flashy lights, kind of ridiculous outfits, intense makeup (which I actually tend to like on MBLAQ) and some awesome dancing. I really started to like this dance 😀 Even though this song has a driving, catchy beat, the vocals are pretty emotional, and I love it a lot. It’s pretty addictive, and features some sick rapping by Mir and Thunder. (I particularly love Thunder’s “What are you talking about all of a sudden?” Ha, his English…) While the video is nothing special, I love the vocals and rapping and melody and everything, and this song eventually won me over, even if I was underwhelmed after the first few listens. G.O’s soulful singing and Mir and Thunder’s rap battle and everything…wow. Love! ^^ Although I’m still not a fan of most of MBLAQ’s older stuff, I’ve loved a lot of their newer songs since Cry and Stay (a few songs from every mini-album, really). Oh! And did I mention, MBLAQ recently won their first award on a music program? YAY! So proud of them! :’D And I’m currently watching their season of Hello Baby, and loving them even more. So yeah. I’m pretty much a big fan nowadays. Enough for them to make it up onto my Door of K-Pop (I should take a picture of it some day. It was my Summer Midnight Project of 2011. AKA what I did when I didn’t want to go to bed but didn’t want my parents to know I was still up.)

And then on Feb 4, 2011, I came across F.Cuz…also from that mash-up. Ha, it was so useful to us. So, the first thing I heard by them was Wanna Be Your Love, and I LOOOOOVED it so much. Followed closely by Jiggy, which I also totally loved and recently learned the dance to. But ultimately, the first song was more influential. Those are still my favourite songs by them, and while I’m not the biggest fan of the band overall, I still really like them. I wish they had more stuff. They’re totally under-rated.

This video. Holy freaking ugly sweaters and endless adorableness. The clothes…so terrible that they’re cute. SO bad. But I love them. And the boys themselves are just…*sobsob* adorable. So cute that I want to die. I will never get over this song or MV. When I wake up to this song…I just want to smile forever. The English is bad, and the dancing is meh, but the whole thing together is just too good. I seriously want to cry because I love it so much. I’m not sure what it is. Maybe it’s their cute faces. Maybe it’s their adorable aegyo. Maybe it’s the sweet vocals. Or their smiles. Or the catchy and awful Engrish. I just know that I cannot stop loving this song and video to pieces. I could watch it a thousand times. Sometimes when I’m grumpy I’ll watch it and just be all :’D for the rest of the day. *sigh* I melt every time. Their clothes just make it that much better. The meaning of the song, too (being about asking a girl to graduate from friend status to girlfriend). It is endless cries and squees. Made me fall in love with the band so hard. No return. Forever in love. Awaiting their comeback!

Hm. That didn’t turn out as well as I was hoping. But at least I finished. Anyways, those four bands may have been discovered within a very short period of time, but they all captured my heart, and I still love them. They were the result of my sister and I trying to “expand our k-pop horizons”, and ultimately started this obsession with knowing every band and having a thousand songs to discover at all times. (I am seriously obsessed with making sure I hear every new song, just to see if I like it. It is a problem.) They certainly did cause us to open up a lot to other k-pop bands, and I would not be where I am today in terms of k-pop without them. So much love to these bands! U-Kiss, Beast, MBLAQ, F.Cuz FIGHTING! Saranghae~!



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