SotD-Big Bang’s “Blue”

Hurrah for Big Bang! I was totally anticipating this comeback. For one, the teaser sounded really pretty, and also I was so impressed with their last comeback. They’ve really been growing on me. At first I knew them as a hip-hop/pop band with synth-heavy dance songs and really good rapping, and a few gems. But their last mini-albums have been so good. And I heard G-Dragon wrote or co-wrote all the songs on the new mini-album, and I looove his songs (Haru Haru, for example. LOVE). So yeah. I was looking forward to the release of this song, “Blue”, and I look forward to the release of the full album next week. Yay!

I’m not gonna lie; I was scared by their teaser images. TOP’s was first, and I loved it; his hair was an electric shade of Dalmatian-Youngwon-esque blue. Yeah! And then I think was Daesung and Taeyang. I wasn’t a huuuge fan of Daesung’s blond, but I liked Taeyang’s hair-do, which was a slightly-grown-out version of his usual mohwak. But then Seungri’s image came out, and I was like…agh. He vaguely resembles Spock. Only worse. The stylists were not doing him any favours with that hair. And then GD’s came out, and it was SO UGLY. Holy crap, that is the worst hair-do I have ever seen in my life. It’s kind of like SHINee’s Key’s hairstyle in Lucifer, but way longer. It looks so…trashy. And gross. It didn’t help that in the picture he was covered in snow or ice, and it made his hair look all lanky and nasty. Anyways, I hated it. Gave me the bajeebers. So I wasn’t ridiculously excited for the release of the music video. Big Bang’s music videos usually aren’t great anyways, because, well, I like dancing. And Big Bang doesn’t really dance. But at least their music is great 😀

Anyways, here’s what we got:

Yay! Such a good song :’D It’s really pretty, and sounds kind of longing and bittersweet. It’s a little slower, but not a ballad. The background music sounds really good, too. And I love the whole “I’m singing my blu-u-u-u-ues” thing. So awesome. I wasn’t exactly blown away by the song, but I liked it immediately. Yay for Big Bang!

But the music video, as I had kind of expected, was rather underwhelming. Not bad at all, but nothing really special. It’s just them singing from rooftops somewhere in America, and either running towards or away from an American girl. The effects are good, with a lot os smoke and pretty filters and things like that, and the camerawork is beautiful, but overall there isn’t a whole lot to say about the music video itself. There’s no plot, but it seems like the guys are reliving memories of their girlfriend (that’s singular. Maybe they only had enough money to pay for one actress). I gotta say, though, none of them look too happy, even in the memories. So maybe it’s a good thing that broke up…

No dancing (boo!) (I’m kidding. I don’t expect BB to dance). The guys look very charismatic and emotional as usual. There’s nothing wrong with the video at all. I actually kind of like it. But it doesn’t strike me as awesome either. Nevertheless, since the song’s release on the 21st (two days ago), it has garnered over 4 MILLION VIEWS. Holy cow. That’s a freakin’ lot. I’m impressed!

As for the looks in this video, well… Actually, they’re not that bad. The clothes are all really good and casual and down-to-earth, and I like them a lot. Especially GD’s outfit. And his hat. But his hair! It’s not even the same hair as in the teaser photos. It might be worse. You can just see a fringe sticking out from under his hat, and it alters between bright red and bright yellow. It looks really weird, and kind of awful. Seungri’s hair isn’t the best either. But otherwise, everything looks great! Their trench coats, their sometimes daring but epic fashion, all that jazz. They make winter wear look cool. I, however, look like a walrus in my winter coat. Fact of life; normal people cannot look as cool as Big Bang. Or any Korean band, for that matter. It is not possible. Anyways, apart from the guys themselves, the general atmosphere of the music video was really good as well. The washed out look, the lighting, the smoke, the locations and scenery and all that. Kind of grungy and dreary-looking. Cold. It fits the mood of the song perfectly, and I can respect the producers for that.

The English in this song is exactly four words, and they are epic. Heh. It’s just G-Dragon’s line, which he repeats several times; “I’m singin’ my blues.” I dunno, I think it sounds really cool. Kind of a weird context, since it’s a pop song, and out here you mostly hear that phrase in, say, country or blues music. But I like it anyways. It’s well-pronounced, too, so bonus marks!

The meaning of this song is pretty simple. I think. Okay, song meanings are never simple. But it’s about loss and such, and his heart’s blue because he loved her so much, and now it’s cold. Things like that. I guess the song’s about regret and longing and sorrow. And maybe the hope for the chance to move on. I actually think Big Bang gave an explanation for the song, but…I don’t really understand Korean :/ Yeah. You miss out when you can’t speak the language. Anyways, that’s what I got from the lyrics. Look at them for yourself; I found them here.

Can I just say that I love love love TOP’s rap? It’s almost like he’s singing, but not quite. And I do love when rapper’s sing. Anyways, it’s beautiful. His whole part is beautiful. I love it. They did a great job with making it fit into the feeling of the song. I love a couple other parts of the song as well, but that one the most. So great :’D I also love the scenes of them running. Heh. Brings’ me back to that scene in Let Me Hear Your Voice, where Taeyang is just bookin’ it… anyways.

Ah, right! Members! Almost forgot. We see leader G-Dragon at 0:46 and 1:47. Maknae Seungri at 0:32 and 3:49. Lead vocals Daesung at 1:16 and 2:49. Dancer and vocals Taeyang at 1:36 and 2:42 and 3:08. And rapper TOP at 2:03 and 3:40. That’s it!

So yeah, I think that’s all I have to say. Overall, I’m very pleased with this comeback. The song’s great, and I can’t wait for the rest of the album. The music video wasn’t mind-blowing, but it was really pretty and it suited the song and concept perfectly. I think they did a great job with it. Can’t wait to see a live performance! Whoot! Big Bang fighting!



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