The Sad Thing About Being a Canadian K-Pop Fan

As you may or may not know, I live in Canada. And it is pretty hard to be a Canadian fan, to be quite honest.

The chances of K-pop groups recognizing Canada as a country are very slim. When they say “North American Tour”, they mean LA, New York, and San Francisco. And Hawaii, for some reason. If, by chance, someone brings to their attention that Canada does, in fact, exist, they might make a surprise stop in Vancouver. Which is, of course, a multiple-day-roadtrip away from where I live, in southern Ontario.

I’m saying this because today I found out that there’s a k-pop event coming up in Toronto, Ontario. WHOA! That’s only four freaking hours away from me! Yeah. Four hours is short out here -_- So I got really excited because, y’know, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I’ve been to Toronto a few times. It’d be possible.

Not. It’s on a Wednesday! In less than two weeks! What the crap??? For one, why is it on a Wednesday?? Every fan on the planet has school the next day. Even my sister, who’s in University. And to travel for four-five hours to get there for the 8:00 start, and then have it finish after 12:00 and have to drive back? I don’t think it’s happening. All of my hopes and dreams, crushed in an instant! I cry… D:

So yeah. That’s my big problem as a human. It’s more-or-less impossible to ever see my favourite bands up close. Because somehow, the second-largest country on the Earth does not show up on Korean maps. And it’s pretty well impossible to buy CDs out here, too. Or they’re crazy over-priced, if you do find them (you can get them in Toronto! If you can even get there…) So you ship them over, but that’s expensive too. And the chances of finding fellow fans in such a very non-densely populated country is slim as well. I’ve been fairly lucky. Also, living in a tiny town has a pretty huge disadvantage; it’s not really possible for them to come here. If I lived somewhere bigger, I could rally other fans and ask bands to come. Unfortunately, the six fans in my town will not be having much impact. So sad.

So that’s my rant for the day. I am still very sad about the whole thing, but I’m getting over it. One day I’ll have my chance… :’)



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2 Responses to The Sad Thing About Being a Canadian K-Pop Fan

  1. dj says:

    hey! so sad to hear that canada has a small kpop fans and really hard to find someone who can talk over about craziness on kpop stuffs. argg. im living in manila and we’re migrating there in ontario on june. I have a lot of kpop friends here and i’m worrying if i could find there as many as what i have here coz it’s more fun isn’t it? hope we could be friends. don’t know exactly our address there but i’ll let you know. meet you soon. keep in touch! oh how about on facebook? is there a page or groups made by canadian kpop fans? we can reunite in there

    • Ah, good luck finding any at all TT_TT I was lucky to find more than one. I guess you could get lucky too, though! I do have Facebook, but I’ve never checked if their are any groups :$ I’m currently “fasting” from Facebook, but I’ll definitely check once I can ^^ Nice meeting you! Hope you end up moving somewhere close by, that’d be really cool! 😀 I live near Windsor, by the way. Give me a shout if you’re gonna be nearby!

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