SotD-B1A4’s “Baby I’m Sorry”

Yayyyy! As I already said in my last post, I’m totally IN LOVE with the new B1A4 album, “Ignition.” So I was obviously really looking forward to their new music video. I’ve really liked all of B1A4’s MVs in the past, because, well, they’re so freaking cute, and although this new one for “Baby I’m Sorry” has a distinctly different feel to it, I still love it. B1A4~ (Love them so much)

Thankfully, it doesn’t have a super confusing plot for me to try to explain. Phew! I hate music videos with really confusing and ridiculous plots (also, really sad ones. Like the one I watched yesterday, 2BiC’s “I Made Another Girl Cry.” They certainly did…)

Anyways. Although the boys strayed from the super-cute image I loved them for in past MVs, they really pulled off this new style. I was disappointed at first that it wasn’t another “Beautiful Target” (because let’s face it, that’s one of my favourite songs of 2011), but then again, who wants remakes? This new song is different, but really awesome, and so is their dancing. The video is really good, but not mind-blowing. But it’s okay, because the album is.

Without further ado, the video:

Even though my internet is mega-slow today, I had to watch this full-screen in HQ. Took a good long while for it to load, but it was worth it. The music video was a little bit moody, with all the boys sitting around this sombre house and looking depressed, with some really cute moments with (the same) girl. I’m assuming they did not all date the same girl, hence why they’re sad. What’s with only ever having one girl in a video?? At least in “I Only Learned Bad Things” it was only Baro dating the girl. Now it’s all of them again. And they don’t seem to notice. Despite being in the same house. *suspicious*

The dancing was really great, seriously. I’m waiting for a dance version or live performance to say too much about it, because you only get a few clips in the music video, but from what I can see, they really stepped it up a notch with this song. It looks more complicated than their past songs, and a lot more intense. I’m excited to see more. The jumping, the punching? Epic. B1A4’s not really known as a dance group, but I think they have unused potential in this area. I’d like to see more.

Ah, as a sidenote, our very own Jinyoung composed and produced this song :’D I’m so glad. I loooove when the actual bands write their own music. The biggest thing we dislike about k-pop is the fact that they rarely sing their own music, which makes it seem superficial to us. So when they do (Big Bang writes a lot of their own music, and Super Junior’s starting to, as well as some other bands), I feel really happy. And proud. So go Jinyoung! Keep on producing! 😀

Moving on. The song sounds a lot more mature than their past title songs. There’s a good sprinkling of autotune, which is somewhat disappointing, but I like the synth-y beat and Baro’s sick rapping and everything. The mood of the song seems to change int he middle for a verse, and then hits hard again when we move on to the chorus. I don’t mind the change at all–it mixes things up a little–but I think a lot of people don’t like that kind of thing. But this is my blog. And I say it’s awesome! Also, that line that goes “Dancing party time!” Epic to the max. So great XD

As for English…when is B1A4 ever known for their good English? Never. But I’ve never minded their terrible English, to be honest. I find it quite funny and adorable. This time around, it’s not as bad as “Beautiful Target”, but…it’s still bad. And I love it! 😀 I’m not saying they should continue to be terrible at English, but I don’t mind at all XD They start off just fine with “I just want to be alone”, but then they hit the chorus with a solid “Baby I’m sorry, we got the better.” What? I think…maybe…nevermind. I don’t know what they’re trying to say. Oh well! Still good! But what really takes the cake is their final verse, which apparently (as I had to find in some written lyrics, because I couldn’t hear them well enough), goes “Baby in a city light/in in in a city love light/in a city light/in in in a city love light.” Hahaha. Whaaaa?? Good stuff, B1A4 XD This is why I love you.

As for line division…Gongchan! Why you get no lines, ever??? Everyone else gets their fair share, but Channie is left with pretty much zero. I know you can do it, buddy! Hang in there! Maybe you, like Infinite’s Sungyeol, will get your chance to shine. I have hope!

And looks? Amazing! Heh. This is another of those super-crazy-cute bands that couldn’t look bad if they tried. I really like all their outfits, too. They’re totally simple and down-to-earth. I even spotted some -gasp!- jeans! I like. And I also love their colourful suits and their other, classier suits and all that. Stylists–well done! They looks fantastic. Their hair, too. I can’t say I’m a huge fan of Channie’s blond hair (I liked it better on Baro!), but I’m totally digging Jinyoung’s red and Baro’s shorter hair. CNU’s is…better than before, at least! It’s shorter, which is good! Not the best, but still good ^^ Sandeul’s is nothing special, but still looks good on him. All in all, they’re all looking great. I like! As for the backgrounds and everything, they’re nothing too stand-out-ish, but they fit the mood of the song well. The gloomy house, the smoky party room, the flashy white dance room. Not amazing, but fitting. The lighting works well with the song, too. Good stuff!

Oh, oh! I forgot about the meaning of the song! Meh, nothing we haven’t heard before. It’s about losing your love and regretting it, and deciding firmly to forget about it, but not being able to let go, and all that sad stuff. I’m not sure where the dancing party time fits in there, but oh well. The lyrics were written by Jinyoung and Baro, by the way. Good try, guys! (I got my lyrics here~)

Lastly, our members! Yay! Kay, so here we go. Leader (and song-writer), red-haired Jinyoung: 0:33 and 1:34. Rapper Baro: 0:18 and 1:45. Main vocals Sandeul: 1:01 and 2:17. Vocals, glasses-wearing CNU: 1:16 and 2:34. And lastly, cutie visual maknae, blond-haired Gongchan: 1:30 and 2:02.

And that’s all! Overall, I think it was a great comeback. Not the most stand-out-ish ever, but as a fan, I am completely satisfied. I can’t wait to see them back onstage. I really hope they start getting some serious attention, because I think they’re awesome. The fact that this, their third album, is a full one says something, though (seeing as Beast just came out with their first full album last year). So yeah. B1A4 fighting! Everyone, love their new song and album a lot! Must support them! 😀


PS-Now that B1A4’s made their comeback,a ll I have to wait for is SHINeeeee! Yay! So excited! (Also, the new Cube boyband, and Dalmatian, and Phantom…oh)


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