A Guilty Pleasure: GP Basic

Anyone who knows me, knows that I generally do not like girl groups. Now, that’s not as true now as it was a few months back, but I still always lean towards boy groups. (I do have a soft spot for super-cutesy songs, though. We’ll talk about that in another post.) So when I heard of this girl group “GP Basic”, I totally didn’t think I’d ever like any of their stuff. At all. I listened to their debut song, “Game,” and was like “Meh. Nothing special. Girls are annoying!”

But now I’m suddenly falling in love with their music. And it’s so weird, because it’s so not…me. I felt so ashamed to actually like it. (It’s my sister’s fault! She looks down on everything I like!) Anyways, I really liked three of their songs. I’ll talk about those today.

The first was their song “Jelly Pop.” Agh, the name. It is terrible! But the song is so upbeat and everything. You can’t listen to it and not dance. Little rapper Janey’s all full of swag, and the song has a great beat, and it’s so perfect to dance to. The lyrics are terribly lame, but I can’t help but love it. Oh oh oh, ka-POW! The music video’s fun and colourful and bright, and I actually kind of like it. They did a good job with it, with the dancing and the animation and everything. It actually looks really good. I do think the girls are kind of young to be trying to make it alongside these huge groups like Super Junior and TVXQ (Janey’s only what, twelve??), but they so don’t deserve all the hate they’re getting. They’re talented and have potential, for sure. Maybe you could wait a few years before debuting them, but still, if I like it, anyone can.

The next song of theirs that I heard and liked was their newest one, “Edge.” And let me tell you. The music video is awful. Pure terrible-ness. The effects are badly done, it looks cheap and lame, their clothes are plain and unflattering, their hair is weird. It looks really bad, and I feel really sorry for them. Because this song is actually really good. I like it a lot. Maybe they used too much autotune, but a lot of bands do. It still sounds really good. It’s catchy and upbeat and well-sang and well-rapped. It sounds unique, but awesome. I liked it immediately. Their dancing is good, too, but all you can see is that terrible music video. Hmm. It’s too bad. I wish they’d have performed it live. I think the dance was pretty cool. But I’m pretty sure almost everyone hated the music video so much that they thought they hated the song, too. Pity!

And lastly, I saw their practice video for their song “V.” This song is so…I don’t know. It really, strongly reminds me of Jump5. Which was a pop group that me and my sister really liked back in 1999-2003. Somewhere around there. Anyways, it’s like bubblegum pop stuff. And I actually really liked it. It was fun and cute and great. The dancing was really good, and so were the vocals. I downloaded it right away. What can I say??? I’m a sucker for things like these. (Another great dance song, by the way.) This song makes me all smiley inside. It’s weird, because I feel like its target audience is girls aged 8-12. And I’m so not that age anymore. But oh well. I like what I like!

So yeah. That’s it. I was hesitant to download these songs, because I knew my sister’d make fun of me for it. They’re not exactly the kind of songs I openly like. But I decided to screw it and like whatever I want to. It’s my choice! My tastes are weird, okay? (FYI, I like pretty much anything. Period.) So I guess I just want to say…support GP Basic! They’re better than most people make them out to be. I think they’re talented and have potential to be a popular girl group, in a couple of years. I am quite truthfully looking forward to whatever they come up with next. I might not like it, but at least I have hope for them. GP Basic fighting!



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