Song Dump #4 – Various Artists

I’m back with my fourth Song Dump! Yay! For a while, there were no really stand-out songs coming out. Miss A made their comeback, but I HATED their song. So I wasn’t really downloading/buying much for a while. And then suddenly ALL the bands started making comebacks, starting with Big Bang, and then it was March Break and I had all the time in the world to look up a thousand random songs and I got a little carried away. So here’s a few from my recent repertoire!

John Park’s “Falling”

I first listened to this song because it was getting so much attention all over the place. And I was all like “What is this song?? Who is this John Park guy??” So I looked it up. The music video is nothing outstanding, but kind off cool and really matches the feeling of the song–dream-like and unusual but cool. After my first listen, I was impressed with his vocals, but not the song. But after my second listen, I actually loved it. His falsetto is super pretty and the song is so awesome in a so non-k-poppy way. I love it a lot now. I’m interested to see what he’ll come up with next.

Kim Tae Woo’s “Love Rain”

Again, the music video is not all that amazing. I’ve never even seen the whole thing. I don’t know anything about Kim Tae Woo or his music (I think he was part of a super-popular oldies boyband…?) I first heard this song in Dream High 2, and I thought it sounded really good, so I looked it up. I actually really love it. Again, not mainstream k-pop. And also quite old. His voice sounds pretty unique, and I just find this song catchy and sweet and really pretty. I like it a lot these days ^^

WE’s “Party”

I actually saw this band’s debut music video when it first came out, but totally didn’t like it. It was a ballad, and a sad one at that. This song, though, is completely different. I don’t even know how I found it or why I clicked on it (Dang you, YouTube sidebar!). But I’m sure glad I did! The song is really fun and high-energy, with a distinctly hip-hop feel that reminds me of Block B. But the dance! Oh, the dance. That super weird move they pull at 1:30? Love it! Makes me laugh every time XD I like the choreography a lot, but that move just takes the cake. SO. FUNNY. Not something I do when there are other people around, though. This song is a great one to sing and rock out to, and the video is really funny and cool and well-done as well. Also, that guy’s red hair. COOL! I’m a new fan. This song is immediately likable and too catchy and sounds like an epic club song. I likey.

NU’EST’s “Face”

A rookie band with a debut song I’d love to fully review, but don’t have the time to. I wasn’t particularly looking forward to this band or anything, but I loved the song and video the first time I heard it. The chorus is really catchy and the song has a good meaning behind it (from what I can tell). There’s also that one guy that looks very suspiciously like a girl. I’m not sure what to think about him. Anyways, the video is pretty epic (except the laughably fake beating people up), the dancing with chairs is really awesome (as is the choreography in general), the tutting is mind-blowing, the dubstep is a lot of fun, the vocals are really good. I’m definitely going to keep an eye on this band. A really solid debut song and video. Also, they’re all so young! Three of them are my age, two are a year or two older. But they still all look mature and…very good-looking. Curse them! Anyways, loving the song. And the ridiculous English rap at the end. HA! Also, their other song “I’m Sorry” reminds me of Backstreet Boys. Anyone? No? Oh…

Yanghwajin Band’s “Candy” (cover)

I actually love all of this band’s covers. They’re a rock band that has covered this song (H.O.T’s Candy) as well as Miss A’s Bad Girl Good Girl, 2NE1’s Lonely, and so on. I love them. Their videos are all really random and funny, and their covers are fantastic. The song sounds just as good as its original, and I love what they’ve done with all of them. The rock element is just so great. And they’re all so young and talented! And hilarious! I’m loving them.

Ailee’s “Heaven”

How have I not mentioned this song yet? I LOVE it. I watched it because it had Beast’s Kikwang in it, but I fell in love with the song instantly. Rookie singer Ailee has GORGEOUS, MIND-BLOWING vocals, and the song and video are really heart-wrenching in a beautiful and not depressing way. I will admit that it made me tear up. That point where the guy sees Kikwang and you think he’s going to be mad but then he smiles instead? Ouch. It really does you in (well, it does me). The song is really beautiful, and I listen to it all the time. You know, when I’m in the mood for being soulful. Heh. A fantastic debut, and definitely someone to look out for. So. Good.

Kara’s “Step”

*Gasp!* Totally not a song I would ever expect to like. But I do. It’s weird. I found this song through a mash-up of k-pop songs, and at first didn’t like it especially, but then it was suddenly stuck in my head all the time and I loved it. Great fun to dance to, but only if you’re alone. (haha) I don’t like Kara, nor do I like songs like this in general, but somehow I love this song. So catchy! So fun and upbeat! Yay! (“Lalalalalala lalalalala~”)

Miryo’s “Dirty”

I looooove this song. I don’t like BEG or Miryo in general, though I like a few select songs of theirs, but when I first heard this song, I totally loved it. Miryo has so much attitude, and the song is so catchy and fun and great. I expected it to be all “dirty” and inappropriate, but it’s actually not. Go figure! I love all the little English lines (“And I don’t care anymore! You know why? What the f–!”) (“I’m so sick of you!”) and the overall feel of the song. Good stuff. Listened to it like a thousand times. The music video is slightly strange, and I don’t especially like it, but it made me chuckle.

10cm’s “Sorrow”

I have no idea how my sister found this song. She showed it to me randomly one day, and I took an immediate liking to it (I really liked that “Wedding Deu-re-sseu ibeun” line, oddly), but I didn’t LOVE it until the second or third time through. It really grew on me, though. It’s some sort of indie music, and I always though 10cm was hip-hop (don’t ask me why…I just know their song “Americano” was banned), but this song is just plain…I don’t even know. It’s so not pop. But I freaking love it. The vocals are really great, the instrumental is really cool, and the song is just too sweet. There’s just something about it… It’s slower and mellow. Very mellow. It’s not like anything I’ve ever heard before in k-pop (or Korean music in general). It’s very distinctly indie. And it’s an amazingly awesome song. You should all listen to it.

Ahh, I have more I want to share, but I think I’ll end it off here. Nine amazing songs. Not all of them are pop, not all of them are particularly recent, but all of them are worth listening to (and buying! Please buy them if you like them! It’s what cool people do!) Now, I’m off to go anticipate the new SHINee album that’s coming out really soon. Yipeeeeeee! ^^ (Also, to write up more posts. Always more posts to write. Heh.) Anyways, enjoy those songs! They’re awesome, I swear!



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