SotD-SHINee’s “Sherlock”

*SHINee’s Back. SHINee’s Back. SHINee’s Back BACK BACK BACK*

Kyaaaaaaaaa! ūüėÄ I’m so happy that SHINee’s new music video for “Sherlock” finally came out today. SO AWESOME. I’m currently still in crazy-spazzing-fangirl mode, so I’ll be back in a few minutes when I’ve calmed down. So! Many! Feelings! SHINeeeeee!

Okay. So, when I first heard their newest title song, I was excited (obviously), but not mind-blown. But then I listened to it again and I was like, “MAN. This is a great song. I freaking love this.” And then I saw the music video teaser and I nearly had a major spazz attack then and there. SHINEE! My first love :’D So to say I was anticipating the full music video was something of a major understatement. I could hardly wait another second.

And then I come home from school today and I see that it’s out, and I’m like *¬†hyperventilate¬†mode*! But then I had to get it set up, open it to full screen, and waaaaaait for it to load. But my internet’s always ridiculously slow at this time of day. So it was taking forEVER. It always just stops loading at about 49 seconds. NOOOOO! So I waited some more. But it wasn’t budging. I knew from experience that it wasn’t going to move anymore, so I gave in and watched the first 49 second. SPAZZ. And then it stopped and totally ruined the moment -_- Then it loaded some more and stopped. And loaded some¬†more¬†and stopped. So my first experience of watching the video was not ideal. I kinda sorta wanted to strangle my computer to death. But still. It’s SHINee! I couldn’t NOT watch it!

So here’s the video, in all it’s awesome glory:

Eeeeee! Let us all squeal together like the ridiculous fans we are. So happy :’D I am suddenly reminded of Super Junior’s Mr. Simple comeback. The only other comeback I have been this excited about, I think. A few others have come close, but not quite.

Let’s first talk about the teaser images. HOLY AWFUL HAIRDOS AND SHIRTLESS BOYS. I’ve always been one to laugh at pictures of half-naked guys trying way too hard to look seductive, but these just struck me as embarrassingly ridiculous. My poor boys! Minho and his ahjumma hair, Taemin and his terrible Lucifer-era girl hair, Onew and his terrible I-don’t-even-know hair. Jonghyun’s looked fine and I actually really liked Key’s, but the point stood; they looked ridiculously provocative in a way that did not make me think they were sexy at all. For one, they still looked like little boys to me. For another, they’re all so scrawny! There are no sexy abs to show off there. Them hiding under those blankets just made me feel even more embarrassed and uncomfortable. I felt more like a pedophile than a fangirl at that point. And they’re all older than me. So yeah. I completely hated the concept. I didn’t have any doubts about the album being¬†amazing¬†anyways, but I was starting to feel sorry for the poor artists of SM Entertainment (does anyone remember Super Junior’s cringe-worthy teaser photos? Yeah…)

Moving on! I actually loooooooooooooooooved the music video. SO MUCH. Eeee! It obviously fit right into the whole Sherlock Holmes concept, and the whole video made perfect sense. Yippee! I cannot, however, say that I was impressed with the boys’ acting. Hehee. It definitely made me giggle a little. I know Minho and Taemin have taken¬†acting¬†roles in the past (and right now for Minho in Salamander Guru), but that doesn’t mean they did an amazing job here, either. It somehow just seemed like they were all trying way too hard and it was a little laughable. Not that I’m making fun of them or the video at all. I just think it was kind of funny. But I digress! I’m sure they tried their best, and the result was still phenomenal.

The video was about the boys taking a mysterious case that had to do with some stolen¬†jewelry¬†in a museum. They have a variety of mysterious clues delivered to them, but they go to the museum to investigate further. There, they keep seeing this mysterious girl (played by Jessica of SNSD), who always just disappears, a ghost. But every time, she leaves behind another clue; a stamp, a flower, and so on. Eventually, these clues lead them to a fake wall, and they enter to find the missing jewelry. They gather for a smiley picture in front of the statue, now holding the whatever-it-is once again. Which goes into a newspaper reading “GREAT DETECTIVE SHINEE: SHINee found the jewelry“. HA! I love their English. Made me laugh so much XD What little of the article beneath it you can read is in the most hilarious Engrish possible. Gooooood stuff. Totally made my day ūüėÄ Anyways, they are all proud of their achievement, but, curious about the mysterious ghost that led them to the treasure, they research the statue, and find that it was based on the very same girl. Go figure! (So I’m assuming the rightful owner of the jewel was trying to make sure it was returned to its proper place.) (What the heck was it doing behind that wall in the first place??)

Also, sidenote: you gotta love the iWatson. So funny XD Oh, clever producers.

Okay, so obviously I enjoyed the storyline, and the fact that I could understand it, ALL ON MY OWN! Whoo, that’s a first! I think they did a great job with production and direction. Also, SM has begun to have storyline music videos again :’D Let us all rejoice!

The dance was also SUPER AWESOME. SHINee’s always been one of my favourite dance groups of all time, and in my opinion one of the best (next to Infinite). I think they’re crazy talented, and they show that skill off in this epic choreography. I love love love how they’re not always doing the same thing, like robots. They’re interacting, creating one whole moving machine, going back and forth and spreading out and regrouping and forming perfect lines. They’re always perfectly together, but not always doing the same thing. It’s amazing. A work of art. And very few bands could pull it off, I think. I love the weird running and the waves and the fanning in and out. Definitely¬†not¬†a routine to learn on your own or with just one person. You definitely need all five. The whole choreography is extremely intracate and impressive, and I could not be more happy with it. SHINee daebak! (They look amazing live, too, by the way. WOW!)

The song itself! Is really awesome. I looooove Key’s rapping (yay Key!), I love the belting, I love the super-catchy chorus, I love the “SHINee’s Back!” and especially the “Give it up give it up ¬†give it up, for SHINeeeeeeeeeee!” It’s so addictive, and it was a perfect choice for ¬†their lead single. The lyrics are some sort of love story, but being compared to a mystery, with lots of terms like interrogation and and suspect to draw the clear connection. Nothing ground-breaking, but nevertheless rather clever, and nicely interwoven with the whole theme. I like!

As for the English, apart from the terrible stuff ion the music video, there was very little. A few words sprinkled in, like “all stop” and “Freeze!” Which are pretty decent. Then there’s the intro and outro, which are “Shinee’s back!” and “Tonight! SHINee’s in the house! So give it up for SHINee!” Which is also good, albeit cheesy. And then there’s the chorus, which is just “I’m so curious, yeah~!” And that’s all! So nothing horrifying. A decent job, I’d say ūüėÄ But since the Engrish in the video was so bad, I’m docking a mark. Heh. Sorry!

Finally, looks! One of my favourite things to talk about. I’ll start with the styling. Apart from Taemin’s and Onew’s hair in the dance scenes, I actually really like what they’ve done. Except some of the outfits. But I’m getting used to that by now. I love Key’s glasses, and their old-style clothes (eeee! I’m such a fan of the Victorian era *_*) The vests, the top hats. I’m in love! The clothing in the dance scenes was bearable, though Taemin’s clothes were a bit odd and why does Onew have ropes wrapped around his torso? Otherwise, they were fairly¬†average. At the beginning, I was like “WTF is with Key’s shorts?” But in the end they totally grew on me. I think they’re kinda cute XD Oh, and Key’s painted nails! A year ago, I would have found this really weird, but I smiled when I saw them ūüôā I love that guy. Oh, there’s also this part where Key’s wearing a pink shawl, and that totally rubs me the wrong way :/ Ew. I like Taemin’s hair and blingy blazer during those parts, though!

Lighting is really awesome, fitting perfectly with the time and mood. Their sets were amazing and obviously high-budget. Even their dance room looked fancy and epic, with huge windows behind and above them and the sun¬†shining¬†through it all fancy-like. You can tell they spent a lot of time¬†getting¬†everything¬†just right. (Shoulda spent more time on getting Taemin some normal clothes and a decent haircut -_-) They also dance in a gloomy alleyway at times. Also cool! The museum is really authentic, all the props are cool, the effects are well-done. I’m super impressed with this video’s production. It’s seriously top-notch. That dog doesn’t look like it wants to be there, though. Also, it’s super ugly. ALSO, why is¬†everything¬†so old-fashioned, but they have an iWatson laptop? What the…? (But I’ll forgive them, because that’s so funny XD)

Lastly, members, for the new Shawol. You know, in case you don’t know Taemin from Onew. So here they are! Leader and vocals Onew at 0:53 and 2:22. Lead vocals Jonghyun at 0:39 and 2:00. Diva, vocal, dancer, rapper Key at 1:42 and 3:06 and 4:17. Visual and rapper Minho at 1:51 and 3:17. And lastly, epic dancer visual maknae Taemin at 0:57 and 3:01. My babies! They’re so grown up :’)

Okay, so obviously I totally LOVED his song and video and dance and everything. I think they’re totally amazing. Now, I know I’m somewhat very biased, but I honestly think the band and the producers both did a fantastic job. I’m not disappointed in any way. Overall, I can’t think of anywhere they could really have improved. Even the line distribution was pretty good. I almost forgot about SHINee for a while back there, while the were away in Japan, but now that they’re back I’m falling for them all over again. Once a Shawol, always a Shawol! Everyone, support the band and buy their music! And watch the music video and stuff! SHINee, fighting!¬†


PS-I’m posting this a day late. So all the “todays” are referring to yesterday. Not willing to go back and change them XD


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