My Favourite Korean Girl Group Songs – Part 1

So, if you read my blog at all regularly, or even if you just read it every now and then, you’ll probably know that I’m heavily biased towards boybands. I just like boybands way better. I often mention that I’m “not really into girl groups” or “find them a little annoying.” And while that’s sometimes true, I’m not a hater. And I’m a bit of a hypocrite.

When I first got into k-pop, I didn’t like girl groups at all. I think I was too heavily influenced by my older sister, who hated them from the beginning. But eventually, I actually started to like them a little. First it was “just this one song, that’s all. I still don’t like them.” But then it was more songs. I got to know the bands a little. I listened to them secretly, embarrassed because I’d said so often that I hated them. But they were growing on me. Fast.

Now, I still favour boybands a lot. I’m occasionally surprised by the number of girl group songs I’ve come to like, but when compared to the ~600 boyband songs I like, it’s not much at all. But they’re really, seriously growing on me. Or maybe I’m just beginning to care less about what my sister (and other people) think about my song choices. That’s pretty likely.

I’ve already mentioned before a lot of the girl group songs I like. There’s a couple IU songs I’ve mentioned (introduced to me by a boy who told me IU was the best female singer out there), a few Brown Eyed Girls songs, the C-Real songs, the GP Basic songs, ALi, Ailee, Park Bom, Miryo, Kara, 2NE1 (probably my favourite girl group). I might have missed a few. Anyways, over the past year and a half, I’ve definitely become more and more accepting of girl groups. And now there’s a whole bunch of songs I like, and even though I never talk about them, I want to say that I have nothing against girl groups. I actually kind of like them! So I’m going to have a little girl group marathon. Yay for girl groups! (I think I’m gonna need more than one of these to cover all the songs…)

The first girl groups songs we ever got were the following:

4Minute’s “Heart to Heart”

The first girl groups song my sister ever admitted to liking. Yes. We watched it because it had CN Blue’s Jungshin, but ended up really liking the long after all. *gasp!* I’m not sure why we did. Maybe because it wasn’t the super-cutesy stuff we were used to from girl groups (we were inexperienced at the time XD). It was sassy and catchy and fun. The music video made us laugh, too. And we were impressed by the vocals. So yeah. Still a really good song, though no longer my favourite. I still break out the dance moves every now and then, though.

Miss A’s “Bad Girl Good Girl”

Boy was this one a shocker! Just when we thought all girl groups were sweet and innocent, Miss A was all in our face being scandalous and sexy and full of attitude. I was hesitant to watch this video at first, because it’s a little too…risque for my tastes. Their clothes were a little too revealing, and their dance a little too suggestive. But the song was so catchy. Seriously. It got stuck in my head almost immediately. I loved it. It’s so applicable to life! (Meaning I sing it in my head all the time. Whenever I feel like being sassy.) So I ended up watching it multiple times. And dancing it when no one was around. And singing it constantly. (“You don’t know me! So shut up boy!”) Honestly, watching this music video still makes me feel uncomfortable as a girl. But I can’t deny that the song is amazing, and the talents obvious. No wonder they got so popular right after they debuted! It was my introduction to what I thought of as bearable girl groups songs at the time, and I was hooked. On a couple songs. I didn’t like them too much yet.

Miss A’s “Breathe”

After BGGG, I immediately watched Miss A’s only other music video at the time, “Breathe.” And I liked it just as much as, if not more than the former. It was catchy, fast-paced, with a really addictive dance and less scandalous clothes. I really liked it, and I still do. It makes me so happy! Brings back many memories, too. Although these were the only songs I knew by Miss A, I liked them a lot. I watched, like, a million dance covers of those two songs, especially this one. And I danced to it a lot. Never quite got those hip movements or shoulder-shakes just right. Got a lot of cramps. Anyways, it was rather different from the other two girl group songs I knew, so I was surprised to like it. But I did! And so did my sister, which was even more of a shock. I was beginning to open my heart to them a little more.

After that, there was a while where I didn’t like any girl songs. I was, however, introduced to Girls’ Generation (SNSD) at some point, to their song “Gee.” And while we found that song painfully catchy, we found it too annoying to really like. Even though we eventually learned the dance to the song, we never downloaded it. All we have is the male version, sung by “Boys’ Generation” (a mixture of boyband members who sang it at a concert once. That’s our bias showing.) We decided then and there that we hated Girls’ Generation. I regret it now, but that was then! I also knew songs like BEG’s “Abracadabra” and T-Ara’s “Bo Peep Bo Peep” from variety shows where male idols had danced to them. Also, a song that I now really love:

IU’s “Marshmallow”

I think I might’ve mentioned this song once before. Mir danced to it in Maknae Rebellion. I listened to it a couple times after that, secretly liking it but never admitting it. It’s one of those suuuuuper cute songs that I love but my sister hates with a passion. I think IU is totally adorable in this video, and I admittedly think the song is awesome. I absolutely fail in the aegyo department, but that doesn’t stop me from trying when I’m alone. It’s a really catchy song with a really cute dance to it, and impressive vocals. I mean, I totally couldn’t pull it off. So props to IU. And who doesn’t love her in her mustache? Kya! If I was a boy, I’d totally be in love with her. A totally over-sweet song that I love. It’s true! I admit it!

After that, I got a little hooked on 2NE1 when their song “Lonely” came out. I LOVED IT. (I even reviewed it here!) There were two other songs by them that I really liked:

2NE1’s “I Don’t Care”

Another song that I find a little too applicable to life situations. (“I don’t ca-a-a-a-a-a-are.”) I was surprised to find Tae-sun from Secret Garden in the video, but more so to like the song. It was really catchy and less pop-ish than most girl groups songs I’d heard up till then. Even now, something about it rings in me. I think it’s because it brings back a lot of memories, though. Those were the good old days! Anyways, I loved the song, and I was starting to love 2NE1. There was another song I heard and loved by them, recommended by a friend:

2NE1’s “Let’s Go Party”

This was a time when my sister was in China, so I didn’t have to be embarrassed about my song choices. I don’t know why I liked this song. Maybe it was just because it was fun to sing, or because it was about partying but still so…sad somehow. Anyways, there was no video, but I still really liked it. But there’s always that awkward moment when I’m singing “Let’s Go Party” and it totally sounds like “Let’s go potty.” Yikes! Another great song by 2NE1!

While my sister was in China, I listened to quite a few girl group songs. There was IU’s “Good Day,” Sunny Hill’s “Midnight Circus,” Park Bom’s “Don’t Cry.” Maybe a few others. But that’s definitely where my liking for girl groups took off the first time. See where I’m going here? It’s all my sister’s fault for being judgmental. Though there was one other girl group song that I totally didn’t think she’d ever like, but she did:

5Dolls’ “This and That”

This is definitely the last song I expected my sister to like. I liked it right away; it was so catchy and full of hip dancing that I could never imitate without making a fool of myself! But she did, and I was pleased. Maybe she was changing! Anyways, we bought this song and still listen to it all the time. I don’t know why we liked it so much. But it’s seriously great. Lots of fun for dancing to and singing to. A pretty mainstream pop-type song, but great nonetheless.

Okay, I’ll stop there. There’s another whole list of songs I’d like to mention yet, but that’s enough for now. Recently, I’ve really begun to get into girl groups more, because I’m tired of basing my preferences on what other people tell me is cool or not. From now on, I’ll like whatever I want to. There’s no stopping me! 😀



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