My Favourite Korean Girl Group Songs – Part 2

Hey! You! Read part 1 to this post first! Follow the liiiiink!

Anyways. Recently I’ve been going through a big girl group phase, and gathering a bajillion (more like 12) girl group songs that I actually really like. It started out being those super-cutesy songs, but then it evolved into just all girl group songs I like. These are all songs I listened to in the past, didn’t pay any attention to because they were girls, and now realize that they’re actually awesome. Don’t judge! I have weird taste sometimes!

We’ll just start at the beginning of my list and move down:

SNSD’s “Oh!”

So cuuuute! This is one of those sickeningly cute and addicting songs that gets stuck in your head all day and make you want to break out your best aegyo. My favourite lines have always been Sunny’s, by the way. If I had a bias in this group, she would be it. Her voice is so great XD (I also like Sooyoung. Don’t ask me why.) I always thought I hated SNSD with a passion, but as time went on, they really grew on me. I still get a few of the members confused now and then (Yuri and Yoona, mostly. I always forget who’s who! Also, Tiffany.) but I’m starting to rather like them. This song especially. I don’t know what it is. I just love it. Nowadays, there are a number of their songs that I like. I was first introduced to their most famous song, Gee, and then to Genie and Oh. But I didn’t like them until my friend (a boy, actually) recommended the following song:

SNSD’s “Mr. Taxi”

This song is actually in Korean, Japanese, and English. Oooh! It wasn’t what I was used to from SNSD, being less flower-and-rainbows cute and more edgy. I liked it right away. It’s catchy, it’s dancey, it’s great. A lot of fun to sing (hypertonic! And supersonic!). Not as catchy of a dance, but fun nonetheless. I was completely surprised that my friend, who had never shown interest in girl groups before, liked this song. But now I see why. It’s good stuff. So although I knew SNSD reasonably well, this was my introduction to the side of SNSD I liked from the start (the cutesy songs grew on me later on). Yay for Girls’ Generation!

Secret’s “Shy Boy”

This is another of those super-cute songs that I’ve grown to love. I only heard it for the first time when I found out that a few members from BAP were featured in it (again, my bias showing through), but it turned out I really liked the song itself. It’s really catchy, with an 80’s feel I totally love and really cute clothes. Gives off some strong Grease vibes (whoo Grease!) The plots pretty cute, and the dancing was fun and peppy, and the vocals were impressive. I like it! A lot of fun. It wasn’t my introduction to Secret, though; I heard this song first:

Secret’s “Starlight Moonlight”

I really have no idea how I found this song. I just–watched it one day. And I kinda liked it. But I didn’t love it until recently. I came back to it to see Bang Yong Guk later on, and I liked it even better the second time. I listened to it again when Ba-wool from Flower Boy Ramyun Shop had this song as his cellphone ringtone (ha!). So I heard it a number of times in the end. Maybe that was the reason i fell in love with it. It’s great! It has an oldies feel again, but not of the doo-wop variety. It’s very pretty, but still cute and sweet, and the visuals are gorgeous. And who doesn’t love the “sha-la-la-la-la”s? That main lead guy is so not good-looking, though. I think that’t the point, but still. Yikes. The plot’s cute, Bang Yong Guk is cute…wait what? Haha, gotta love him. Anyways, not quite the same feel as the last few songs I’ve mentioned, but wonderful nonetheless. Am I becoming a Secret fan??

Hyuna’s “Bubble Pop”

I really could not post the official music video. I was tempted, because it features MBLAQ’s Lee Joon, but I couldn’t do it. I HAAAAAAATE that music video. I have nothing against Hyuna or the song or anything. But the video makes me want to punch someone’s lights out. Seriously. Why did they make her act so slutty? It disturbs me. I think Hyuna is plenty sexy and everything, but in the video it just made me extremely uncomfortable. Some parts were fine, all summery and fun and high-energy. But a lot of her solo-dancing was disturbing. My opinion, don’t mean to offend. In any case, I hated the song at first, but ever since I watched a few dance covers, I’ve grown to love it. Not to mention, it looks a lot less slutty when she’s wearing a big huge shirt. It’s a really fun song and dance, and I can see why it was so popular. Not that I could EVER pull it off. Not a chance. Anyways, the song is crazy catchy and fast-paced and addicting. It’s not my favourite song ever, but I’ve come to like it. Which is surprising, because I abhorred it at first. I’ve come a long way!

Wonder Girls’ “Be My Baby”

Another classic girl group I always thought I hated! And actually, this is the only song I’ve heard from them apart from “Tell Me” and “Nobody,” both of which I’m not a fan of. Regardless, when I heard this song, I liked it right away. It has a Christmas-y feel to it, probably because it was released right before all the Christmas songs last November. The music video isn’t my favourite, giving off a very Beyonce “Single Ladies” feel, but the dance is super addicting and the song is a lot of fun. It’s a very feminine, womanly dance, and I kind of fell in love with it when I saw 2AM performing it. HA! I don’t really like the way they stuck that rap into the song; it’s not a bad rap at all, but it so doesn’t fit with the song. Anyways, this song also has an English version, which is oodles of fun, so I usually listen to that version, or end up singing a mixture of the two. Overall, a comeback I really liked from them. I might just get to know this band!

Chocolat’s “Syndrome”

This song actually got a lot of hate when it came out, and therefore the band did, because it was their debut single. I don’t know why! I admit that it can be a little annoying, and there’s way too much focus on member Tia, and the giggle at the end is ridiculously barf-inducing (that’s an exaggeration) but I actually like this song. It’s really catchy, their voices and dancing are quite impressive, there’s nothing wrong with the music video, the girls are very pretty. They’re kind of young, yes, but not that young. Okay, so the song isn’t amazing, and it’s definitely not at the top of my list. But every time I hear it, it’s stuck in my head for days. I have nothing against this group. I wouldn’t be posting this song if I didn’t want so dearly for people to grow up and stop bashing groups just for the heck of it. There’s nothing wrong with Chocolat. I’m supporting them! You should too, or just ignore them. No need to be mean about it (this to all of the group’s haters. Not everyone, of course >_>)

I have some two or three others songs that I like by girl groups in mind, but I don’t want this post to get forever long, so I’ll leave it there. Overall, I think I’ve come a long way. I no longer hate girl groups just for being girl groups, and I’m starting to like a number of their songs. My favourite groups are still the not-quite-so-cutesy ones, like 2NE1, but I don’t have anything against them anymore. Yay for progress! So I guess that’s it. Enjoy! 



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