More 1-Year Anniversaries–Dalmatian and ZE:A

Missed ’em again! Dang! I knew these two anniversaries were coming up, I did…and then the day of, I forgot. On April 4, 2011, I discovered two awesome bands; Dalmatian and ZE:A. Yayyyy! They are still two of my favourite underrated bands ever. (Dalmatian comeback in May! So excited!)

To celebrate this day, I’ve decided to quote a few sections of my journal entry from that day one year and two days ago. I was a Monday. That is irrelevant. Here goes!

Monday, April 4, 2011

New music! Whoot! I’m so happy 😀 I love new music days. All thanks to Maggie! [That’s my sister] Yay! 

The moment I stepped inside, Maggie said, “I got new songs! I’m so happy!” (actually, she said it in French, because dad was there [my dad doesn’t approve of our obsession]). So I followed her downstairs to the computer, where she showed me Dalmatian and ZE:A, both of which I’d heard of but never listened to. And they are AWESOME. Love love LOOOOVE the song “That Man Opposed” by Dalmatian. Video=adorable, too. 😀 There’s a guy wity blue hair! Epic! “Mazel Tov” by ZE:A is also great. Still listening to the rest. 

After that, I watched the end of Finding Mr. Destiny [one of my favourite Korean movies ever]. So good! I loooooved it 🙂 So cute ♥ 

After supper (and some dancing) I sent lots of videos to Ashley [my friend from school], who is now in love with k-pop. Then I watched a bunch of videos myself. Fell in love with “Marry U” by SuJu again 🙂 Cute! And “Hot Times” by SM the Ballad. I still laugh every time. Def makes my “Cheesiest Song Lyrics” List. Along with “SHINee World” and “Pajama Party.” And a few others. Hee. Seriously, “Hot Times”? Yikes. I love it! As Maggie said to be the other day, “I wish I never heard that song, because I love it.” As in, we’re so ashamed to love it, because the lyrics are…hot times. Agh. 

Anyways, in the evening I listened to some Dalmatian, and then showered and did my tiny bit of homework. Then Maggie downloaded a bunch of U-Kiss (new and old) and the new CN Blue CD. Yay! So much awesome newness! But at least now 0330 is on my iPod (that’s by U-Kiss). Love! ♥

So I think I’m gonna fall in love with Dalmatian. Seriously. Youngwon–the blue-haired guy–and Daniel, and that guy who goes super high and sounds like a girl…love. Already love. 

I then proceeded to write a more in-depth list of songs for my “Cheesiest Lyrics” List, and mentioned that I had 246 K-pop (and J-/Mando-pop) songs total. I was so proud. Now, at this moment a year later, I have 655. 😀

So, most of that was pointless. But it gives you an idea as to how I discovered these bands and how I felt about them right off the bat. As you can see, I wasn’t as huge into ZE:A until later on, when I listened to “Here I Am.” Liked them even more after their next mini-album, “Exciting!” Good stuff!

So, I’ve already done reviews of Dalmatian’s “That Man Opposed” and ZE:A’s “Here I Am”, “Love Coach” and “Watch Out“. So I’ll have to pick songs that were not my immediate favourites. Oh well!

I’ll talk about Dalmatian first. Seriously, just like I predicted in my journal entry, I fell in love with this band. To this day, they are one of my favourite k-pop groups of all time. And they only have seven songs. But most of those seven songs are my favourite songs ever. They’re so good. They have a loooot of talent, and an amazing first mini-album. Why are they not explosively popular??? Why have they not made a comeback yet????????

This was probably my second song by Dalmatian: “Lover Cop” 

This song is so cute XD And so cheesy in an epic way. Their clothes are slightly ridiculous, their dancing as actually really impressive, and their lyrics are laughable but awesome. Why are they talking about robots and lover cops? The guys are all being super lame in this video, despite their black leather and metal-studded clothes, and they manage to be cute and funny and lovable and really impressive at the same time. The choreography, full of robot moves and a lot of working together, is really cool and fun. I think it looks amazing.  Youngwon still had his briiiiiight blue hair at this time, which was freaking epic. They look like they’re genuinely having a lot of fun and just being dorks, and although their outfits are ridiculous at times, they manage to pull it off flawlessly. Props to their hair stylists, too! Their hair is so great in this video. I really, really like it. The rooms and background and lighting are all really good, too. And their props. Wow, now that I watch this video again, I totally love it o_o The vocals are amazing, the rapping is really good (I love Dalmatian’s rapping, always have), the dancing is even better than I remembered, the production was really good. Holy cow, I love Dalmatian. I can’t wait for Maaaay! Anyways, an awesome music video, and an awesome (and lame) song. The lyrics are cheesy, but that’s why I love them. They’re not meant to be serious or meaningful or anything. The point was that they’re lame and funny. So it’s okay. More than okay! I love it. Even though they autotuned Jisu’s beautiful falsetto. I mean, yeah, it fits the song better and sounds really sweet, but still. His beautiful voice!

I feel like I have so much more to say, since I hold Dalmatian so close to my heart and all that, but it’s time to move on. I reviewed a lot of ZE:A’s songs already, but not even the first one I saw! This is ZE:A’s “Mazeltov”, and it holds it’s place prouly on my “Cheesiest Lyrics” list. Wonderful ^^

Not ZE:A’s best song, gotta say. But it worked to get us hooked! It’s super catchy and synth-y, and the English lyrics are so bad that you have no choice but to love them. The dancing is undoubtedly awesome, though. Seriously. It requires a lot of synchronization, teamwork and careful coordination, especially with so many people, but it looks amazing. They did an awesome job with it. Okay, there are some really lame-looking moves. I will admit that. But they still managed to pull it off! The video’s all dark and grimy and epic, which fits with the sound of the song perfectly, but the lyrics are just too funny XD I’m slightly disappointed with the amount of heavy autotuning they used, but it gives the song a distinct sound. It’s a well produced song, as far as I can tell, and so is the music video, but whoever wrote the lyrics had some issues, I swear. Are those the days of the week I hear? And “Latin Girl, Mexican Girl, Korean Girl, Japan Girl?” And “Mirror mirror mirror?” and the famous Yiddish phrase meaning “congratulations” or “good luck?” Oy vey. I especially like the completely serious “mojeltov” at the end. Cracks me right up XD There is so much terrible Engrish int his song that I don’t even know what to say. It wouldn’t be so embarrassing if they, like B1A4, had some kind of cutesy-boy image that would make them seem endearing and adorable. But the fact that this video is so intense and everythign makes it so much more laughable. I can kind of see why they didn’t get crazy popular from this song XD Also, poor Kevin, the band’s native English-speaker. It must pain him so much to hear this song. He must be cringing even to this day.

Anyways, despite that songs’ insane cheesiness, it caused me to notice them and they captured my heart, even as I laughed hysterically at their lyrics sung with such attitude. I still love them to this day, so they must have done something right.

Alright, I’m done. I wish I could have done whole reviews for these two, but I’m kind of short on blog-time these days. Two epic music videos, in very different ways. Two amazing bands that I will love forever. Waiting for comebacks from both of them! They’re both painfully underrated, too, so please love them a lot ^^ I know I do. Dalmatian and ZE:A, fighting! 



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