More 2012 Rookies I LOVE – EXO, NU’EST, BtoB

Where have I beeeen? I’ve been really busy recently, and really good at procrastinating. But no worries, I’m back, with a thousand new songs to talk about! But for today I’ll just stick to three new groups I’ve totally been loving recently. Yay for debuts! ^^

The first is EXO (K and M–they’re both great), which I already talked about when they came out with their super-sexy-awesome-epic prologue song “What Is Love.” Later, they came out with another prologue song (what is that, anyways???), “History”, which I initially didn’t LOVE, but it’s definitely growing on me. And I love EXO themselves so much that I couldn’t NOT love this song. EXO for the win! 😀

The video for this epic song:

The dancing in this song is super awesome. EXO is an amazing group of dancers, you can’t deny that. Their movements are really sharp and precise, and they’re totally in sync. But to my surprise, they’re also amazing singers. (Their rapping is nothing special. Average.) Seriously. The groups’ main singers (Luhan, Chen, D.O, Baekhyun) are freaking fantastic. Their voices are just–wow. Even in this song, which is kind of epic and more of a dance song than a belter, you can hear how good they are. They’re really awesome live, too, but you can hear that more in their other song. The shaky-pants-dance is a little bit funny, but I love it. I also really like their clothes in this video. I don’t know why. They’re kind of hip-hop gangsta. Lots of crazy prints. Also, EXO themselves–holy crap so good-looking! I see a LOT of them on Tumblr these days, and you really can’t help but sigh and be like “why am I not that beautiful.” They look so freaking perfect. How did they find so many ridiculously good-looking guys that can also sing/dance/rap? And where are all the guys like that in Canada???? (Forever alone because my standards are too high…)

Anyways, this song is really catchy and awesome, and the boys pull it off so well. The English lines are great fun to sing (“No more shakin’ like that!”) even if they don’t make perfect sense, and the music video was really well-produced, with cool sets and effects. I’m impressed. Also, EXO-K makes appearances in EXO-M’s video, and vice versa ^^ Those boys all together are too much to bear. (By the way, the above video is the EXO-K version. Here’s EXO-M’s: LINK). It is seriously way too hard to choose between the two. They should make solo versions, and then one mixed version for the people that can’t choose. I love them bothhhh! But anyways, I wasn’t that huge of a fan of EXO until they came out with their debut track, “MAMA.”

HOLY EPIC MUSIC VIDEO. Now I see why Super Junior keeps getting boring dance-in-a-big-room videos. SM was trying way too hard to give EXO the coolest music video of all time. I seriously love it. It is mind-blowingly epic. I especially like the ridiculous Engrish intro said in a deep, awesome voice. Hehe. It (kind of) explains that this great force (EXO) was divided into two forces (K and M) and were sent to Earth or some such thing. I really don’t understand it myself. But it sounds cool! Also, each of the members of EXO has their own symbol, which I find really cool and unique. (The EXO-K version: LINK)

And then the music video is all about the members having these epic super powers and stuff. There’s no plot that I can make out, just clips of them looking cool, and some sick dance scenes. Again, REALLY well-produced. Those monk robes? Sweet! Epic chanting, epic singing, epic rapping that kind of scares me. This music video is just so EPIC.  The song itself is really powerful and booming and has a lot of belting, which is done REALLY well when they sing it live. Seriously, wow. The dancing is really intense and precise, too, and again, awesome. Also, that lip-rub part at “MA MA MA MA” makes me chuckle. Heehee. One thing though; HOLY FREAKING SCARY FACE TATTOOS. Pardon my caps locks. But really. So freaky. Some people think they’re cool, but they’re just too much for me. Yikes. Otherwise, they all look fantastic. How can they not? This is EXO!

So yeah. A totally great debut by EXO (finally! I thought they might release teasers and prologues forever). It’s not really a song that I was obsessed with from the start, but it’s really cool. I especially love their live performances. Awesome! Though the Engrish is terrible, and the rapping scares me, the epicness was enough to pull it through and make it stick out for me. Nicely done, EXO! And did I mention; they look so good *-*

Moving on! The next freaking amazing new rookie group that I fell in love with the moment I saw them was the fantabulous NU’EST. Wowwwww! I love love love these guys. Their debut song, “Face”, completely rocked. Amazing. I was a fan from the first time I watched it. Also, they’re all my age ^_^ Except for Aron. But he’s not much older. The others are all 95ers, comme moi. Minhyun’s just a few weeks my elder, and Ren a few months my junior. Yayyy! More dongsaengs!

Eeeee! Amazing. Dance? Awesome. Song? Super addicting. Looks? Totally dreamy. These boys got it all. Even a member that could easily pass for a girl. He’s way prettier than me. Why, Ren, why??? Making all the girls jealous, and all the guys question their sexuality (or yours…o_O) I’m starting to think he’s going Minam on us (*cough*You’reBeautiful*cough*) Anyways, the music video’s really great, and the boys’ skills are nothing short of swoon-worthy. Wowza! They’re another of those rookies that I can see becoming ridiculously popular.

For one thing, the chair dance. So cool! Chair dances are the best (I’m thinking SHINee’s “Love Like Oxygen” here. Also way cool.) The entire choreography is really impressive. The tutting at the dubstep dance break? Nice! I’m completely blown away. And then there’s the outstanding vocalists, Baekho and Minhyun. Wowed by them. Then there’s the sweet, feminine, adorable-voiced (and faced) Ren. And the English-speaker Aron. And leader and awesome-voiced-rapper JR (he’s so sexy *-* WHY??) I’ve already fallen for them. Watching their Making the Artist show. Watching interviews. Love ’em. Their style’s cool in this video, too. What I really love, though, is that this song is about bullying and standing up for yourself and all that, and YAY, the music video matches. Very cool, NU’EST. I like things that are not all about love. And I like it when the video matches the lyrics. Whoopee! (sidenote: why are all the boys at NU’EST’s school so good-looking? I must go there!)

For reals, so much love for this group. I wish I’d written an entire post about this song and video, because I like it that much. But no time! I must be moving on. (But before I do, here! NU’EST’s other song, “I’m Sorry.” Not quite as ridiculously awesome as “Face”, but I still love it. Gives me some 90s-era boyband vibes. I like.)

Okay, one more band to mention! And that band is the new Cube Ent (home of Beast, A Pink, etc.) boyband, BtoB. (That’s pronounced Bee-to-bee. Stands for Born to Beat. HEY. It could be worse.) They actually came out with two title songs; a dance number and a ballad. I, being the person I am, like the dance track better. It’s called “Insane.” It is awesome.

Yayyyy for Cube! I love love love Beast, so I had no doubt that I’d also love their new boyband. And I did. At first, I wasn’t completely impressed, but the more I listened to this song, the more I adored it. Their vocals are amazing and I actually really like their main rapper, Ilhoon. This song, though very danceable, is also an excellent track for showing off vocal talents. I can’t say BtoB really stood out to me as a dance group, but they’re really good nonetheless. I love the piano melody at the beginning (Fiction anyone?) (actually, very 0330-esque as well). and then the way the beat drops and it gets right into the song is awesome. I really like the use of orchastra as well. Ohhh, fancy!

The music video for this song is very dramatic, with many broken mirrors, tears and flaming pianos (wait, what?). It’s well-made and fits the song and mood well, and I think it deserves a whole lot more than the 700K views it has. Seriously, people, they’re awesome! I want to hug them. They’re totally good-looking, too. Ahem. My favourites just happen to be Changseob and Ilhoon, for unknown reasons. I just like them, okay?? Also, props to proper English usage and even good pronunciation! Yipee! (It feels like k-pop groups are getting better at pronunciation and worse at grammar…) Also, props to Minhyuk’s excellent acting. He makes me feel like crying. Man. (By the by, I totally learned these boys’ names way before I learned EXO’s. Why is that?)

As much as I totally loved “Insane”, I might just love their other song on their albume ven better, titled “Monday to Sunday.” I LOVE IT. It’s such a feel-good, pop-y, fun song. It was one of those songs where I clicked on it, vaguely curious, and was suddenly like “Hhhhh! I need this song! It is awesome!” No lie. It was that “This is for the weekend” line. Hit me right there. ^^ Also, the rap. And the whole song. Love it so much. Makes me smile every time. Yay! I wish they’d made a music video for this song, too. 

Okay, I’m done. I suddenly feel like bringing up a thousand more points about each group, but I won’t. These three groups…seriously, they make me so happy. 2012 has been an amazing year thus far for boyband debuts. First with Chaos and BAP, and now with these three. Egad, if more keep coming out, I might drown. (Too many names to learn!) But I’m really happy. For real. I wish the best of luck to all of these bands, and I suggest you listen to, support and love them all. EXO, NU’EST, BtoB fighting!


PS-suddenly a bunch of bands are announcing their comebacks. Oh no! I still have the last wave to catch up with! (But still, excited!!)


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