EVEN MORE 1-year K-pop Anniversaries – Teen Top and B1A4

Hey! Guys! I missed another two -_-‘ I really suck at this. I even thought I hit one on the right day, but it turned out I thought it was the wrong day :/ Anyways, on April 15, 2011, I discovered the awesome band that is Teen Top. But don’t read those old posts, because they were terrible and they embarrass me. And then, exactly five days after Teen Top, on April 20, I discovered the OTHER awesome band, B1A4. And ever since those fateful days, I have been a part of two more fandoms; Angels and BANAs. (I hate fandom names -_-) To this day, I am an avid fan of both groups. They are too fabulous. So of course I have to commemorate those days! They are very meaningful to me ^^

Because I was already blogging around the time of my discovery of these two bands (I’ve been blogging for over a year!) you all should know (I’m kidding, don’t read those posts) how I discovered Teen Top and B1A4. But if you don’t, I’ll recap: we discovered Teen Top on one of our routine “Find New K-Pop Groups To Love” excursions, and stumbled upon their rendition of HOT’s “Candy” and their music video for “Supa Luv”. We loved both of those songs, and we loved the band. End of story. For B1A4, my sister found the music video for their debut song, “OK” on the day of its release and showed it to me, and I immediately fell for them. They are too cute. That’s about it!

So the awkward thing is, I’ve already reviewed almost ever music video put out by both of these groups XD From Teen Top, I’ve reviewed every music video except their debut MV, “Clap.” Oh, and their random MV for “Angel.” For B1A4, I’ve reviewed every music video except “I Only Learned Bad Things,” because it wasn’t a comeback, but a follow-up. But heck, since I have no other options, it looks like that’s what I’ll be reviewing today! (Just goes to show how much I lurveeeeee these bands).

Starting with Teen Top! The first time I had a dongsaeng in a k-pop group (so what if it’s only by a couple months??) I totally fell in love with this group’s boyish charms, baby faces and super-impressive dancing, as well as their totally catchy songs. We downloaded all their songs when we got the chance; all four of them. Since then, I’ve watched their Making the Artist show, I’ve learned one of their dances, I’ve watched them have two more comebacks, and I’ve kind of watched them grow up. Seriously. They grew up a lot in one year. I’ve loved each one of their title tracks, even if I wasn’t likewise impressed with their entire mini-albums, and I will continue to love the group forever and ever. Anyways, today I’ll be reviewing their debut song, “Clap.”

What an epic debut. (Also, Teen Top! You all have dark hair! How strange). I absolutely love the song and dance. The music video is a little confusing, so I won’t even try to explain it. It’s very dark and depressing and I don’t understand it, apart from the fact that there is, inexplicably, a girl sitting in  a plane. That has crashed. Is she dead? Possibly. Whatever. Ah, watching this video, I notice a certain trend of Things That Have Not Changed. CAP is still super sexy. Ricky still looks like a 6-year-old and gets no lines. Niel still gets 60% of lines, and Chunji gets another 35%. (Okay, it’s a little more even now. But not by much.) Their English is still really bad. That’s my boys :’)

Speaking of English, the Engrish in this song is REALLY BAD. Not only does it not really make sense, but it’s pronounced so terribly. Why are you talking about Crab man? That’s really the only problem, but it’s so glaring that I can hardly hear the rest of the song. Despite that, though, I love the song anyways, so that must mean something. Apart from the song itself, though, the dancing is really impressive. Really! The boys are so completely in sync. You can tell they’re talented. And the vocals are really good, too, and I’ve always liked CAP’s rapping. And just the way they incorporated so much clapping into the performance is great. Overall, I think it was a really solid debut. I’m glad the boys are getting the attention they deserve these days. Really, they’re good! Love them!

B1A4 is one of those bands I have way too many feelings for. Really. I’ll just see them, and be like “Oh my gosh. These boys. They break my heart with their awesomeness. Why are they doing this to me.” They are just so MY STYLE. Their cuteness, innocence, and super-catchy-songs. They are to fabulous for words. With “OK”, I was already totally in love. I even watched some of their show with Block B (who I also love), “Match Up.” And I watched some of their variety show appearances. And then with “Beautiful Target”, I was way in over my head. Seriously, that song remains one of my favourites of all time. SOOOO AWESOMMMMME. I can’t even. And THEN they came out with their newest album, “Ignition,” and I loved it so much I could have cried. I’m not even exaggerating. I love that album. I want it. But I’m waiting to buy more albums at the same time. Must! Be! Patient!

So today I’m going to review the only music video of theirs that I haven’t yet, which is “I Only Learned Bad Things.” To be honest, I was never an enormous fan of this song. I really like it, but it’s not my favourite from their first mini-album. I would have preferred a follow-up with, say, “Only One.” But anyways, here it is:

This video is actually really cute. B1A4 made it either directly for or just during their time filming for their show, “Match Up,” so I got to see some behind-the-scenes stuff. It actually has a sensible and cute plot, and I like that about it a lot. The dance is nothing much, but with this song, they did the best they could, really. Not a dance song. So anyways, the video stars Baro and his super-pretty girlfriend, and it’s about him kind of being a crappy boyfriend. Not like a TERRIBLE one, just one that doesn’t really pay enough attention to his girlfriend and doesn’t pick up his phone and stuff. Throughout the video, she points out things that she likes, but he doesn’t get the message. Later in the video, she texts him “We should stop seeing each other.” He’s all shocked and upset, and he asks his friends to help him. They brainstorm, then get to work blowing balloons and lighting candles and things like that. Later, the girlfriend walks into this elaborately decorated room and looks around in wonder, and Baro comes and surprises her with a bouquet of flowers and hugs her apologetically. The camera pans back to reveal the drink she’d been wanting earlier in the video, the headband she’d tried on to show him, and couple rings, along with a note that says…I don’t know D’: Something sweet, I’m sure. I can translate the first word, the last word, and half of the second. But I can’t make sense of it. WHY???

Anyways, enough of music video interpretations. It’s really cute, well-produced and directed, and really sweet. And a very obvious ad for Tropicana Sparkling. No matter. I love the natural, boy-next-door image B1A4 has, with no makeup or crazy clothes. The sets are simple, the voices are pure and un-electronisized. It’s really nice 🙂 Overall, the music video was really nice and sweet, and the boys were too. B1A4 is love, really. I’m a huge fan, and I’m not gonna hide it. 

So that’s it! Both of these bands are super awesome. I love them both a lot a lot a lot. Which bands don’t I? They’re all so amazing ^^ Go k-pop! So yeah. Support them, love them. I’ve had a great past year with these two. B1A4 and Teen Top, fighting! 



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