SotD-BAP’s “Power”

Holy crap! A lot of new music videos came out on the same day -_- Not only did the long-awaited new BAP song come out, but also U-Kiss’s “Doradora” and F.Cuz’s “No.1”. Since I’m a big fan of all three groups, it…looks like I’ll be reviewing them all! It was hard to decide which to do first. I chose BAP just because they were on my playlist first. And because I have too many feelings for them recently. (If we’re getting all my band feels involved now, it looks like I’ll be reviewing EXO soon, because I am completely in love with them these days…)

So, I already talked about BAP in my review of their first song, “Warrior”, which was incredibly epic. They made another amazing comeback with “Power”, and I’m once again blown away. They are such awesome rookies. Seriously. They never fail to amaze me.

I’m actually not as in love with this song as I am with “Warrior”, but I’ve only heard it a couple times. It’s growing on me already. The dance, however, is once again totally sick. The rapping, the music video; super intense. Constantly impressed by their vocals, too. Anyways, moving on! The wonderful music video:

As epic as expected. All the teasers and photos promised nothing less. A big hair transformation for all of them! Zelo’s gone with pink (yayyyyy!), YongGuk’s is kinda purpley, Daehyun and JongUp went for brown (I like brown hair~), Himchan’s is actually black, and Youngjae shaved off half of his hair, leaving the rest blond. All their teasers were really cool, starting out with a lot of neon paint and black lights, then some grungy, tattooed pictures, and then some epic video teasers. There was a lot of huge spaceships, scary machines, and what seems to be space-BAP. Cool! I don’t think the music video has much of a plot itself, but they do have a sort of theme of BAP’s spaceship crash-landing on Earth. And then they just…dance. Nice!

I am consistently blown away by BAP’s dancing skills. WOWZA! They’re effing amazing. The dance to this song is, of course, very powerful and strong. The jumping, kicking, falling and getting up; very reminiscent of Warrior’s dance, but with its own feel and vibe. BAP is so talented it hurts. I’m waiting for a dance version~ I love the spray-can parts, too. It’s really unique and memorable. Ah, and the way they all fall at “one shot, two shot, three shot” and so on. The dance matches the lyrics well, and conveys the message of the song perfectly. Very well-choreographed. Overall, an intense and solid dance. Could not be more impressed.

As for the English, it’s actually…not that good. Sorry BAP! The chorus English is simple and fine; “We got the power! I got the power!” Makes sense. But then you’ve got the whole “Everybody say: hate you!! One more say: hate you!” No makey sense. And then you’ve got the line “move the crowd action,” which isn’t really a line I would ever use in my whole life. And then there’s that strange “guernica flow.” What on Earth does that mean??? So yeah. BAP’s English; 2.5/5.

AH! Revelation. BAP leader Yongguk actually took it into his hands to post a picture of the painting “Guernica” by Pablo Picasso, pictured here:

In the words of Wikipedia, this painting “shows the tragedies of war and the suffering it inflicts upon individuals, particularly innocent civilians. This work has gained a monumental status, becoming a perpetual reminder of the tragedies of war, an anti-war symbol, and an embodiment of peace.” Whatever that all means. But it actually fits right into the song, which is about starting a revolution, criticizing a world that submits under the power of money, and so on. AWESOME. I love that BAP strives to criticize the world for what it is and call for a change. So cool. Very nice reference there with Guernica, guys! A whole four people will actually understand it! (But seriously, I love it. Really cool.)

By the by, I got my translation and stuff here. They have little notes on the lyrics at the bottom. Helpful!

I really appreciated their line distribution in this song. EVERYONE gets some! Although JongUp and Himchan are by no means main vocalists or rapper, they both get four lines each. Better than most bands, honestly. The other four get their fair share, and it’s nice.

The song itself is super intense, very loud and powerful. Lives up to its title, for sure. It’s not as catchy as Warrior was, but I like it a lot. It’s perfect for its meaning and for BAP’s style. And the music video fits it to the tee. We’ve got huge robots, some sort of desert wasteland, machines, an enormous spaceship, all that jazz. Their clothes and makeup and everything are perfect, too. Very grungy, loving the different outfits. Army uniforms, jumpsuits, tattered black clothes. Even though I’m not a fan of tattoos, they fit right in with the concept here. The lighting is perfect. Everything is perfect. Especially their hair. Eeee! Did I mention Zelo’s pink hair makes me swoon? (Why you so young, Jello?)

(Yes, I think BAP are all very swoon-worthy. Must I say more? Mega-props to their stylists. They look awesome. So epic. I love them boys.)

I’m keeping this post short-ish so that i can move on to the millions of other ones I want to review! Overall, a super-solid comeback from BAP. They’re so epically epic. I can’t get over it. Becoming a–dare I say it?–Baby. (I hate that fan-name. But heck, I’ve heard worse…) BAP is quickly becoming one of my favourite groups ever. But that’s hard to say, because I don’t even know who to choose out of my favourite debuts of 2012 thus far. EXO? BtoB? BAP? NU’EST? *sigh* Life is stressful. 

By the way, their whole album is freaking intense and awesome. You should buy it. I am. Maybe not the physical album, because there are only four songs, but at least the digital copies. Because they deserve it! Also, watch their music video and vote for them and all that stuff. Because BAP is amazing, and they need to know that.

Lastly, our members. Epic Leader and lead rapper Bang Yongguk at 0:20. Sub-vocals and rapper Himchan at 0:41 and 2:07. Lead dancer JongUp at 0:46 and 2:03. Main vocalist Youngjae at 0:52 and 2:13. Other lead vocalist Daehyun at 0:56 and 2:18. Maknae and speed-rapper Zelo at 1:43. Love them all!

Okay, that’s all. It was intensely epic, as expected. BAP did not let me down. I only hope they win an award or something. That would be so great. They deserve it. Love the band a lot, support them, watch out for them because they’re gonna make it big. I know it. Such a good rookie band. BAP fighting~!



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