SotD-U-Kiss’s “Doradora”

Eek. It’s been a while, eh? This came out forever ago. And the whole time I’ve been aching to review it, but I’ve been swamped with schoolwork. Seriously. End-of-the-semester projects and all that. Curse school!

Anyways, you should know that I’m a huge U-Kiss fan. They’re one of my favourite bands. I’ve watched shows and interviews, follow them on Twitter, bought the physical copy of one of their CDs and the digital copies of the rest, and so on. But I gotta say, I was disappointed by this comeback. It’s not a bad song or anything (U-Kiss is not capable of producing bad songs!) but it’s not what I was hoping for. U-Kiss  deserves a win on a music program. Really. But I don’t think this was an award-winning comeback.

Nevertheless, I really like “Doradora,” the dance is fantastic, the music video is actually quite cool, and I’m happy to see U-Kiss onstage again. Although I wish that they would stray from the addictive-melody-but-same-old-sound, and maybe revisit their 0330 days, I’m pretty pleased with what I got. Still a KissMe~! Let’s look at the video!

One thing I’d like to say; yay for Hoon getting lots of lines! He always got some, but he’s finally on par with Kevin and Soohyun for lead vocals. I’m a big fan of Hoon, so this makes me happy ^^ Not that I’m not also a big fan of the other two. Yay for lead vocal biases! Also, Kiseop got more than one line! Yahoooooo! I’m so happy for him.

Although I was expecting something a liiittle different for the music video, judging from the teasers and pictures the boys posted, what I got was cool too. I really liked how they worked the walking-on-walls, no gravity concept. Totally messes with your brain. All the spray paint and stuff, and the simple outfits, really worked for me, too. I liked that a lot. But as for the boxy rooms and fancy lighting and stuff–been there, seen that. Nothing exceptional in the music video, but still good. 

Dance. So good. Oh my gosh, I loved the dance for this song. It’s so cool, with all the fancy footwork and stuff. Those jerky body waves were a little over the top, but still so freaking awesome. Watching them perform it live is so cool. Really, impressive dancing, U-Kiss. (All that body-rubbing made me laugh, though. HA.) I WILL learn this dance. At least the chorus. I am excited. So fun!

One thing that I actually do not really like about this song is the rapping. I usually really like U-Kiss’s rapping (Dongho! I love him) but it just sounds so weird in this song. I’m sure other people love it, but it’s not for me. Especially at the beginning. Oh, and the “I hate you!”s. Those make me cringe.

I’m gonna go out and say it; I also do not really like the boys’ new looks. Not all of them, of course. Kevin, Kiseop, and Soohyun look great. Dongho looks pretty good. Hoon looks fine when his hair is kind of messy. Not a fan of the headband, though. I don’t like Eli’s blond, though, or AJ’s really short hair. Ech. I do like their outfits a lot in this video, though. Not too crazy, but flattering and cool. I don’t think there was anything that I hated or even really disliked, clothing-wise.

I did like the dubstep element, though. I’m not a humongous fan of dubstep, but I like it in songs here and there. Sounds really cool, and makes for an awesome dance beat.

As for the English of the song; U-Kiss! I think you’re improving! The English in this song is actually perfect. I’m so proud :’D There isn’t a whole lot, but there’s the “I’m gonna let you go! Shut-shut up and let me go!” in the chorus, which is perfectly pronounced and everything. Good for you guys! You’ve come a long way. 

As for the meaning of the song…let me look that up. Hmm. Ah, this makes sense! (Yay!) It’s about this guy whose girlfriend left him on her own accord, breaking his heart, and now she’s the one crying and wanting to come back and he’s saying “How does that make sense to you? You don’t deserve me, and I don’t want you back!” You tell her, U-Kiss! He calls her out on being a player and tells her to just turn around and leave. So not the happiest song, but full of spite and attitude. Fun! (And yayyyyyy for songs that make sense!) I got my translation here.  Ah, I should also quote a Tweet from U-Kiss’s Kevin explaining the title: “Many of you guys are curious of the meaning of DORADORA right? In Korean it means ‘going crazy’ or ‘crazy crazy’.” So there you have it. Not my words, kay?

I feel like this is a crappy review. I’m in a hurry and I really want to ge tto reviewing other things, too. So don’t hate me, kay? I’m really glad U-Kiss is back, and like a good KissMe, I’ve been supporting them from my computer. Haven’t bought the CD yet (I’m late! ;_;) but I will! Soon!

Okay, lastly, the members, for the new KissMe. Maknae and rapper Dongho at 0:11 and 1:38. Rapper Eli at 0:18 and 2:44. Lead singer Kevin at 0:27 and 1:49. Vocalist Hoon at 0:46 and 3:02. Rapper AJ at 0:42 and 2:52. Leader and main vocals Soohyun at 0:57 and 1:24 and 2:19. And lead dancer/good-looking member Kiseop at 1:27 and 1:53.

Alright, I guess that’s all. I’m starting to really wonder why I even continue posting these reviews…but really, I can’t help it. Whenever a new music video comes out, I MUST review it! It just happens that way. Anyways, support U-Kiss, and maybe help them win for once. They’re so good, guys, give ’em a break! >.< Love them a lot, support their album. Go U-Kiss! Fighting!



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