Song Dump #5-Various Artists

The amount of these I’m forced to make saddens me. It’s not my fault all the groups make comebacks at the same time! (So stressful! For a multi-fandom fan like me). There was a whole crapload of comebacks and some debuts in the past few weeks, and I’ll just be spewing some of my favourite ones. Yes. Spewing. Let’s start!

Shinhwa’s “Venus”

This video actually came out ages ago, but for the longest time I was planning on giving it a full review. Yeah, that didn’t happen. So, I’m not really a fan of Shinhwa. And by that, I mean this was the first song I ever heard by them. They’re an oldies band, the oldest around. They debuted in heckin’ 1998! I was three! Pretty crazy, man. Now a bunch of the members have their own groups to look after (Andy with Teen Top, Eric with Stellar) and they’ve all gone and come back from the army and all that fun stuff. They’re not even all part of the same company anymore. But the came back anyways, and I loved their comeback, even if it was like a debut for me. This song is super catchy and awesome, the dancing is pretty interesting, and I just love it. And then I listened to their entire album, “Return,” and I loved the whole thing (pretty much). So I will be buying that soon. I look forward to it. A great album, a great comeback. All you Shinhwa Changjos, you are very lucky. I can only hope my favourite bands stick around for so long.

Ulala Session’s “Beautiful Night”

I LOVE THIS. I didn’t know anything about Ulala Session, apart from that they won Superstar K3. And even that I was fuzzy on (there are so many music shows these days -_-) But when this song came out, I just wandered over to watch it, curious about the band. I actually thought they were a band, like with instruments. Or a vocal group, I wasn’t sure. But this song and video blew my mind. SO FUN. The choreography is great, the song is super catchy and epic (Footloose, anyone??), and the video is really funny. I was an instant fan. I don’t know their other music, or even if they have any, but I am in love with this song. It makes me so freaking happy. I can’t help but smile every time I hear it. Yay!

F.Cuz’s “No.1”

I was really excited for this song to come out. I really like F.Cuz in general, and I was curious about their two new members. And while this song isn’t quite as amazing as “Wanna Be Your Love” or “Jiggy,” I really like it. I SOOOO wanted to review it fully, but I don’t have time now and I know I won’t anytime soon, especially with Dalmatian’s and Infinite’s comebacks coming up. Plus end-of-the-semester projects and exams. Ew. Anyways, this song is really catchy, and the boys are very very good-looking. (Wait what?) Though I ABHOR those tight pink-ish leather pants. Double-ew. I do like how the female in this music video is the one doing all the saving and butt-kicking, though. She’s totally awesome. The plotline is not hard to follow, and it’s very violent, and not really something you’d have to watch twice, but it’s interesting enough. The boys look…extremely good. What?? It’s true! I’m totally digging the new members, Raehyun and Daegeon. I can foresee much success from those two. I hope F.Cuz gets more recognition soon, too. They’re awesome, guise! Love them!

YB’s “Butterfly is Flying” (aka Naneun Nabi)

Wow. This song is amazing. It’s actually a k-rock song, by one of Korea’s most famous rock bands, and I heard it for the first time on the k-drama “K-pop Ultimate Audition.” I was blown away by it then, so I looked it up, and was blown away again. It’s such a  powerful, beautiful song. Love it. And the lyrics are amazing, too. So meaningful. The vocalist, Yoon Do Hyun, is fantastic. I feel like I could easily become a fan of these guys. I plan on looking into them soon. When I have more time OTL

BtoB’s “Father”

May 8th of this month was actually Parents’ Day in Korea, and that was the reason for BtoB releasing this amazing, heartfelt ballad. Although it’s not my usual style, the vocals in this song are undeniably amazing, and the lyrics make me want to weep. It’s really slow and powerful and sad, but beautiful. Love BtoB’s vocals. The music video is just short of boring, but it suits the song. I was proud of myself when I understood most of the chorus, too (the part that mattered, at least.) So yeah. If you’re a ballad fan, this is a song for you.

Tiny G’s “Polaris”

Yeah, don’t ask me how I even found this song. I knew it was produced by Jay Park, but I was most interested by the group performing it, because they’re all so little! Hence the name. But anyways, I listened to the song, and I loved it immediately, strangely. It’s very Jay Park-ish. And I love it. Except the rap, which I kind of hate. I just don’t think the girl’s voice fits it. But whatever, I’m willing to overlook that, because the song was stuck in my head for days. It’s calm and pretty and really good. I didn’t think I’d like it so much, but I really do. I want to see more from this group. They are so cute.

Tony&SMASH’s “Get Your Swag On”

Er, no, this isn’t a new song. Not very, at least. But it’s new to me! It’s not my usual style, and I’m not sure why I like it so much, apart from the overwhelming amount of swag. It’s a dance party song with little to no substance and an addictive beat and lyrics, but I still love it. When I first heard it, I most definitely thought they were saying “Listen to the song B****, and get your swag on!” and therefore was quite shocked, but after confirming that they were saying “beats”, I allowed myself to love it. Phew! The music video is rather boring, but I really really like the choreography and live performances. NICE! (Super addicting, beware!)

Monsterz’s “Banana”

This must be THE most obscure Korean song that ever lived. Because it is near impossible to find, apart from this one video. Seriously, I can’t find an MP3 version anywhere. And it’s impossible to find a download link (or at least I’ve been unsuccessful thus far) or to buy it on iTunes. On that same note, I have absolutely NO CLUE how my sister found this piece of work. But no matter; it is awesome. The song is insanely catchy, the video is ridiculously hilarious, and the dancing is epic. I know nothing about this band, but this song rocks. The music video has a totally weird concept and is really…unique, to say the least. (Where did they even get this idea from? And where did they get those springy shoes??) It has a totally indie feel to it. I like! (I am now listening to their other two songs. No opinion formed thus far.) This song will continue to crack me up every time I listen to it, and I will love it forever. 

Leo Kekoa’s “Hello” (ft. Bumkey)

Another of my sister’s totally random finds. How?? I don’t know who this Leo Kekoa guy is, or why he has a weird accent, but I do know who Bumkey is, vaguely. Well, I’ve heard his name before >_> Anyways, heard this song, loved it. It’s kind of R&B, and I love the rapping, and Bumkey’s voice. It’s a sad song, with a smattering of (excellent) English and a powerful and longing feel to it. Love the melody, love everything. And if anyone can tell me anythign about this guy, please do, because I can find NOTHING. Literally. Who is he?? (Off to look into his other music~)

Alright, I guess I’ll leave it at that. All of the above are awesome songs that I love, and I hope you’ll love too. With all these new songs coming out, I feel somewhat overwhelmed, but happy. I’m always happy to listen to new music, even if I don’t always have the time. Music makes me happyyyy 😀 (Except that I lost my iPod. SOB!) Support these bands, y’all! Love k-pop! K-POP 4 LYFE!



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