SotD-Dalmatian’s “ER”

*sob sob sob* You have no idea how long I’ve waited for this comeback. Seriously. A YEAR. More. Dalmatian, why do you do this to me? Dalmatian is undoubtedly one of the most underrated groups of all time, and I don’t know why, because they’re so freaking amazing. I have so many feelings for these boys. Even though there’s been some member changes, they’re still the same Dalmatian, and I almsot cried from all my feelings when they finally came back. (You should have heard me. It was quite shocking. “My babieeeeeeees! :’D”)

This comeback was a huge change from their last, “That Man Opposed.” They had a fun, sweet, fresh concept back then, and I LOVED it (one of my favourite songs of all time). ER has a much moodier, mature concept, and a lot more…shirtlessness. Yikes. I am not one to appreciate shirtlessness at the best of times (I laughed so much) but whatever. At least they’re not super-scrawny, like some bands I know (will not mention here, for fear of raging fangirls >_>) Anyways, it reminded me of 2PM a little too much, but I got a good laugh out of it. As long as they don’t perform like that….

Without further ado, the music video:

BAM! Howdja like that? Amazing, no? (I’m not biased at all!)

I’ll admit, it’s not that catchy and doesn’t have a wicked awesome hook. I might not give it a second listen if it wasn’t Dalmatian. But it so grew on me. I love the chorus (courtesy of the Man with the Beautiful Voice, Jisu) and I love the rapping and I love everything :’D Every time I hear it, I love it more. The whole mini-album, State of Emergency, has this moody feel, but I’m pretty sure I love it to pieces. I think the amount of time I have waited for this album had affected my opinion, but I really don’t mind.

For starters, let us speak of member changes! Our rapper Dari has left for the army, but not the band; he shall return! I’m not extremely torn up about it, because he was never my fave member anyways, but it still feels like Dalmatian is missing something. More sadly, our other rapper, Day Day, has left the band for good D: It was never specified why, but I’m assuming he had good reasons. We’re all very sad, but we’re supporting him anyways! Dalmatian won’t be the same without him, but we still love you, David! Aaaaaaand we have one new member! Simon, half-Japanese, half-Korean, who was supposed to debut with the band originally but couldn’t, and has now come to take the place of our missing members. I don’t know a whole lot about him yet, but from what I’ve seen, I like him a lot 😀 (Also, he’s from Seattle. Replaced the other English rapper, I guess XD Where was DayDay from, again?)

Okay, back to the song. These guys were actually supposed to make a comeback late last year, but it kept getting pushed back…and pushed back some more…until it’d been like 6 months -_- I’m guessing that’s when DayDay left, because that must have caused some issues with refiguring and such. Anyways, I’m really proud of this comeback, because I feel like it’s a strong one. Maybe not music-program-win material, but definitely something to catch some more attention. Yay!

Okay, I just want to say that I TOTALLY thought Youngwon was the female lead of the music video when I first saw him at 0:10. I was all like, “Oh, she’s pretty!” LOL. Youngwon, why do you have lady hair? TT_TT It’s awful. I’ve seen instances of awesome long hair on guys, but Youngwon’s already so feminine-looking. (Actually, he’s giving off some major Sungyeol vibes to me…) I hate his hairstyle, seriously. Maybe if he tied it back it would look good, but loose it just looks girly. Apart from him, I’m totally diggin’ the boys’ new styles! The mohawks, the ripped clothing, the grungy style. NICE.

The music video is pretty dang dark and depressing. It starts off at the scene of a huge car crash, with all the members lying around unconscious or dead. You can hear Daniel in the background yelling, “I need help! I need somebody right now! It’s not breathing! I don’t know what to do! I need help!” How’s that for foreboding? The rest of the video is them being taken away to the hospital…which really looks like an evil lab. They get checked out by a very pretty but scary woman That moment where Simon’s being zipped up in his body bag and his eyes open–*shudders* Creepy. The whole video just has this dark, sombre, creepy mood to it. The dark lighting and the slow movements of the nurse-lady and the music just makes me shiver all over. The producer really knew what he (or she, I don’t know) was doing. Nicely done!

Those body tattoos are pretty impressive, too. I normally hate tattoos, but you have to say, those are very intricate designs. I heard they took like 12 hours to paint on. Wowza. I gotta say, they look pretty intense. This is so different from “That Man Opposed” OMG. 

The dance is a lot more complex than their past ones, and I’m glad, because I know they’ve been holding back. (On a sidenote, I watched them perform at a star dance battle, and they were awesome. So I knew they could do better.) There’s a lot of big, dramatic movements, jumps, turns, and so on. It fits the mood of the song perfectly, and I’m loving it. It’s still not OMGAMAZING, but it’s quite great ^^

One thing I’d like to applaud them for is their wonderful line division 😀 SO MANY BANDS fall into the trap of leaving one or two members out and giving them one line, if they’re lucky. But that makes me feel so bad for them -_- Dalmatian did wonderfully in this song. Daniel has 9, Jisu has 15 (though some are very short–main vocal right here), Simon has 12 (vocals and rapper!), Youngwon has 5 (but they’re all nice and long), and Inati has 5 (he only raps, so the amount is limited). That’s really good, if you compare it to, say, Teen Top’s “Clap,” where Niel got 18, CAP got 8, Chunji got 6, And then the other three members got a line or two each during the chorus. And then the same thing happened for Supa Luv, only Niel got more lines and Ricky got even less. ANYWAYS, well done Dalmatian. I like to hear all your beautiful voices.

The song itself is about the girlfriend who has died in an accident, and not being able to accept it, and that they’re still waiting even though they know that she’s gone, and… ;_; How sad is that?? Fits the video perfectly, though. I should have expected it. (Translation here.) There’s quite the smattering of English in there, too, but as far as I know it’s all perfect. They have two fluent speakers still, so it’d better be!

I gotta say, the most…memorable part of the video is when they’re all suddenly not wearing shirts. Where did that come from?? I burst out laughing, I kid you not. But they’re pretty ripped. They had plenty of time to build up muscle, what with all that extended hiatus stuff. No wimpy scrawny arms or one-packs here! And then the other most memorable part is that girl’s freaky smile at the end. Was it your fault they died?? I do not understand. But whatever, it sets the right mood and makes for a surprising ending.

Ajskdjfl; I could keep talking about this song for ages. So much love for Dalmatian right now. But instead I’ll just show off my knowledge of the members and then leave to listen to the album and also Infinite’s new album some more. (Seriously so many things came out on the same day…it was insane.) Starting at the beginning! Vocalist Youngwon at 0:10 and 1:29 and 2:34. Leader and main rapper Inati at 0:11 and 1:49.  Lead vocalist Jisu (or Jeesu) at 0:21 and 0:49.  New member, rapper and vocalist Simon at 0:35 and 1:46 and 2:28. Maknae and lead vocalist Daniel (aka Drama) at 0:56 and 2:04 and 2:48.

Okay, done. I have so much to do today, but instead I just want to watch Dalmatiannnnn. Heol. Anyways, please support the band with your life (and money) and buy their album and love them a lot, because they’re freaking awesome. We missed you Dalmatian~! Dalmate forever. Fighting!



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