SotD-B1A4’s “Baby Goodnight”

Asdfnkslkdl;sdfk YAYYYYYYYY B1A4 comeback!!!! (That’s how I felt when I learned they were coming out with a repackaged album.) I am seriously SO happy with this comeback. This song and dance and music video are amazing, and so B1A4. This is the style I was missing with “Ignition”. I am now a very, very happy BANA. :’D

Before this song came out, the boys each released individual teaser videos of them laying in bed and sending a goodnight message to their “girlfriends”. They were super sweet and cute and adorable, but I got the feeling that their comeback was going to be something balladsy because of it. BOY was I wrong. Just look at this amazing music video:

OMG THE CUTENESS IS OVERWHELMING. All of my B1A4 feels are rushing back just after they’ve started to fade after their last album. I never expected this video after they made such a dramatic change in “Baby I’m Sorry”, but I was very pleasantly surprised. It has a certain ridiculous “Beautiful Target” feel to it, which is awesome because I LOVE “Beautiful Target”, but it also has some new and awesome factors. It also has a very different meaning to it.

To be honest, when I first heard this song, I assumed it meant something else. I saw the lyrics, and my assumption was that it was about a guy who just wanted to go out dancing but his girlfriend didn’t like it when he did, so he was going secretly without her knowing when she slept. You know, innocent, B1A4-esque stuff. Maybe I’m too innocent, but look at the translation here. Could it not be interpreted that way? Anyways, I changed my mind a little when I saw the video. It appears that they really are planning on lying to their girlfriend (just this once) to party and maybe do a little bit of casual cheating. Nothing serious; just some meeting of girls at the club. It’s nothing compared to Teen Top’s unfaithfulness in “Don’t Spray Perfume,” but still, shame on you boys! (I still like my interpretation better.)

Gotta say, I was slightly disappointed at the lack of terrible B1A4-style Engrish in this song. Honestly, sometimes Engrish makes a song. There was Baro’s English lines at the beginning, which were a little heavily accented (but super cute), and quite a bit of English otherwise, but it’s all perfectly fine. It seems that B1A4 didn’t have enough “dancing party time” in “Baby I’m Sorry”, because this song’s chorus is all about “dancing, dancing, dancing in the moonlight.” Hahaha. I love these boys and their epic song-writing skills. (On that same note, this song was composed by Jinyoung and written by Baro and Jinyoung. They are amazing.)

Moving on to the video! How adorably ridiculous is it??? These boys make me squee so much. As soon as they started dancing I was dead. The Western clothes, the set, their adorable faces…love. I seriously had to stop the video and flop on my bed for a few seconds, weeping and laughing my head off. Feelings overload. The video matches the song perfectly; it’s about them (specifically CNU) getting calls from the girlfriend, and them telling her to go to bed and goodnight, see you tomorrow! And they go off to a strange Western town, where they dance and shop and flirt with girls that are not their girlfriends. They’re very charming and cute as the girls practically flock to dance with them. CNU manages to win over one of the girls, which is not his girlfriend. For shame! But it’s all in fun as they dance together and flirt harmlessly. In the end, they go home, and it turns out that the girlfriend has, in fact, not been in bed as she said, but out with another guy. HOW DARE SHE DO THAT TO–oh wait.

Anyways, the whole thing is very cute and light-hearted, and while I would normally despise a music video about cheating and lying, and call them scumbags, they manage to pull it off without so much as a complaint. They’re just so cute and innocent! (OMG how cute does Gongchannie look in his shorts and poncho and cowboy hat and boots??? *weeps again*) You’ve escaped my wrath this time, boys! Be careful >.<

The dance, as mentioned before, is just too adorably dorky for my own good. I am a total sucker for embarrassingly stupid and awesome dances, so they easily won me over with their whatever-it-is. I am dying. Especially their trying-to-look-sexy-but-still-too-lame-and-cute little hip thrusts in the chorus. HAHA XD It has a sort of line-dance flair to it, to match their Western theme, and it’s just too great. Nothing crazy hard or anything; just simple, cute, cheesy moves. Something I’d love to learn one day, because it’s so fun and relatively easy. And because it’s B1A4 and I adore them. 

Moving on to LOOKS! As always, I love it. I already talked about how much I freaking love the Western outfits, but actually every single outfit int his video is great. Their stylists are awesome. Baro and Gongchan have re-traded hair colours, which I have to say I prefer over a blonde-Chan. (I just thought it looked weird on our maknae, okay?) I’m super happy that CNU’s finally ditched his long hair (it’s still longer than the others’, but I like it now).  Everyone just has basic haircuts, but they all look fantastic. Their faces also. Just sayin’. The sets are really bright and fun and colourful, and I love those also. Overall, a really perfectly styled music video (I can say nothing bad about B1A4! CAN’T!)

Um um um I feel like I missed something. But oh well. I’ll just wrap this up because I have many things to do ;_; Members time! Whooo~! Leader and composer extraordinaire Jinyoung at 0:36. Vocalist CNU at 0:51 and 2:47. Lead singer Sandeul at 1:23 and 3:03. Rapper Baro at 1:33 and 2:31. Maknae Gongchan at 1:56. I’m too lazy to find more times for y’all. Sorry.

Okay, I really have to go write some emails now. Needless to say, I am in looooove witht his song and I’m dying trying to decide whether to buy this repackaged album or the original Ignition album. They both come with super-cool stuff! But which is cooler?? The life of a fangirl. 

In other news, there was recently a k-pop concert in San Francisco or something. I get excited when K-pop Artists are on the same CONTINENT as me. And San Francisco is freaking a million hours away. (It’s actually 39 hours. Thirty-freaking-nine!) GUYS! CANADA EXISTS TOO. (*sob sob sob*) I digress.

So yeah. Support B1A4! Love them to death, like me! Eeeee! ♥♥♥♥ B1A4 fighting! 



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