Song Dump #6 – Recent Comebacks

I’m baaaaaaack! :’D Sorry about that long, one-month, unannounced hiatus. I seriously did not anticipate that. There was just so much going on, with projects due and final exams and crap. But now it’s summer! And I’m free at last! (Well, except for work, but more free!) And I have a heck of a lot of song and videos to catch up on. Crap. So of course I’m doing this in song dump form, despite wishing I could give most of these songs proper reviews. So here goes! I’ll be going in a generally chronological order, but I might stray a little. My memory is not always accurate.

Infinite’s “The Chaser”

*sobbing because I love this song and didn’t get to review it* I seriously adore Infinite, guys. We even bought this CD. It’s freaking amazing, and this song is epic, and I’m so disappointed in myself for not reviewing it sooner. Seriously, it came out on May 15th. That was forever ago. But let me just say; WTF is with this music video??? Does it make any sense to anyone? All I see is a lot of unrelated and strange events, with motorcycles and mazes and L flipping in a car like a million times. I DO NOT COMPRENDE. So yeah. Not impressed with the plot of the video, though the dancing, as always, is terrific. This song didn’t really stick with me at first (I could never remember how it went) but it totally grew on me. The whole album’s great, too. Infinite is great >.< But ohhhhh, surprise surprise, Sungyeol gets like no lines. Poor boy. I still believe in you, baby! I love you! And I was so proud of these boys when they won a bunch of awards on music shows :’D So proud. Infinite jjang!

BtoB’s “Irresistible Lips”

How I did not hear this song as soon as it came out is beyond me. I really like BtoB as a rookie group, I think they have a lot of talent and potential, but this song just blew me away. IT IS SO EPIC. I wish they promoted it TT_TT This song is super addicting, super catchy, and super impressive. I am constantly impressed by BtoB’s vocals. And rapping. And dancing. They performed it live once or twice, but the quality of the videos are not top-notch. But still. BtoB is amazing, and this song as AWESOME. The music video’s not that exciting, though. Minhyuk’s acting is pretty good, but the plot’s nothing new. The dancing is fantastic, though! And the boys look really dang good. So I still give it a 8/10. I’m already looking forward to their next comeback. πŸ˜€

C-Real’s “I’m Sorry But…”

C-Real’s a pretty new rookie girl group, and they have three music videos. I really liked their first, “No No No,” but I wasn’t a huge fan of “Joma Joma.” (I liked it, but not a loooooot.) But I absolutely LOVED this comeback. C-Real has this wholesome, pure image and I really appreciate that, because I’m sick of overly-sexual girl groups and scandalous clothes. In this music video, the girls are very prettily and very modestly dressed, and they look lovely even without showing a lot of skin. Their voices are really beautiful, this song is awesome. The performance aspect is nothing special, with no dance or anything, but that doesn’t take away from the quality of the song. Really nice harmonies, too. I didn’t love the song the first time I heard it, but I fell hard after a couple more.

MIB’s “Only Hard For Me”

Another pretty new group, who I didn’t really like in the beginning of their career. I liked their one member, Kangnam’s, solo song, “Say My Name.” And “Celebrate” was pretty good, too. But I seriously like this song. The music video is pretty boring (sorry!) but the song is really pretty and the rapping is awesome. I like that guy rapping on the car. He’s cool. I like the outfits they’re wearing, too. Not too crazy, but stylishly epic. They’re mainly a hip hop group, and I’m not always a hip hop fan, but this is a great song. I’ll definitely keep an eye on them in the future.

Teen Top’s “To You”

Holy craaaaaaaaaap I love this so much. Like, insanely. The dancing in this video is just asdgbfklsjdf amazing. The fancy footwork. The Changjo dance solo. The ridiculous body waves. Everything is just so perfect. I love the heck out of the dance routine. (Want to learn it so much.) And the song is effing fantastic, too. Changjo gets a whole verse to himself! Yayyy! (Guess who has no good lines? Poor Ricky >.<) I love the rapping by both L.Joe and CAP, I love the vocals, I love the “whoo-oo-oo” chorus, I LOOOOVE the plaid suits in the video. Seriously, that makes it like 4x better. Those glorious suits. Actually, I adore the fashion in this whole video. And almost all the hairstyles (with the exception of CAP’s. Not a fan of the white and blue.) The plot’s pretty basic and unoriginal, but their acting is pretty good. Especially Chunji and L.Joe’s spat, getting all up in each others’ faces. Ohhh. Personal space issues much? (It reminds me of Big Bang’s “Haru Haru.”) I also like all the solo dance shots. Cool. This comeback made me SO HAPPY, even if they didn’t win any awards (D:) and the mini-album was pretty underwhelming. LOVE TEEN TOP.

MYNAME’s “Hello and Goodbye”

Whoooot! MyName’s finally back ^^ I love love loved these guys’ debut earlier this year (or was it late last year?) and this song is almost as great. Hated the music video, though, minus the dance scenes. Gunwoo looks TOTALLY WEIRD with gross hair. And since he’s the main character in the video, you see a lot of him. And he never looks less weird. And the plot was awfully depressing, and so overdone. The outfits are basic but pretty cool, and of course I loved the dance cuts. (OMG I love dancing *-*) That b-boy freeze was quite intense. Seyong looks great, I don’t think Chaejin’s changed a bit, Insoo’s hair looks really good, and GUNWOO’S STILL SUCKS. Forgive my caps lock. But I hate it so much. I like JunQ’s rapping a lot these days, which in the beginning I thought was weird. It has a unique quality. (I like Seyong’s, too. I just like Seyong.) This song isn’t quite as mind-blowing as “Message” was, but I’m satisfied ^^

Big Bang’s “Monster”

Excuse me, but WTF o_O That’s what was going through my head when I first watched this MV. Their hair is just so…agh. And most of the outfits, too. LOL. Taeyang’s hair is just too laughable. As is GD’s mushroom cut. (TOP looks great, as always. Daesung looks fine, too.) But besides the weird music video, this song is awesome, as expected from Big Bang. I love these guys. Their music is so solid these days. (We even pre-ordered this one. We NEVER do that!) The soft rapping at the beginning is intense, the vocals are great, the whole song has a kind of creepy, desperate feel to it. Love it a lot. not quite as much as “Blue”, but still great stuff. The music video…not so much. That stuff scares me. Haha.

Block B’s “Burn Out”

This doesn’t really count as a comeback, but it’s a new song by one of my fave bands! (I’ve been feeling very partial to Block B these days :’D) There’s only PO, U-Kwon and Taeil singing/rapping in this song, but they’re like my favourite members, so it’s all good! I reallllly love this song. It’s intense and kind of dark, and it was for the OST of the show “Phantom” (which, by the way, features MBLAQ’s GO as an actor πŸ˜€ And also Uhm Ki-joon and Daniel Choi, both of whom I loooove). I was sort of obsessed with this song for a while, and then I didn’t listen to it for a few weeks, and now, listening to it again, I’m in love all over again. AWESOME. I can’t wait for a real Block B comeback. I love that band to death.

U-Kiss’s “Believe”

For some reason this comeback took me completely be surprise. I mean, it’s actually a follow-up (as was Monster), but I didn’t expect it somehow. Anyways, when I heard it for the first time I was like, “Eh, this is okay. Pretty decent. It’s quite good, I guess. Actually, I rather like it. This song is pretty great!” But let’s be honest; the music video isn’t the greatest. It’s really kind of boring. Same old music video with lots of staring into the distance sadly, and moping, and dancing in a grungy tunnel. Nothing really special about it. And the dance, though not bad, isn’t really eye-catching either. Not as good as what I’m used to from U-Kiss. So I was rather disappointed there. BUT, I do love the song. It’s really catchy and has a nice feel to it, and the guys sound (and look) great. Liking those pastel green pants πŸ˜€ I’m glad Kiseop got some lines, too. Love Dongho’s lines (the bathroom ones). Love Dongho. Um. Anyways, this song is I guess a gift for U-Kiss fans (KissMes!) so that’s pretty sweet, too. Even if this wasn’t the most outstanding comeback from U-Kiss, I’m quite satisfied ^^ Oh, and by the way, the first version of their music video had to be fixed (there was apparently a scene where AJ accidentally hit Kevin, but it was way too fast for me to ever notice :/) so the viewcount is not accurate. BOOOO.

Boyfriend’s “Love Style”

BOYFRIEND. I have a secret deep love for these guys. Especially that Jungmin. They are just so adorable and sweet and awesome. I can’t resist them! (Even if they may or may not be a litttttttle lame.) And this comeback made me SO HAPPY. Seriously. Those flower print suits just stole my fangirly heart :’D And the song is so retro and fun and cute and the dance is so epically epic and eeeeeeeeee! I love it to death. The music video is pretty much all dancing, but I don’t mind one bit. (My sister and I laughed at the “First Mini Album” promos in the background, though. Like subliminal messages or something.) The jumping scenes made us chuckle, too. And seriously, who didn’t love that teaser with Minwoo and that cute little girl??? Ugh, I’m dying over here. Somebody come scrape me off the floor. Boyfriend is love, okay? They’re nowhere near the top of my bias list of bands, but heck, every time I watch this video I just want to kidnap them. They are amazing. I used to be annoyed that they won rookie awards over B1A4, but seriously, they deserve it, too. They’re a freaking great band. I love them, and I LOVE this song. And video. And dance and everything β™₯

Jokwon’s “I’m Da One”

LOL. This music video and everything is just so….Jokwon. This is actually hsi solo debut, and it’s freaking amazing. The song and video are both so quirky and fun and hilarious and full of Jokwon’s diva style. He’s amazing, guys. Don’t judge him because he’s fabulous. The plot is freaking funny, too. All about how awesome he is and such. I was annoyed at the long plot break in the middle of the awesome song, but it was funny enough in the end that I forgave him. The dance is really high-energy and fun, and I’m so glad this boy finally gets to dance onstage. He’s so good, but 2AM only ever sings ballads, so he can only show off his dancing talents in ridiculous girl group dance covers. Now he gets to dance away in the spotlight, and I’m happy for him. And I LOOOOVE this song. It’s amazing. And so Jokwon. I will sing it forever. Makes me smile so much every time XD

Holy craaaaaap! This post was way longer than I anticipated. Who knew how many comebacks there’d been while I was away? O_O I mean, I kept track of them all, but it really added up in the end. I’m forever disappointed that I didn’t get to truly review any of these, but hey, that’s life. So busy still! The past month or so has been chock-full of awesome comebacks (and debuts, but that’s for another post), and it kept me super happy, even through exams and all that. Music’s totally my go-to thing when I’m stressed, so it was a blessing.

In other news, I’m spending all my money on music *-* Oh noes. Ah well, YOLO! πŸ˜€ (That is the first time I’ve ever said that. HA!)

Support these bands, people! Buy their music, it’s how they survive! Love them a lot! Above bands, fighting!


PS-SUJU COMEBACK GUYS. My summer just got that much better β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯ (My babiesssssss!)

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