Song Dump #7 – Recent Debuts

Along with the tidal wave of awesome comebacks recently, there has been an accompanying wave of debuts in the past few months. Seriously. And a large portion of them have been amazing and I wanted to tell everyone all about them, but of course I was too busy D: But now I will, in glorious song dump form! These have been my favourite debuts in the past while~

Hello Venus’s “Venus”

A girl group! :O Yes, I actually love this song, I admit it. I will also admit that the ONLY reason I watched it in the first place was because NU’EST was in the music video. And those other Pledis Boys. They are so cute. And so I was like “Ohhhh Nu’est! Move aside, girls, I want to see mah boys!” But then I kept watching it (because the boys dancing was so cute XD) and suddenly I was singing the song all the time, and doing the dance, and watching the live versions, and I was IN LOVE with the song. It’s super cute and catchy and awesome. The girls are really talented, their live performances are really impressive, I love that green-haired rapper/singer (Lime? I think that’s her stage name), and the clothes and concept and everything are so sweet. The concept’s WAY overdone, but I can’t help but love it every time. I like cute, sugary things, okay??? So yeah, this song is totally addicting. I dare you not to sing it after you hear it once or twice. It’s really great. And I love all those adorable boys in the video. Especially that one at 1:32. He’s so squishy ♥ OH. And it took me forever to figure out what they were spelling, because they say “V” like “B”. Confusing :/

She’z “My Way”

Another girl group :O I’m surprised at myself. This group is new and very under-the-radar, it seems. Their video only has 173,000 views -_- They deserve more. This song is really catchy and fun and great, and the dance is fun too, and the girls are pretty and VERY talented, and nobody is taking any notice >_> But anyways, I totally love this song. I don’t know why. It’s just so happy 😀 And I like the costumes, too. Unique and cute. Terrible band name, though. Gah. The music video is simple, with some dance scenes and solo scenes and no plot or anything to follow. But it doesn’t look super cheap or anything. Not particularly memorable, but decent. But anyways, I hope these girls get more recognition in the future, because they’re just as impressive and talented as, say, the above Hello Venus. Really, guys, check ’em out!

JJ Project’s “Bounce”

JJ Projectttttt!!!!!!! ♥♥ I was waiting for this debut for so long :’D I watched these boys make their small-screen debut in Dream High 2, and while that drama was pretty disappointing in the end, I LOVED the characters. Especially these two. JB and Jr. are super, suuuuper adorable and awesome, and I couldn’t wait to see them onstage. And their debut was pretty dang great. This song isn’t really impressive in terms of singing or rapping or even dancing skills, but dang if it doesn’t make you smile 😀 It’s really fun, and really catchy, and seeing them onstage just owning the crowd is really amazing. They have such an impressive stage presence for rookies, no lie. They look so confident and excited to be there. This music video is a lot of fun, too, even if it IS pretty much a remake of Bang&Zelo’s “Never Give Up.” The butt-shaking dance is so cute and funny, and the head-banging and everything. They really know how to entertain, these two. (The other songs on the album are really good, too! Check ’em out!) Maybe I just love it because I love these boys, but seriously, loved this debut. HAPPY!

A-JAX’s “One 4 U”

Okay, so this debut wasn’t quite as eye-catching as the past three to me. I listened to the song once, kinda forgot about it. I liked it every time I listened to it after that, but I wasn’t immediately enraptured. I just remembered them as the ones with the dark, sexy concept.  And weird music video. Seriously. Um. What exactly is it about? But let me just say one thing: ABS. There are a lot of abs in this music video. It makes me chuckle a little, because the outfits are ridiculous. Also; holy freaking good-looking boys. I will not lie. These boys are pretty dang sekshi. And there are so many of them! But anyways, this song really grew on me fast. I kept on singing that “No matter what they say I’m right for you!” line. The vocals and rapping in this band are both really good. And the dance is pretty impressive. I am really digging these guys. And NOT just because they’re good-looking. I think they have a lot of potential. This is a really strong debut (what’s with the low viewcount, guise?) and I think they could go really far. So yeah. Despite the cheesy effects and weird music video, I am giving these boys my full support. And I will also be looking into the rest of their mini-album or whatever.

Cross Gene’s “La-Di Da-Di”

I looooove this ♥ I watched it for the first time because (as their name suggests) they’re a band of mixed genes; three Korean members, two Chinese and one Japanese. I thought that was pretty cool, so I checked it out. And then the first time I heard it, I was like, “WTF is with this strange dance and nonsensical lyrics.” All La-di da-di’s and Imma crazy’s. But it was funny and entertaining, and soooo so catchy. And I wanted to show it to my sister, because the dance is just so…unique. Like, there is nothing normal about it. It’s so weird o_O But I actually like it. It’s so weird that it’s awesome. And the song totally grew on me. A lot. Now I love it. It’s one of those songs that I see and just have to listen to. The vocals are really good (especially that JG) and that Shin guy is super-cute (he’s in the drama “Big”, by the way, with Miss A’s Suzy), and poor Takuya gets no lines, and Casper’s English is epic. Also, is it just me or does Sangmin look totally like he should speak English? I bet he does. You can tell. (Not that he gets any decent lines, in Korean or English). And Casper and Sangmin’s flipping or whatever is pretty epic. And the English is so laughably fantastic. Overall, a debut that I LOVED. They didn’t get a lot of attention for it, which is disappointing, but I still love ’em.

Juniel’s “Babo” and “Illa Illa”

Linking these both because they’re kind of both her debut songs. Juniel’s a solo singer under the same company as CN Blue and FT Island, and I believe their first female artist. And I gotta say, she’s talented. And very pretty. And very…IU. Actually, I hear they’re friends. I hate to compare artists, but they have very similar vocal qualities and concepts. The first song, “Babo” (meaning “Stupid”), is a duet with Yonghwa, who also wrote the song. It’s a really sweet, cute song, and the music video is really sweet as well. Their voices go together really well, and this song just makes me happy ^^ By the way, this girl is only 19. Jealous of her skillz -_- The second song, “Illa Illa”, is quite different in feeling. It’s a rather sad, slow song, with an equally depressing and tear-inducing music video (featuring CN Blue’s Minhyuk!) It’s about an artist who falls in love with a florist, and confesses his love, but she’s deaf and doesn’t hear him. he doesn’t know this and thinks she’s rejecting him, and leaves. She was in love with him too. The end. ;_; Why couldn’t it have ended happily??? Anyways, her vocals are really powerful, and the song is beautiful. I really love both of her songs, and I look forward to seeing more from her in the future.

VIXX’s “Superhero”

This was probably the debut that left the smallest impression on me, for some reason. But don’t get me wrong, I still love this song. It’s on my iPod 😀 The dance, though quite interesting, wasn’t that amazing, and the song, though catchy, wasn’t that impressive. I wish they’d had a stronger debut. Because I really like them, honestly. Especially that rapper, Ravi. I saw him featured in a live performance of Baek Jiyoung’s “Good Boy” (I watch all the live perfs of that song for the various rappers featured. I loved Dalmatian’s Simon ^^) and thought he was awesome. Anyways, the song is fun and energetic, and the dance is fun too, and the boys look like they’re having a lot of fun. This song (and video) makes me smile 🙂 “A-chim a-chim fantastic!” Ahhh, I love it. (I like that maknae, Hyuk. He reminds me of Seungri. He’s so cuuute.) The video is all just dancing and colourful rooms and a cool tunnel, but it’s still pretty great. So yeah! Don’t forget about these guys!

Okay, I’m done. I can’t believe there’s been so maaaaany debuts this year! I am overwhelmed. (I mean, do you really think all these bands will be able to make it? The industry’s overflowing with idol groups. Not all of them will survive ;_;) But I’m still happy. I love new music, after all! So, lots of new bands to keep track of. Other bands to keep up with (AA! Phantom! Taken-now-A-Prince!) Debuts and comebacks everywhere. The life of a fangirl~

Going to be posting a lot this month, I think. Look forward to it! Summer is love~!So yeah, support these bands! So that they can continue making music and surviving! Love them a lot!


PS-SUJU COMEBACK! So happyyyyyyy! Also, ZE:A comeback! 😀 I can die happy. (But not before the LEDApple and AA and Phantom comebacks. For reals.)


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