SotD-Super Junior’s “Sexy, Free & Single”

This is so late guys ;_; I apologize. Really. My FAVOURITE group comes back with an epic song and I wait weeks to even review it. What kind of fan am I????

But I’m here. And I’m not even sticking them into a song dump! Whoot! It’s been a loooong while since I wrote a real, full-length review. So here’s to Super Junior, with their epic new song, “Sexy, Free & Single”! (Seriously, I laughed so hard when the name was revealed, and then the teaser. AHAHAHA. Priceless.)

I watched this video about 20 minutes after its release on the 1st of July. Of course I did, even though it was laaaate and I had to work early the next day. I’m not that bad of a fan! And I watched it on my little iPod in the safety of my room, fearing my mother’s wrath but unable to stop myself. And it was SO AWESOME. I was spazzing all over the place, from the first sound of music to the fading of the last note :’D No lie, guys. No lie.

But let us watch the video again first:

PERFECTION, YO. I’ll admit that I was disappointed by the lack of difference between this music video and every other SuJu music video in the world (well, close to every other), but whatever. I won’t complain. They’re busy men; they don’t have time to film extravagant and complicated music videos all the time. But I hope their next one changes it up a little >.< Anyways, this video killed me. Multiple times.

Let’s start with the song. Of course, the lyrics are freaking epic XD Okay, so they’re ridiculous and make me cringe and laugh, but I sing them all the time. Being pretty free and single myself (and sexy, of course), they are very applicable to my life, and so they find a lot of use. (Also, who isn’t ready to bingo? Another very useful line of lyrics). But the song itself is insanely catchy and synth-heavy, but with enough harmonies and belting to keep me plenty happy. There’s a liiiiiittle too much autotune for my liking, but I’m over it. Their live versions are enough to appease me. All the “nanananana” and “lalalalalala”s are kind of lame, but super addictive.

The English is generally AWFUL and super funny, and definitely gets a WTF out of 5, but that’s just SuJu (or SM) for you. I mean, ready to bingo? That seems an awful lot like somebody trying to play a prank on poor old SM. (“Hey, I got a good line for you >:D Instead of “ready to mingle”, you should say ‘BINGO’. Believe me, they’ll love it…*evil laugh*”) I’m also a fan of Yesung’s badly-pronounced “We fail, we lose, to win.” Seriously, guys, stop giving him English lines. He does not have a good accent. I love you, Yesung, but Kyuhyun has an infinitely better accent than you. Give it to hiiiiim.

Moving on to the daaaaance! It’s actually not as memorable as Super Junior’s past dances. I mean, who doesn’t remember the hand-flick of Mr.Simple or the arm-sweeps of Bonamana? But thinking about SF&S, I can’t really come up with any distinctive moves. But that doesn’t mean it’s bad! Not at all! I was actually pleasantly surprised by the choreography; it’s a little more complicated than usual, with a lot more interaction between the group members rather than them all doing the same thing in a line. They often have two lines, with the back doing something different than the front, and there’s some floorwork and Eunhyuk’s AMAZING dance solo and everything is just great :’D (overwhelmed by the awesomeness, guys) All 10 members are perfectly on point and in sync, and it looks fantastic, as always. I will forever be jealous of their dance skills, yo.

As for looks, when I watched it I was all like *-* the whole time. *-* *-* *-* *-* They look so freaking good. Yesung with his red hair, Sungmin in blond, Shindong in pink and blond. Everything just looks so dang perfect. I could not ask for more. (Seriously, there is not a haircut I don’t like). There were some laughable outfits, undoubtedly (oh gosh, Leeteuk and Siwon. And Kyu’s cone. PLEASE, SM ;_;) but for the most part, their clothes were ashgfgbv AWESOME, and they were looking mighty sekshi. Especially a certain Donghae (dangit if I don’t have a weak spot for that guy, with his beautiful face and hair and all. And he got so much screentime) and the usual Kyu and Yesung. OM NOM NOM. And wow, Sungmin looks really fantastic in blond. Dang. And I don’t even think Ryeowook looks weird! (I’m usually not his biggest fan. But he looks good here :D) Loving Leeteuk’s updo. And Kangin is back :’D And he looks great as well. My least favourite look would have to be Siwon. Meh, just not that great.

(Just throwing it out there that I found the whole slo-mo jumping REALLY LAME. Ahaha. I got a good laugh out of it.)

Line division wasn’t that great, honestly -_- I know they have ten members to divide them between, but why the heck does Donghae have 8 lines while Kangin has two and Shindong has NONE and Leeteuk has one. And Yesung, the main vocal, has THREE. (and some belting, but whatevs) That is NOT FAIR. Just because Hae’s good-looking does not mean he deserves way more lines than the others. So yeah. SM, I am disappoint. Argh.

How is this post so short? O_O Actually, I could ramble on and on about this music video for ages and ages, but I already got that out of my system with my fellow ELF penpal (shoutout to Amandine, the best penpal in the woooooorld!), so I’m pretty out of things to say right now that isn’t incoherent babbling and fangirling. I’m getting worse and worse in that department. My fangirliness is becoming more extreme. Oh noes.

I guess it’s time for members, then. It’s always so exhausting to name them in a SuJu review -.- Here goes! First, the beautiful Donghae at 0:10 and 0:28. Then, main visual Siwon at 0:21. Beautiful-voice maknae Kyuhyun at 0:41 and 3:08. Baby-face hyung Sungmin at 0:45 and 2:08. Eternal maknae Ryeowook at 0:55 and 2:13. Dancing machine Eunhyuk at 1:01 and 1:35. Leader Leeteuk at 1:09 and 2:16. Power vocals Yesung (*-* bias) at 1:43 and 2:59. Fresh-from-the-army Kangin at 1:59. Barely-seen Shindong at 2:34. And that’s all of them! 😀

Alright, well, I guess that’s all I have to say for now. I have to go and spazz over the brand-spankin’-new Beast music video now :DDDDD (Yayyyyyy for comebacks! BAP’s was also EPIC!) All I have left to say is this; Super Junior, I love you. You must know it, because I review a lot of your videos and I always spazz all over the place when I listen to your music and you’re just awesome. I was prepared to be disappointed by this comeback, for some odd reason, but I definitely wasn’t. Blow me away every time. Your album had a lot of ballads, which was too bad for me because I don’t really like ballads, but heck, I’ll buy it anyways. (But I’m waiting for the repackaged, okay?) Just know that you have a devoted fan here in Canada. And if you ever want to, you know, COME to Canada, please don’t go to Vancouver or something because that is really far away from where I am. That is all. FIGHTING!



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