SotD-BAP’s “No Mercy”

Okay, guys, I’ve been having so many BAP feels lately *-* Seriously, it’s ridiculous. I just…like them so much ;_; I don’t know how it happened. I mean, I LOVED their debut, loved Power, bought both albums, learned the members’ names and faces, all that jazz. But recently I’ve just been, like, IN LOVE with BAP. All these feels came from nowhere. It just happens sometimes (the same happened for EXO and Block B ;_; Feelings overload.)

Okay, so enough of that. Needless to say, I was REALLY excited when they announced that they were making a comeback. And as the teaser photos and videos were released, I had even more feels, and I was so psyched. And “Goodbye” was released and I was squealing all over the place because that song is just beautiful. And then this rockin’ music video came out and yayyyyyyyyyyy BAP is back!

Asjfhbslkbdkah I LOVE THEM. That was my initial reaction. Even though I was somewhat expected something a little different, I was more than happy with this. I’m glad that it’s not another replica of “Warrior” and “Power”, but it’s still not your usual pop with cheesy love lyrics. It’s strong and confident and boastful and epic, with sick rapping and amazing vocals. It has a really catchy chorus, some epic whistling, and even some traditional Korean percussion, which makes me happy because Himchan used to major in traditional music. Zelo opens up the song with some extremely gangsta English, ending with a “Leggo!” When my sister first saw them perform this live, all she said was, “Zelo’s just so charismatic onstage. You can’t help but like him.” And it’s true. He has what most rappers work their butts off their entire careers to achieve. Flawless.

The music video is nice and simple, with a lot of dance scenes, which makes me happy. Because BAP has epic choreography, as always. It’s really strong, really clean and fitting. With Jongup at the front of the line, it’s hard to go wrong. They look fantastic. The lighting is really cool, all flashy and colourful, and the sets are simple but striking. The dance has a lot of chest pops, head banging, and hip thrusts, as well as some intense drum-smashing. It’s not as insanely complicated as their past two title tracks, but it’s really awesome anyways. It just looks so epic. I love Jongup’s dance solo in the middle of the circle, too. WOW. He’s amazing.

I would also like to say that I was (pleasantly) surprised by all of Youngjae’s swag that shines through in this comeback. I mean, I never really paid that much attention to him in the past, but I always expected him to be that sort of awkward member that stays near the back during the dance because he doesn’t know how to look cool. But I was quite wrong. I don’t know how to explain in, but I was caught off guard by how seriously cool he looks. GOOD JOB JAE. He has moved up on my bias list 😀 (I’m kidding, I don’t have one of those with this group. They’re all my favourite -_-)

I was rather pleased by line distribution this time around, too. Jongup and Himchan both got a decent amount of lines and screentime and attention, which made me super happy for them. I know Himchan’s the visual and Jongup’s the main dancer, but I like to hear them singing and see them in the spotlight during songs, too. Wait a second, did Jongup get more lines than Youngjae??? And Daehyun??? >_> That should not be legal! But I’ll let you go this time, because the main vocals always get plenty of lines.

Ah, and of course we must mention the “satoori rap”. It took me a good long while to figure out what the crap people were talking about. It turns out that Yongguk and Zelo are rapping in a distinct dialect, not the usual Seoul accent. I can’t tell the difference myself, because I don’t know Korean, but Zelo does say “haengnim” instead of “hyungnim”, which is part of it (never woulda noticed without someone pointing it out, though). Anyways, it’s a new idea in k-pop, as far as I know, and I think it’s really cool. I mean, accents! I’m always a fan of accents. And I think it’s cool that Korea is so diverse, even though it’s a small country.

I also like that the song is not a love song. BAP has never had a love song as a title song, actually. AWESOME. This one is about getting rid of fakes, people that treat music as a joke. And that’s cool stuff, yo. Good for them. (They can only get away with it because they’re so dang epic. Man.) And the English is pretty scarce, but good. 4 outta 5, I’d say. There’s some “we so fly”s and “get your hands up”s, but there’s also that troublesome “we are the main” and “we makin’ classic” and “let me work out”. Those are all…decent, but don’t really make the best of sense. At least their pronunciation is good! (And I like Chan’s “Baby wassup!”)

(Their live performances are fantastic, by the way. They totally own the stage. They have the most incredible rookie stage presences I have ever seen. Wow. They deserve a lot of respect. The talent is everywhere, it hurts.)

As for looks, they look freakin’ perfect, as usual. I’m actually not a huuuuge fan of Zelo’s blue, just because it looks kind of washed out and cheap, but maybe it’s just the video or whatever. But it suits him, and it’s still cute. I don’t like BYG’s cornrows, either. Ech. But holy frick, look at Dae and Jae. Their dark(er) hair is just so beautiful o_o Youngjae’s is so short, too. It looks so good on him *-* Himchan’s hair is simple and slick, but it suits him perfectly. (Especially with that red suit of his. Awesome!) Next to Daehyun’s new ‘do, I think his is my favourite. Jongup’s looks really good, too. And all the outfits and everything are spot on. I really don’t think I have any serious complaints. Props to their stylists! (As if I didn’t have enough BAP feels already, they had to go and make them look amazing. What is my fangirly heart to do??)

Okay, I’m just going to move on to members, before I start weeping or some such thing. First, we have speed-rapping maknae Zelo at 0:14 and 0:47 and 1:54. Then, deep-voiced leader and rapper Bang Yongguk at 0:28 and 1:50. The power vocals, Daehyun, at 0:51 and 3:19. The other lead vocalist, Youngjae, at 1:02 and 2:01. The good-looking visual Himchan at 1:22 and 2:22. And the lead dancer Jongup at 1:31 and 2:33.

Alright, I’m done *-* Amazing song, amazing band, amazing comeback. Amazing album, too. (“Dancing in the Rain” is my favourite. OMG, the feelings I have when I hear that song.) I think I shall buy the physical copy 😀 Because I love these guys and they deserve it, yo. I will forever be a, ahem, Baby. (That name sucks, by the way. So embarrassing ;_;) These rookies have climbed their way to the top of my list, fast. They even made it onto my k-pop door. (So did EXO, FYI. What a year for rookies!) And now I shall be going. BAP, fighting! 


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