Song Dump #8 – Rookies and New Debuts

Back for more song dumps! Woohoo! As always, I am pretty much literally drowning in new music, and most of it is AMAZING because the music gods are cruel and mean 😡 But also super awesome, because I listen to my iPod for like 4 hours a day at work, and new music is pretty much a must if I don’t want to get sick of it. So yeah. Thank you, oh mighty music gods!

So a lot of my favourite rookies have been making comebacks recently, or new bands have been debuting. Not ALL of them have been fantastic, but a good portion of them. So I’m just gonna go ahead and start throwing songs around! Here we go!

Chaos’ “Racer”

You may remember me talking about this band in this post, back in January (lol, as if anyone actually keeps up with this blog >_>) Back then, I was absolutely OBSESSED with their song, “Last Night.” And I STILL AM. Holy frick, that song is just great. That was seven months ago and I still squeal every time I hear it. And I still adore their title track, “She is Coming.” I really loved that band. But then they took soooooo long to make a comeback. I never forgot about them, and for a while I thought they’d disappeared forever. But no! Look! They came back! With their first mini-album, also titled “Racer”. It includes the old two songs, and three new ones. Eeee! I actually like one of the other random songs better than their title track, but all of them are amazing. (The song I like the most is “빨리가”, or “Quickly Go”.) I am definitely buying this album. Five totally solid tracks. The music video was a bit weird, with lots of paint-splattering and inexplicable sores and tired and stuff. But whatever. I like the effects and the quality of the video is pretty good, and the dancing isn’t amazing but I love this band so much that I don’t even care! Also, I probably wasn’t the only one totally confused by the random “C.O.S” and “C.N.X” abbreviations. Turns out, they’re ways of abbreviating their name (Ca-oh-seu) and their fanclub name (ChaoNyx). Okay, whatever. At least it’s not total gibberish. So, yeah. A great song, a great comeback (though it didn’t get them much attention… *sigh*) and a happy me. By the way, I really like their clothes in this music video. Their hair…not so much. (Well, some of them.) My favourite member is still Park Taeyang. That is all.

Phantom’s “Seaweed Soup”

Speaking of that old January post, I also spoke of Phantom, who STILL haven’t “officially” debuted. BUT…they are in four days! WOOHOOO! They have pre-released this track, and I immediately loved it. Eeeee! Phantom! (I recently went on a crazy Phantom spree and fell in love with them. Oh noes.) This song is really sweet, a little sad. It’s about a man who forgot his girlfriend’s birthday, and so he’s trying to make it up to her by making her seaweed soup, a dish traditionally eaten on someone’s birthday. I absolutely LOVE lead singer Sanchez’s voice, and their rapping always amazes me, too. I am very excited to see their debut. I’ll probably buy their whole album. YAY. (By the way, I’ll probably talk about it again in another post, but Sanchez also featured in the song “Pretty Enough” by Verbal Jint, and I LOOOOVE it. OMG. Makes me cry.) So yeah, loving this song like crazy right now.

BAP’s “Dancing in the Rain”

YEAH BAP! One of my favourite rookies of the year, hands down. And I literally think this song should win awards for being awesome. The first time I heard it, I almost died. It is so good. And so funny. And so not the BAP I thought I knew, but now love even more. Youngjae finally gets a weighty portion of the lines, and Himchan still only gets a few measly “Let’s go party!”s, but I love it and that is final. It’s a little…risque, to be honest, especially because Baby Zelo’s still only 15, but whatever. I’m not much older than the boy myself, and I don’t have a problem with it. The lyrics are hilariously epic, and every now and then I’ll bust out an “Already, I’m ready, YOU’RE VERY SEXY BABY!” because wow, I die every time. So great XD The melody is totally addicting, the lyrics are way too catchy, and overall this has got to be my favourite song on the album (by the way, the whole album rocks. I am def buying it. I am def going to be poor.) One of my new best dance party songs. Oh yeah.

Nu’est’s “Action”

Ahh, Nu’est. Another freaking amazing 2012 rookie group. I was honestly scared that they were gonna disappoint me after an amazing debut with “Face”, but they definitely didn’t. “Action” isn’t quiiiite as good, but it’s real close. (Except that annoying dubstep part. ARGH. Get out of this awesome song!) Ren’s hair is just as long and possibly uglier this time around, but all the boys are looking dang fine, and their dancing is amazing as always, and the song is super catchy and epic. They stuck with their theme of songs that send a message, this time urging people to be individual and avoid conformity. Really cool, honestly. I love the song, love the vocals and rapping and everything. Very impressed, and really happy. Really good music video, too. I like dancing ^^ I wasn’t too impressed with their mini-album as a whole, but I adored their song “Not Over You.” So lovely. Great stuff, Nu’est! Keep it up!

A-JAX’s “Hot Game”

This song was definitely underwhelming the first time for me. I’m not sure why, but I totally passed by it. I think it was the cheesy music video and the cheesy lyrics. And also, the verses aren’t that amazing on their own. But the CHORUS. Oh heavens. It was my sister that first fell head over heels for this song, but I followed close behind her. (And she didn’t even like it the first time I showed it to her -_- Figures.) And it was definitely the chorus that drew us in. The smattering of English words (“gesture~” and “signature~”) and the breakdown at the beginning and everything…just awesome. The song totally grew on me and now I love it. And their hair XD So many colours! I like the choreography and the clothes and everything, too. (Especially the dance. Now that I watch it again…so great!) The parts of the music video with KARA’s Nicole are pretty blahhhh. (And I’m not even saying that because she’s a girl. She’s actually my favourite member of KARA, for some reason). It’s just kinda old, y’know? Whatever. For some reason, I’m always shocked by the number of members in A-JAX. There’s only seven, same as Infinite, but it seems like so many >_> I haven’t gotten around to learning their names yet, but I plan to! (They’re so good-looking OMG O_O I was equally dazzled in their “One 4 U” MV. Wowza.) Anyways, fantastic song. I like.

C-Clown’s “Solo”

Another song I didn’t initially like. It’s still not my favourite song ever, but the group itself is really growing on me. (I got their whole album, and loved it. Especially “차 안에서 (In The Car)” LOVE.) I heard the song once, dismissed it. Then I saw this dance practice video by members Rome and Maru, and things snowballed from there, until I was wtaching a bunch of Rome’s pre-debut videos, when he was called B.Yu (short for Barom Yu, his real name. He grew up in Australia, so his videos were in English. And he was so cute!)  So I kinda sorta fell in love with that guy, and I downloaded their album, and I loved it. So now I guess I’m a fan! Their debut song and music video aren’t really amazing, but quite good. The video is pretty standard, with useful screen caps of each member with their names and info to help new fans (it sure helped me). The effects and stuff are cool, but as a whole, it’s not mind-blowing. I really enjoyed their sped-up dance practice, though. Original, and entertaining, as well as impressive. Also, maknae Maru is born in 1997, guys. That’s so young *-* I simultaneously am jealous of him for doing so much with his life at such a young age, and feel sorry for him. It must be hard to be that young in the industry. (That makes him…turning 15 in a month. HOLY FRICK HE’S 14 O_O) This song, though it didn’t immediately strike me as awesome, was stuck in my head for a long time after hearing it. So that’s a good sign, right? I’m liking them more and more. We shall see what they come up with next 🙂

Big Star’s “Hot Boy”

Why is it that this song and “Hot Game” came out within a day of each other? It was rather confusing and funny. Both ridiculously cheesy lyrics, if I must admit it. (This one reminded me of the horrendously cheesy “Young Boy” by Taken. Oh my.) And the effects in the music video are so lame, but I think it’s on purpose. So it’s kind of awesome at the same time. Anyways, I really, really liked the chorus of this song the first time I heard it. Really catchy and upbeat and stuff. Totally reminded me of Teen Top, too. Not just the main vocal’s voice (because it’s really similar to Niel’s, wow) but the style in general. But the verses are pretty much all rap, and while I’m slowly becoming a bigger fan of rap, I didn’t like it much. Kind of boring. Not that they’re bad rappers, because I actually think they’re quite talented, but not my style. I did, however, become a rather big fan of the song when I saw their extremely enthusiastic, energetic dance practice. I mean, look at those guys! They’re really into it. Looks exhausting. And the choreography is really quite cool. (That move at 2:01-2:03. Love it.) Also, when I found out that guy with red hair’s name is FeelDog. AWESOME XD And that shirtless guy (Raehwan) later telling people to stop mentioning his shirtlessness, because he was kind of shy. Awwww >.< And FeelDog using a water bottle as a mic. Everything about them is just so…cool. And fun. I’m starting to like them a lot. So I got this song and their other track, “Baby Girl,” which gives me more Teen Top vibes. And they’re growing on me fast. I almost WANT to like them more than I actually do. But whatever. I like supporting rookies 🙂 So I’ll almost definitely buy these. Because, I mean, they’re just so cool! They deserve love and respect and lots of fans.

Cross Gene’s “Sky High”

This was a random choice because I recently got Cross Gene’s whole mini-album, and it’s all awesome. I always liked La-Di Da-Di, but I didn’t even know they HAD more songs. But they do, and they’re great. “Sky High” is one of my faves, because it’s so catchy with it’s “T-t-t-t-t-tonight I’m falling in love” line, along with “For This Love.” But the others are also great. I really like Cross Gene, and I hope they get more attention, because really, they’re talented. Lead singer JG has a really unique and powerful voice, and the other’s certainly pull their weight as well (except Takuya. What does his voice even sound like???) Also, the dance is so. cute. I can’t even. Look at it! Hehehehe. Does it not just make you giggle and smile? 😀 These boys. They know how to have entertaining dances. So weird and unique, but so great. Ahh, loving these guys and their individuality. Awesome.

D-Unit’s “I’m Missin’ You”

Yay for girl groups that aren’t just cute! (Though I have a secret soft spot for those groups, too.) I’m really liking this song, a LOT. The girls are looking pretty fierce and casual in sweaters and high top shoes, rather than hot pants and high heels. Even without those flattering clothes, or super long legs or impressive heights, they’re really pretty. I love that about these girls. They also have very powerful voices, and good rapping, and I’m overall very impressed. People keep comparing them to 2NE1, and while I can see the similarities (because yeah, they have similar concepts, you can’t deny that), I don’t know why people are blaming them of being copycats. There are hundreds of girl groups with that cutesy, innocent concept or that sexy, seductive concept. But there can’t be more than one group with a fierce concept? Ridiculous. Personally, I’m glad. I like this concept, and I hope more girl groups use it. Anyways, I recently got their whole album, and at first listen, I was really disappointed. Like, “Man, this sucks. I only like the title track. Boo!” But I didn’t take it off my playlist, so it kept playing. And it really grew on me! Now, I like a lot of the songs. So yeah. I’d like to see more. This song is still my favourite, though. It’s so good! The dance is really good, the clothes are good, everything. NICE!

N-Train’s “I’ll Forget You”

Anyone remember these guys? They debuted last year with song “One Last Cry.” Which was a sweet, kind of sad ballad, but really good. I loved it, personally. This time around, though, they came back (FINALLY!) with a completely different style. This song is upbeat, it’s a little autotuned, and it’s catchy. It doesn’t have a music video, though, which is weird and sad. I want to see more N-Train! They’re so cute, and really talented, though this song doesn’t do them much justice. I’m impressed with their ability to adapt, though. They get to show off their dancing skills and the energetic, fun side to themselves, which is nice. I really like the style and concept they went with, and even though the song isn’t amazing, I’m just happy to see them onstage again. Yay N-Train! (What’s with the weird Taz shirts, though? :/) Also, why did Seunghyun not get a single line??? Unfair! Huhl. (I find it funny that in my first post on N-Train, linked above, I said they weren’t really a dance group, but that that could easily change. Looky there!)

EvoL’s “We Are a Bit Different”

Mixed emotions about this debut, actually. The most recent, so I haven’t had time to judge it accurately. But I gotta say I’m impressed. They’re from Band New Stardom Ent, and you can tell. They’re very fierce, very bold, very in your face. And for a girl group, I think that’s GREAT. This song isn’t my favourite, but I like the exotic sound to it. They’re very powerful, very strong singers and rappers, and obviously very talented. But they’re just not my style, I guess. I’m not a fan of the clothes or the choreography or the hair (yikes), but I like that they’re not all the Korean standard of beauty. It’s definitely a refreshing change. The song is growing on me, but I’m not sure how much I’ll ultimately like it. We shall see! In any case, a debut to look into. Very impressive. (I’ll be honest; I watched this out of loyalty to Block B, who are also under Brand New Stardom. But I’m judging them based on their own talents.)

Okay, so, pretty much the freaking longest post ever. Took me so long to write this -_- But there’s just so much to write about! I’m honestly loving all this new music, and all these new bands and comebacks. YAYYYY! So basically, what I’m saying is: support the bands, love the music, enjoy the awesomeness that is k-pop. WHOOT! 



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