SotD-Dalmatian’s “ER”

*sob sob sob* You have no idea how long I’ve waited for this comeback. Seriously. A YEAR. More. Dalmatian, why do you do this to me? Dalmatian is undoubtedly one of the most underrated groups of all time, and I don’t know why, because they’re so freaking amazing. I have so many feelings for these boys. Even though there’s been some member changes, they’re still the same Dalmatian, and I almsot cried from all my feelings when they finally came back. (You should have heard me. It was quite shocking. “My babieeeeeeees! :’D”)

This comeback was a huge change from their last, “That Man Opposed.” They had a fun, sweet, fresh concept back then, and I LOVED it (one of my favourite songs of all time). ER has a much moodier, mature concept, and a lot more…shirtlessness. Yikes. I am not one to appreciate shirtlessness at the best of times (I laughed so much) but whatever. At least they’re not super-scrawny, like some bands I know (will not mention here, for fear of raging fangirls >_>) Anyways, it reminded me of 2PM a little too much, but I got a good laugh out of it. As long as they don’t perform like that….

Without further ado, the music video:

BAM! Howdja like that? Amazing, no? (I’m not biased at all!)

I’ll admit, it’s not that catchy and doesn’t have a wicked awesome hook. I might not give it a second listen if it wasn’t Dalmatian. But it so grew on me. I love the chorus (courtesy of the Man with the Beautiful Voice, Jisu) and I love the rapping and I love everything :’D Every time I hear it, I love it more. The whole mini-album, State of Emergency, has this moody feel, but I’m pretty sure I love it to pieces. I think the amount of time I have waited for this album had affected my opinion, but I really don’t mind.

For starters, let us speak of member changes! Our rapper Dari has left for the army, but not the band; he shall return! I’m not extremely torn up about it, because he was never my fave member anyways, but it still feels like Dalmatian is missing something. More sadly, our other rapper, Day Day, has left the band for good D: It was never specified why, but I’m assuming he had good reasons. We’re all very sad, but we’re supporting him anyways! Dalmatian won’t be the same without him, but we still love you, David! Aaaaaaand we have one new member! Simon, half-Japanese, half-Korean, who was supposed to debut with the band originally but couldn’t, and has now come to take the place of our missing members. I don’t know a whole lot about him yet, but from what I’ve seen, I like him a lot 😀 (Also, he’s from Seattle. Replaced the other English rapper, I guess XD Where was DayDay from, again?)

Okay, back to the song. These guys were actually supposed to make a comeback late last year, but it kept getting pushed back…and pushed back some more…until it’d been like 6 months -_- I’m guessing that’s when DayDay left, because that must have caused some issues with refiguring and such. Anyways, I’m really proud of this comeback, because I feel like it’s a strong one. Maybe not music-program-win material, but definitely something to catch some more attention. Yay!

Okay, I just want to say that I TOTALLY thought Youngwon was the female lead of the music video when I first saw him at 0:10. I was all like, “Oh, she’s pretty!” LOL. Youngwon, why do you have lady hair? TT_TT It’s awful. I’ve seen instances of awesome long hair on guys, but Youngwon’s already so feminine-looking. (Actually, he’s giving off some major Sungyeol vibes to me…) I hate his hairstyle, seriously. Maybe if he tied it back it would look good, but loose it just looks girly. Apart from him, I’m totally diggin’ the boys’ new styles! The mohawks, the ripped clothing, the grungy style. NICE.

The music video is pretty dang dark and depressing. It starts off at the scene of a huge car crash, with all the members lying around unconscious or dead. You can hear Daniel in the background yelling, “I need help! I need somebody right now! It’s not breathing! I don’t know what to do! I need help!” How’s that for foreboding? The rest of the video is them being taken away to the hospital…which really looks like an evil lab. They get checked out by a very pretty but scary woman That moment where Simon’s being zipped up in his body bag and his eyes open–*shudders* Creepy. The whole video just has this dark, sombre, creepy mood to it. The dark lighting and the slow movements of the nurse-lady and the music just makes me shiver all over. The producer really knew what he (or she, I don’t know) was doing. Nicely done!

Those body tattoos are pretty impressive, too. I normally hate tattoos, but you have to say, those are very intricate designs. I heard they took like 12 hours to paint on. Wowza. I gotta say, they look pretty intense. This is so different from “That Man Opposed” OMG. 

The dance is a lot more complex than their past ones, and I’m glad, because I know they’ve been holding back. (On a sidenote, I watched them perform at a star dance battle, and they were awesome. So I knew they could do better.) There’s a lot of big, dramatic movements, jumps, turns, and so on. It fits the mood of the song perfectly, and I’m loving it. It’s still not OMGAMAZING, but it’s quite great ^^

One thing I’d like to applaud them for is their wonderful line division 😀 SO MANY BANDS fall into the trap of leaving one or two members out and giving them one line, if they’re lucky. But that makes me feel so bad for them -_- Dalmatian did wonderfully in this song. Daniel has 9, Jisu has 15 (though some are very short–main vocal right here), Simon has 12 (vocals and rapper!), Youngwon has 5 (but they’re all nice and long), and Inati has 5 (he only raps, so the amount is limited). That’s really good, if you compare it to, say, Teen Top’s “Clap,” where Niel got 18, CAP got 8, Chunji got 6, And then the other three members got a line or two each during the chorus. And then the same thing happened for Supa Luv, only Niel got more lines and Ricky got even less. ANYWAYS, well done Dalmatian. I like to hear all your beautiful voices.

The song itself is about the girlfriend who has died in an accident, and not being able to accept it, and that they’re still waiting even though they know that she’s gone, and… ;_; How sad is that?? Fits the video perfectly, though. I should have expected it. (Translation here.) There’s quite the smattering of English in there, too, but as far as I know it’s all perfect. They have two fluent speakers still, so it’d better be!

I gotta say, the most…memorable part of the video is when they’re all suddenly not wearing shirts. Where did that come from?? I burst out laughing, I kid you not. But they’re pretty ripped. They had plenty of time to build up muscle, what with all that extended hiatus stuff. No wimpy scrawny arms or one-packs here! And then the other most memorable part is that girl’s freaky smile at the end. Was it your fault they died?? I do not understand. But whatever, it sets the right mood and makes for a surprising ending.

Ajskdjfl; I could keep talking about this song for ages. So much love for Dalmatian right now. But instead I’ll just show off my knowledge of the members and then leave to listen to the album and also Infinite’s new album some more. (Seriously so many things came out on the same day…it was insane.) Starting at the beginning! Vocalist Youngwon at 0:10 and 1:29 and 2:34. Leader and main rapper Inati at 0:11 and 1:49.  Lead vocalist Jisu (or Jeesu) at 0:21 and 0:49.  New member, rapper and vocalist Simon at 0:35 and 1:46 and 2:28. Maknae and lead vocalist Daniel (aka Drama) at 0:56 and 2:04 and 2:48.

Okay, done. I have so much to do today, but instead I just want to watch Dalmatiannnnn. Heol. Anyways, please support the band with your life (and money) and buy their album and love them a lot, because they’re freaking awesome. We missed you Dalmatian~! Dalmate forever. Fighting!


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Song Dump #5-Various Artists

The amount of these I’m forced to make saddens me. It’s not my fault all the groups make comebacks at the same time! (So stressful! For a multi-fandom fan like me). There was a whole crapload of comebacks and some debuts in the past few weeks, and I’ll just be spewing some of my favourite ones. Yes. Spewing. Let’s start!

Shinhwa’s “Venus”

This video actually came out ages ago, but for the longest time I was planning on giving it a full review. Yeah, that didn’t happen. So, I’m not really a fan of Shinhwa. And by that, I mean this was the first song I ever heard by them. They’re an oldies band, the oldest around. They debuted in heckin’ 1998! I was three! Pretty crazy, man. Now a bunch of the members have their own groups to look after (Andy with Teen Top, Eric with Stellar) and they’ve all gone and come back from the army and all that fun stuff. They’re not even all part of the same company anymore. But the came back anyways, and I loved their comeback, even if it was like a debut for me. This song is super catchy and awesome, the dancing is pretty interesting, and I just love it. And then I listened to their entire album, “Return,” and I loved the whole thing (pretty much). So I will be buying that soon. I look forward to it. A great album, a great comeback. All you Shinhwa Changjos, you are very lucky. I can only hope my favourite bands stick around for so long.

Ulala Session’s “Beautiful Night”

I LOVE THIS. I didn’t know anything about Ulala Session, apart from that they won Superstar K3. And even that I was fuzzy on (there are so many music shows these days -_-) But when this song came out, I just wandered over to watch it, curious about the band. I actually thought they were a band, like with instruments. Or a vocal group, I wasn’t sure. But this song and video blew my mind. SO FUN. The choreography is great, the song is super catchy and epic (Footloose, anyone??), and the video is really funny. I was an instant fan. I don’t know their other music, or even if they have any, but I am in love with this song. It makes me so freaking happy. I can’t help but smile every time I hear it. Yay!

F.Cuz’s “No.1”

I was really excited for this song to come out. I really like F.Cuz in general, and I was curious about their two new members. And while this song isn’t quite as amazing as “Wanna Be Your Love” or “Jiggy,” I really like it. I SOOOO wanted to review it fully, but I don’t have time now and I know I won’t anytime soon, especially with Dalmatian’s and Infinite’s comebacks coming up. Plus end-of-the-semester projects and exams. Ew. Anyways, this song is really catchy, and the boys are very very good-looking. (Wait what?) Though I ABHOR those tight pink-ish leather pants. Double-ew. I do like how the female in this music video is the one doing all the saving and butt-kicking, though. She’s totally awesome. The plotline is not hard to follow, and it’s very violent, and not really something you’d have to watch twice, but it’s interesting enough. The boys look…extremely good. What?? It’s true! I’m totally digging the new members, Raehyun and Daegeon. I can foresee much success from those two. I hope F.Cuz gets more recognition soon, too. They’re awesome, guise! Love them!

YB’s “Butterfly is Flying” (aka Naneun Nabi)

Wow. This song is amazing. It’s actually a k-rock song, by one of Korea’s most famous rock bands, and I heard it for the first time on the k-drama “K-pop Ultimate Audition.” I was blown away by it then, so I looked it up, and was blown away again. It’s such a  powerful, beautiful song. Love it. And the lyrics are amazing, too. So meaningful. The vocalist, Yoon Do Hyun, is fantastic. I feel like I could easily become a fan of these guys. I plan on looking into them soon. When I have more time OTL

BtoB’s “Father”

May 8th of this month was actually Parents’ Day in Korea, and that was the reason for BtoB releasing this amazing, heartfelt ballad. Although it’s not my usual style, the vocals in this song are undeniably amazing, and the lyrics make me want to weep. It’s really slow and powerful and sad, but beautiful. Love BtoB’s vocals. The music video is just short of boring, but it suits the song. I was proud of myself when I understood most of the chorus, too (the part that mattered, at least.) So yeah. If you’re a ballad fan, this is a song for you.

Tiny G’s “Polaris”

Yeah, don’t ask me how I even found this song. I knew it was produced by Jay Park, but I was most interested by the group performing it, because they’re all so little! Hence the name. But anyways, I listened to the song, and I loved it immediately, strangely. It’s very Jay Park-ish. And I love it. Except the rap, which I kind of hate. I just don’t think the girl’s voice fits it. But whatever, I’m willing to overlook that, because the song was stuck in my head for days. It’s calm and pretty and really good. I didn’t think I’d like it so much, but I really do. I want to see more from this group. They are so cute.

Tony&SMASH’s “Get Your Swag On”

Er, no, this isn’t a new song. Not very, at least. But it’s new to me! It’s not my usual style, and I’m not sure why I like it so much, apart from the overwhelming amount of swag. It’s a dance party song with little to no substance and an addictive beat and lyrics, but I still love it. When I first heard it, I most definitely thought they were saying “Listen to the song B****, and get your swag on!” and therefore was quite shocked, but after confirming that they were saying “beats”, I allowed myself to love it. Phew! The music video is rather boring, but I really really like the choreography and live performances. NICE! (Super addicting, beware!)

Monsterz’s “Banana”

This must be THE most obscure Korean song that ever lived. Because it is near impossible to find, apart from this one video. Seriously, I can’t find an MP3 version anywhere. And it’s impossible to find a download link (or at least I’ve been unsuccessful thus far) or to buy it on iTunes. On that same note, I have absolutely NO CLUE how my sister found this piece of work. But no matter; it is awesome. The song is insanely catchy, the video is ridiculously hilarious, and the dancing is epic. I know nothing about this band, but this song rocks. The music video has a totally weird concept and is really…unique, to say the least. (Where did they even get this idea from? And where did they get those springy shoes??) It has a totally indie feel to it. I like! (I am now listening to their other two songs. No opinion formed thus far.) This song will continue to crack me up every time I listen to it, and I will love it forever. 

Leo Kekoa’s “Hello” (ft. Bumkey)

Another of my sister’s totally random finds. How?? I don’t know who this Leo Kekoa guy is, or why he has a weird accent, but I do know who Bumkey is, vaguely. Well, I’ve heard his name before >_> Anyways, heard this song, loved it. It’s kind of R&B, and I love the rapping, and Bumkey’s voice. It’s a sad song, with a smattering of (excellent) English and a powerful and longing feel to it. Love the melody, love everything. And if anyone can tell me anythign about this guy, please do, because I can find NOTHING. Literally. Who is he?? (Off to look into his other music~)

Alright, I guess I’ll leave it at that. All of the above are awesome songs that I love, and I hope you’ll love too. With all these new songs coming out, I feel somewhat overwhelmed, but happy. I’m always happy to listen to new music, even if I don’t always have the time. Music makes me happyyyy 😀 (Except that I lost my iPod. SOB!) Support these bands, y’all! Love k-pop! K-POP 4 LYFE!


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SotD-U-Kiss’s “Doradora”

Eek. It’s been a while, eh? This came out forever ago. And the whole time I’ve been aching to review it, but I’ve been swamped with schoolwork. Seriously. End-of-the-semester projects and all that. Curse school!

Anyways, you should know that I’m a huge U-Kiss fan. They’re one of my favourite bands. I’ve watched shows and interviews, follow them on Twitter, bought the physical copy of one of their CDs and the digital copies of the rest, and so on. But I gotta say, I was disappointed by this comeback. It’s not a bad song or anything (U-Kiss is not capable of producing bad songs!) but it’s not what I was hoping for. U-Kiss  deserves a win on a music program. Really. But I don’t think this was an award-winning comeback.

Nevertheless, I really like “Doradora,” the dance is fantastic, the music video is actually quite cool, and I’m happy to see U-Kiss onstage again. Although I wish that they would stray from the addictive-melody-but-same-old-sound, and maybe revisit their 0330 days, I’m pretty pleased with what I got. Still a KissMe~! Let’s look at the video!

One thing I’d like to say; yay for Hoon getting lots of lines! He always got some, but he’s finally on par with Kevin and Soohyun for lead vocals. I’m a big fan of Hoon, so this makes me happy ^^ Not that I’m not also a big fan of the other two. Yay for lead vocal biases! Also, Kiseop got more than one line! Yahoooooo! I’m so happy for him.

Although I was expecting something a liiittle different for the music video, judging from the teasers and pictures the boys posted, what I got was cool too. I really liked how they worked the walking-on-walls, no gravity concept. Totally messes with your brain. All the spray paint and stuff, and the simple outfits, really worked for me, too. I liked that a lot. But as for the boxy rooms and fancy lighting and stuff–been there, seen that. Nothing exceptional in the music video, but still good. 

Dance. So good. Oh my gosh, I loved the dance for this song. It’s so cool, with all the fancy footwork and stuff. Those jerky body waves were a little over the top, but still so freaking awesome. Watching them perform it live is so cool. Really, impressive dancing, U-Kiss. (All that body-rubbing made me laugh, though. HA.) I WILL learn this dance. At least the chorus. I am excited. So fun!

One thing that I actually do not really like about this song is the rapping. I usually really like U-Kiss’s rapping (Dongho! I love him) but it just sounds so weird in this song. I’m sure other people love it, but it’s not for me. Especially at the beginning. Oh, and the “I hate you!”s. Those make me cringe.

I’m gonna go out and say it; I also do not really like the boys’ new looks. Not all of them, of course. Kevin, Kiseop, and Soohyun look great. Dongho looks pretty good. Hoon looks fine when his hair is kind of messy. Not a fan of the headband, though. I don’t like Eli’s blond, though, or AJ’s really short hair. Ech. I do like their outfits a lot in this video, though. Not too crazy, but flattering and cool. I don’t think there was anything that I hated or even really disliked, clothing-wise.

I did like the dubstep element, though. I’m not a humongous fan of dubstep, but I like it in songs here and there. Sounds really cool, and makes for an awesome dance beat.

As for the English of the song; U-Kiss! I think you’re improving! The English in this song is actually perfect. I’m so proud :’D There isn’t a whole lot, but there’s the “I’m gonna let you go! Shut-shut up and let me go!” in the chorus, which is perfectly pronounced and everything. Good for you guys! You’ve come a long way. 

As for the meaning of the song…let me look that up. Hmm. Ah, this makes sense! (Yay!) It’s about this guy whose girlfriend left him on her own accord, breaking his heart, and now she’s the one crying and wanting to come back and he’s saying “How does that make sense to you? You don’t deserve me, and I don’t want you back!” You tell her, U-Kiss! He calls her out on being a player and tells her to just turn around and leave. So not the happiest song, but full of spite and attitude. Fun! (And yayyyyyy for songs that make sense!) I got my translation here.  Ah, I should also quote a Tweet from U-Kiss’s Kevin explaining the title: “Many of you guys are curious of the meaning of DORADORA right? In Korean it means ‘going crazy’ or ‘crazy crazy’.” So there you have it. Not my words, kay?

I feel like this is a crappy review. I’m in a hurry and I really want to ge tto reviewing other things, too. So don’t hate me, kay? I’m really glad U-Kiss is back, and like a good KissMe, I’ve been supporting them from my computer. Haven’t bought the CD yet (I’m late! ;_;) but I will! Soon!

Okay, lastly, the members, for the new KissMe. Maknae and rapper Dongho at 0:11 and 1:38. Rapper Eli at 0:18 and 2:44. Lead singer Kevin at 0:27 and 1:49. Vocalist Hoon at 0:46 and 3:02. Rapper AJ at 0:42 and 2:52. Leader and main vocals Soohyun at 0:57 and 1:24 and 2:19. And lead dancer/good-looking member Kiseop at 1:27 and 1:53.

Alright, I guess that’s all. I’m starting to really wonder why I even continue posting these reviews…but really, I can’t help it. Whenever a new music video comes out, I MUST review it! It just happens that way. Anyways, support U-Kiss, and maybe help them win for once. They’re so good, guys, give ’em a break! >.< Love them a lot, support their album. Go U-Kiss! Fighting!


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SotD-BAP’s “Power”

Holy crap! A lot of new music videos came out on the same day -_- Not only did the long-awaited new BAP song come out, but also U-Kiss’s “Doradora” and F.Cuz’s “No.1”. Since I’m a big fan of all three groups, it…looks like I’ll be reviewing them all! It was hard to decide which to do first. I chose BAP just because they were on my playlist first. And because I have too many feelings for them recently. (If we’re getting all my band feels involved now, it looks like I’ll be reviewing EXO soon, because I am completely in love with them these days…)

So, I already talked about BAP in my review of their first song, “Warrior”, which was incredibly epic. They made another amazing comeback with “Power”, and I’m once again blown away. They are such awesome rookies. Seriously. They never fail to amaze me.

I’m actually not as in love with this song as I am with “Warrior”, but I’ve only heard it a couple times. It’s growing on me already. The dance, however, is once again totally sick. The rapping, the music video; super intense. Constantly impressed by their vocals, too. Anyways, moving on! The wonderful music video:

As epic as expected. All the teasers and photos promised nothing less. A big hair transformation for all of them! Zelo’s gone with pink (yayyyyy!), YongGuk’s is kinda purpley, Daehyun and JongUp went for brown (I like brown hair~), Himchan’s is actually black, and Youngjae shaved off half of his hair, leaving the rest blond. All their teasers were really cool, starting out with a lot of neon paint and black lights, then some grungy, tattooed pictures, and then some epic video teasers. There was a lot of huge spaceships, scary machines, and what seems to be space-BAP. Cool! I don’t think the music video has much of a plot itself, but they do have a sort of theme of BAP’s spaceship crash-landing on Earth. And then they just…dance. Nice!

I am consistently blown away by BAP’s dancing skills. WOWZA! They’re effing amazing. The dance to this song is, of course, very powerful and strong. The jumping, kicking, falling and getting up; very reminiscent of Warrior’s dance, but with its own feel and vibe. BAP is so talented it hurts. I’m waiting for a dance version~ I love the spray-can parts, too. It’s really unique and memorable. Ah, and the way they all fall at “one shot, two shot, three shot” and so on. The dance matches the lyrics well, and conveys the message of the song perfectly. Very well-choreographed. Overall, an intense and solid dance. Could not be more impressed.

As for the English, it’s actually…not that good. Sorry BAP! The chorus English is simple and fine; “We got the power! I got the power!” Makes sense. But then you’ve got the whole “Everybody say: hate you!! One more say: hate you!” No makey sense. And then you’ve got the line “move the crowd action,” which isn’t really a line I would ever use in my whole life. And then there’s that strange “guernica flow.” What on Earth does that mean??? So yeah. BAP’s English; 2.5/5.

AH! Revelation. BAP leader Yongguk actually took it into his hands to post a picture of the painting “Guernica” by Pablo Picasso, pictured here:

In the words of Wikipedia, this painting “shows the tragedies of war and the suffering it inflicts upon individuals, particularly innocent civilians. This work has gained a monumental status, becoming a perpetual reminder of the tragedies of war, an anti-war symbol, and an embodiment of peace.” Whatever that all means. But it actually fits right into the song, which is about starting a revolution, criticizing a world that submits under the power of money, and so on. AWESOME. I love that BAP strives to criticize the world for what it is and call for a change. So cool. Very nice reference there with Guernica, guys! A whole four people will actually understand it! (But seriously, I love it. Really cool.)

By the by, I got my translation and stuff here. They have little notes on the lyrics at the bottom. Helpful!

I really appreciated their line distribution in this song. EVERYONE gets some! Although JongUp and Himchan are by no means main vocalists or rapper, they both get four lines each. Better than most bands, honestly. The other four get their fair share, and it’s nice.

The song itself is super intense, very loud and powerful. Lives up to its title, for sure. It’s not as catchy as Warrior was, but I like it a lot. It’s perfect for its meaning and for BAP’s style. And the music video fits it to the tee. We’ve got huge robots, some sort of desert wasteland, machines, an enormous spaceship, all that jazz. Their clothes and makeup and everything are perfect, too. Very grungy, loving the different outfits. Army uniforms, jumpsuits, tattered black clothes. Even though I’m not a fan of tattoos, they fit right in with the concept here. The lighting is perfect. Everything is perfect. Especially their hair. Eeee! Did I mention Zelo’s pink hair makes me swoon? (Why you so young, Jello?)

(Yes, I think BAP are all very swoon-worthy. Must I say more? Mega-props to their stylists. They look awesome. So epic. I love them boys.)

I’m keeping this post short-ish so that i can move on to the millions of other ones I want to review! Overall, a super-solid comeback from BAP. They’re so epically epic. I can’t get over it. Becoming a–dare I say it?–Baby. (I hate that fan-name. But heck, I’ve heard worse…) BAP is quickly becoming one of my favourite groups ever. But that’s hard to say, because I don’t even know who to choose out of my favourite debuts of 2012 thus far. EXO? BtoB? BAP? NU’EST? *sigh* Life is stressful. 

By the way, their whole album is freaking intense and awesome. You should buy it. I am. Maybe not the physical album, because there are only four songs, but at least the digital copies. Because they deserve it! Also, watch their music video and vote for them and all that stuff. Because BAP is amazing, and they need to know that.

Lastly, our members. Epic Leader and lead rapper Bang Yongguk at 0:20. Sub-vocals and rapper Himchan at 0:41 and 2:07. Lead dancer JongUp at 0:46 and 2:03. Main vocalist Youngjae at 0:52 and 2:13. Other lead vocalist Daehyun at 0:56 and 2:18. Maknae and speed-rapper Zelo at 1:43. Love them all!

Okay, that’s all. It was intensely epic, as expected. BAP did not let me down. I only hope they win an award or something. That would be so great. They deserve it. Love the band a lot, support them, watch out for them because they’re gonna make it big. I know it. Such a good rookie band. BAP fighting~!


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EVEN MORE 1-year K-pop Anniversaries – Teen Top and B1A4

Hey! Guys! I missed another two -_-‘ I really suck at this. I even thought I hit one on the right day, but it turned out I thought it was the wrong day :/ Anyways, on April 15, 2011, I discovered the awesome band that is Teen Top. But don’t read those old posts, because they were terrible and they embarrass me. And then, exactly five days after Teen Top, on April 20, I discovered the OTHER awesome band, B1A4. And ever since those fateful days, I have been a part of two more fandoms; Angels and BANAs. (I hate fandom names -_-) To this day, I am an avid fan of both groups. They are too fabulous. So of course I have to commemorate those days! They are very meaningful to me ^^

Because I was already blogging around the time of my discovery of these two bands (I’ve been blogging for over a year!) you all should know (I’m kidding, don’t read those posts) how I discovered Teen Top and B1A4. But if you don’t, I’ll recap: we discovered Teen Top on one of our routine “Find New K-Pop Groups To Love” excursions, and stumbled upon their rendition of HOT’s “Candy” and their music video for “Supa Luv”. We loved both of those songs, and we loved the band. End of story. For B1A4, my sister found the music video for their debut song, “OK” on the day of its release and showed it to me, and I immediately fell for them. They are too cute. That’s about it!

So the awkward thing is, I’ve already reviewed almost ever music video put out by both of these groups XD From Teen Top, I’ve reviewed every music video except their debut MV, “Clap.” Oh, and their random MV for “Angel.” For B1A4, I’ve reviewed every music video except “I Only Learned Bad Things,” because it wasn’t a comeback, but a follow-up. But heck, since I have no other options, it looks like that’s what I’ll be reviewing today! (Just goes to show how much I lurveeeeee these bands).

Starting with Teen Top! The first time I had a dongsaeng in a k-pop group (so what if it’s only by a couple months??) I totally fell in love with this group’s boyish charms, baby faces and super-impressive dancing, as well as their totally catchy songs. We downloaded all their songs when we got the chance; all four of them. Since then, I’ve watched their Making the Artist show, I’ve learned one of their dances, I’ve watched them have two more comebacks, and I’ve kind of watched them grow up. Seriously. They grew up a lot in one year. I’ve loved each one of their title tracks, even if I wasn’t likewise impressed with their entire mini-albums, and I will continue to love the group forever and ever. Anyways, today I’ll be reviewing their debut song, “Clap.”

What an epic debut. (Also, Teen Top! You all have dark hair! How strange). I absolutely love the song and dance. The music video is a little confusing, so I won’t even try to explain it. It’s very dark and depressing and I don’t understand it, apart from the fact that there is, inexplicably, a girl sitting in  a plane. That has crashed. Is she dead? Possibly. Whatever. Ah, watching this video, I notice a certain trend of Things That Have Not Changed. CAP is still super sexy. Ricky still looks like a 6-year-old and gets no lines. Niel still gets 60% of lines, and Chunji gets another 35%. (Okay, it’s a little more even now. But not by much.) Their English is still really bad. That’s my boys :’)

Speaking of English, the Engrish in this song is REALLY BAD. Not only does it not really make sense, but it’s pronounced so terribly. Why are you talking about Crab man? That’s really the only problem, but it’s so glaring that I can hardly hear the rest of the song. Despite that, though, I love the song anyways, so that must mean something. Apart from the song itself, though, the dancing is really impressive. Really! The boys are so completely in sync. You can tell they’re talented. And the vocals are really good, too, and I’ve always liked CAP’s rapping. And just the way they incorporated so much clapping into the performance is great. Overall, I think it was a really solid debut. I’m glad the boys are getting the attention they deserve these days. Really, they’re good! Love them!

B1A4 is one of those bands I have way too many feelings for. Really. I’ll just see them, and be like “Oh my gosh. These boys. They break my heart with their awesomeness. Why are they doing this to me.” They are just so MY STYLE. Their cuteness, innocence, and super-catchy-songs. They are to fabulous for words. With “OK”, I was already totally in love. I even watched some of their show with Block B (who I also love), “Match Up.” And I watched some of their variety show appearances. And then with “Beautiful Target”, I was way in over my head. Seriously, that song remains one of my favourites of all time. SOOOO AWESOMMMMME. I can’t even. And THEN they came out with their newest album, “Ignition,” and I loved it so much I could have cried. I’m not even exaggerating. I love that album. I want it. But I’m waiting to buy more albums at the same time. Must! Be! Patient!

So today I’m going to review the only music video of theirs that I haven’t yet, which is “I Only Learned Bad Things.” To be honest, I was never an enormous fan of this song. I really like it, but it’s not my favourite from their first mini-album. I would have preferred a follow-up with, say, “Only One.” But anyways, here it is:

This video is actually really cute. B1A4 made it either directly for or just during their time filming for their show, “Match Up,” so I got to see some behind-the-scenes stuff. It actually has a sensible and cute plot, and I like that about it a lot. The dance is nothing much, but with this song, they did the best they could, really. Not a dance song. So anyways, the video stars Baro and his super-pretty girlfriend, and it’s about him kind of being a crappy boyfriend. Not like a TERRIBLE one, just one that doesn’t really pay enough attention to his girlfriend and doesn’t pick up his phone and stuff. Throughout the video, she points out things that she likes, but he doesn’t get the message. Later in the video, she texts him “We should stop seeing each other.” He’s all shocked and upset, and he asks his friends to help him. They brainstorm, then get to work blowing balloons and lighting candles and things like that. Later, the girlfriend walks into this elaborately decorated room and looks around in wonder, and Baro comes and surprises her with a bouquet of flowers and hugs her apologetically. The camera pans back to reveal the drink she’d been wanting earlier in the video, the headband she’d tried on to show him, and couple rings, along with a note that says…I don’t know D’: Something sweet, I’m sure. I can translate the first word, the last word, and half of the second. But I can’t make sense of it. WHY???

Anyways, enough of music video interpretations. It’s really cute, well-produced and directed, and really sweet. And a very obvious ad for Tropicana Sparkling. No matter. I love the natural, boy-next-door image B1A4 has, with no makeup or crazy clothes. The sets are simple, the voices are pure and un-electronisized. It’s really nice 🙂 Overall, the music video was really nice and sweet, and the boys were too. B1A4 is love, really. I’m a huge fan, and I’m not gonna hide it. 

So that’s it! Both of these bands are super awesome. I love them both a lot a lot a lot. Which bands don’t I? They’re all so amazing ^^ Go k-pop! So yeah. Support them, love them. I’ve had a great past year with these two. B1A4 and Teen Top, fighting! 


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More 2012 Rookies I LOVE – EXO, NU’EST, BtoB

Where have I beeeen? I’ve been really busy recently, and really good at procrastinating. But no worries, I’m back, with a thousand new songs to talk about! But for today I’ll just stick to three new groups I’ve totally been loving recently. Yay for debuts! ^^

The first is EXO (K and M–they’re both great), which I already talked about when they came out with their super-sexy-awesome-epic prologue song “What Is Love.” Later, they came out with another prologue song (what is that, anyways???), “History”, which I initially didn’t LOVE, but it’s definitely growing on me. And I love EXO themselves so much that I couldn’t NOT love this song. EXO for the win! 😀

The video for this epic song:

The dancing in this song is super awesome. EXO is an amazing group of dancers, you can’t deny that. Their movements are really sharp and precise, and they’re totally in sync. But to my surprise, they’re also amazing singers. (Their rapping is nothing special. Average.) Seriously. The groups’ main singers (Luhan, Chen, D.O, Baekhyun) are freaking fantastic. Their voices are just–wow. Even in this song, which is kind of epic and more of a dance song than a belter, you can hear how good they are. They’re really awesome live, too, but you can hear that more in their other song. The shaky-pants-dance is a little bit funny, but I love it. I also really like their clothes in this video. I don’t know why. They’re kind of hip-hop gangsta. Lots of crazy prints. Also, EXO themselves–holy crap so good-looking! I see a LOT of them on Tumblr these days, and you really can’t help but sigh and be like “why am I not that beautiful.” They look so freaking perfect. How did they find so many ridiculously good-looking guys that can also sing/dance/rap? And where are all the guys like that in Canada???? (Forever alone because my standards are too high…)

Anyways, this song is really catchy and awesome, and the boys pull it off so well. The English lines are great fun to sing (“No more shakin’ like that!”) even if they don’t make perfect sense, and the music video was really well-produced, with cool sets and effects. I’m impressed. Also, EXO-K makes appearances in EXO-M’s video, and vice versa ^^ Those boys all together are too much to bear. (By the way, the above video is the EXO-K version. Here’s EXO-M’s: LINK). It is seriously way too hard to choose between the two. They should make solo versions, and then one mixed version for the people that can’t choose. I love them bothhhh! But anyways, I wasn’t that huge of a fan of EXO until they came out with their debut track, “MAMA.”

HOLY EPIC MUSIC VIDEO. Now I see why Super Junior keeps getting boring dance-in-a-big-room videos. SM was trying way too hard to give EXO the coolest music video of all time. I seriously love it. It is mind-blowingly epic. I especially like the ridiculous Engrish intro said in a deep, awesome voice. Hehe. It (kind of) explains that this great force (EXO) was divided into two forces (K and M) and were sent to Earth or some such thing. I really don’t understand it myself. But it sounds cool! Also, each of the members of EXO has their own symbol, which I find really cool and unique. (The EXO-K version: LINK)

And then the music video is all about the members having these epic super powers and stuff. There’s no plot that I can make out, just clips of them looking cool, and some sick dance scenes. Again, REALLY well-produced. Those monk robes? Sweet! Epic chanting, epic singing, epic rapping that kind of scares me. This music video is just so EPIC.  The song itself is really powerful and booming and has a lot of belting, which is done REALLY well when they sing it live. Seriously, wow. The dancing is really intense and precise, too, and again, awesome. Also, that lip-rub part at “MA MA MA MA” makes me chuckle. Heehee. One thing though; HOLY FREAKING SCARY FACE TATTOOS. Pardon my caps locks. But really. So freaky. Some people think they’re cool, but they’re just too much for me. Yikes. Otherwise, they all look fantastic. How can they not? This is EXO!

So yeah. A totally great debut by EXO (finally! I thought they might release teasers and prologues forever). It’s not really a song that I was obsessed with from the start, but it’s really cool. I especially love their live performances. Awesome! Though the Engrish is terrible, and the rapping scares me, the epicness was enough to pull it through and make it stick out for me. Nicely done, EXO! And did I mention; they look so good *-*

Moving on! The next freaking amazing new rookie group that I fell in love with the moment I saw them was the fantabulous NU’EST. Wowwwww! I love love love these guys. Their debut song, “Face”, completely rocked. Amazing. I was a fan from the first time I watched it. Also, they’re all my age ^_^ Except for Aron. But he’s not much older. The others are all 95ers, comme moi. Minhyun’s just a few weeks my elder, and Ren a few months my junior. Yayyy! More dongsaengs!

Eeeee! Amazing. Dance? Awesome. Song? Super addicting. Looks? Totally dreamy. These boys got it all. Even a member that could easily pass for a girl. He’s way prettier than me. Why, Ren, why??? Making all the girls jealous, and all the guys question their sexuality (or yours…o_O) I’m starting to think he’s going Minam on us (*cough*You’reBeautiful*cough*) Anyways, the music video’s really great, and the boys’ skills are nothing short of swoon-worthy. Wowza! They’re another of those rookies that I can see becoming ridiculously popular.

For one thing, the chair dance. So cool! Chair dances are the best (I’m thinking SHINee’s “Love Like Oxygen” here. Also way cool.) The entire choreography is really impressive. The tutting at the dubstep dance break? Nice! I’m completely blown away. And then there’s the outstanding vocalists, Baekho and Minhyun. Wowed by them. Then there’s the sweet, feminine, adorable-voiced (and faced) Ren. And the English-speaker Aron. And leader and awesome-voiced-rapper JR (he’s so sexy *-* WHY??) I’ve already fallen for them. Watching their Making the Artist show. Watching interviews. Love ’em. Their style’s cool in this video, too. What I really love, though, is that this song is about bullying and standing up for yourself and all that, and YAY, the music video matches. Very cool, NU’EST. I like things that are not all about love. And I like it when the video matches the lyrics. Whoopee! (sidenote: why are all the boys at NU’EST’s school so good-looking? I must go there!)

For reals, so much love for this group. I wish I’d written an entire post about this song and video, because I like it that much. But no time! I must be moving on. (But before I do, here! NU’EST’s other song, “I’m Sorry.” Not quite as ridiculously awesome as “Face”, but I still love it. Gives me some 90s-era boyband vibes. I like.)

Okay, one more band to mention! And that band is the new Cube Ent (home of Beast, A Pink, etc.) boyband, BtoB. (That’s pronounced Bee-to-bee. Stands for Born to Beat. HEY. It could be worse.) They actually came out with two title songs; a dance number and a ballad. I, being the person I am, like the dance track better. It’s called “Insane.” It is awesome.

Yayyyy for Cube! I love love love Beast, so I had no doubt that I’d also love their new boyband. And I did. At first, I wasn’t completely impressed, but the more I listened to this song, the more I adored it. Their vocals are amazing and I actually really like their main rapper, Ilhoon. This song, though very danceable, is also an excellent track for showing off vocal talents. I can’t say BtoB really stood out to me as a dance group, but they’re really good nonetheless. I love the piano melody at the beginning (Fiction anyone?) (actually, very 0330-esque as well). and then the way the beat drops and it gets right into the song is awesome. I really like the use of orchastra as well. Ohhh, fancy!

The music video for this song is very dramatic, with many broken mirrors, tears and flaming pianos (wait, what?). It’s well-made and fits the song and mood well, and I think it deserves a whole lot more than the 700K views it has. Seriously, people, they’re awesome! I want to hug them. They’re totally good-looking, too. Ahem. My favourites just happen to be Changseob and Ilhoon, for unknown reasons. I just like them, okay?? Also, props to proper English usage and even good pronunciation! Yipee! (It feels like k-pop groups are getting better at pronunciation and worse at grammar…) Also, props to Minhyuk’s excellent acting. He makes me feel like crying. Man. (By the by, I totally learned these boys’ names way before I learned EXO’s. Why is that?)

As much as I totally loved “Insane”, I might just love their other song on their albume ven better, titled “Monday to Sunday.” I LOVE IT. It’s such a feel-good, pop-y, fun song. It was one of those songs where I clicked on it, vaguely curious, and was suddenly like “Hhhhh! I need this song! It is awesome!” No lie. It was that “This is for the weekend” line. Hit me right there. ^^ Also, the rap. And the whole song. Love it so much. Makes me smile every time. Yay! I wish they’d made a music video for this song, too. 

Okay, I’m done. I suddenly feel like bringing up a thousand more points about each group, but I won’t. These three groups…seriously, they make me so happy. 2012 has been an amazing year thus far for boyband debuts. First with Chaos and BAP, and now with these three. Egad, if more keep coming out, I might drown. (Too many names to learn!) But I’m really happy. For real. I wish the best of luck to all of these bands, and I suggest you listen to, support and love them all. EXO, NU’EST, BtoB fighting!


PS-suddenly a bunch of bands are announcing their comebacks. Oh no! I still have the last wave to catch up with! (But still, excited!!)

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More 1-Year Anniversaries–Dalmatian and ZE:A

Missed ’em again! Dang! I knew these two anniversaries were coming up, I did…and then the day of, I forgot. On April 4, 2011, I discovered two awesome bands; Dalmatian and ZE:A. Yayyyy! They are still two of my favourite underrated bands ever. (Dalmatian comeback in May! So excited!)

To celebrate this day, I’ve decided to quote a few sections of my journal entry from that day one year and two days ago. I was a Monday. That is irrelevant. Here goes!

Monday, April 4, 2011

New music! Whoot! I’m so happy 😀 I love new music days. All thanks to Maggie! [That’s my sister] Yay! 

The moment I stepped inside, Maggie said, “I got new songs! I’m so happy!” (actually, she said it in French, because dad was there [my dad doesn’t approve of our obsession]). So I followed her downstairs to the computer, where she showed me Dalmatian and ZE:A, both of which I’d heard of but never listened to. And they are AWESOME. Love love LOOOOVE the song “That Man Opposed” by Dalmatian. Video=adorable, too. 😀 There’s a guy wity blue hair! Epic! “Mazel Tov” by ZE:A is also great. Still listening to the rest. 

After that, I watched the end of Finding Mr. Destiny [one of my favourite Korean movies ever]. So good! I loooooved it 🙂 So cute ♥ 

After supper (and some dancing) I sent lots of videos to Ashley [my friend from school], who is now in love with k-pop. Then I watched a bunch of videos myself. Fell in love with “Marry U” by SuJu again 🙂 Cute! And “Hot Times” by SM the Ballad. I still laugh every time. Def makes my “Cheesiest Song Lyrics” List. Along with “SHINee World” and “Pajama Party.” And a few others. Hee. Seriously, “Hot Times”? Yikes. I love it! As Maggie said to be the other day, “I wish I never heard that song, because I love it.” As in, we’re so ashamed to love it, because the lyrics are…hot times. Agh. 

Anyways, in the evening I listened to some Dalmatian, and then showered and did my tiny bit of homework. Then Maggie downloaded a bunch of U-Kiss (new and old) and the new CN Blue CD. Yay! So much awesome newness! But at least now 0330 is on my iPod (that’s by U-Kiss). Love! ♥

So I think I’m gonna fall in love with Dalmatian. Seriously. Youngwon–the blue-haired guy–and Daniel, and that guy who goes super high and sounds like a girl…love. Already love. 

I then proceeded to write a more in-depth list of songs for my “Cheesiest Lyrics” List, and mentioned that I had 246 K-pop (and J-/Mando-pop) songs total. I was so proud. Now, at this moment a year later, I have 655. 😀

So, most of that was pointless. But it gives you an idea as to how I discovered these bands and how I felt about them right off the bat. As you can see, I wasn’t as huge into ZE:A until later on, when I listened to “Here I Am.” Liked them even more after their next mini-album, “Exciting!” Good stuff!

So, I’ve already done reviews of Dalmatian’s “That Man Opposed” and ZE:A’s “Here I Am”, “Love Coach” and “Watch Out“. So I’ll have to pick songs that were not my immediate favourites. Oh well!

I’ll talk about Dalmatian first. Seriously, just like I predicted in my journal entry, I fell in love with this band. To this day, they are one of my favourite k-pop groups of all time. And they only have seven songs. But most of those seven songs are my favourite songs ever. They’re so good. They have a loooot of talent, and an amazing first mini-album. Why are they not explosively popular??? Why have they not made a comeback yet????????

This was probably my second song by Dalmatian: “Lover Cop” 

This song is so cute XD And so cheesy in an epic way. Their clothes are slightly ridiculous, their dancing as actually really impressive, and their lyrics are laughable but awesome. Why are they talking about robots and lover cops? The guys are all being super lame in this video, despite their black leather and metal-studded clothes, and they manage to be cute and funny and lovable and really impressive at the same time. The choreography, full of robot moves and a lot of working together, is really cool and fun. I think it looks amazing.  Youngwon still had his briiiiiight blue hair at this time, which was freaking epic. They look like they’re genuinely having a lot of fun and just being dorks, and although their outfits are ridiculous at times, they manage to pull it off flawlessly. Props to their hair stylists, too! Their hair is so great in this video. I really, really like it. The rooms and background and lighting are all really good, too. And their props. Wow, now that I watch this video again, I totally love it o_o The vocals are amazing, the rapping is really good (I love Dalmatian’s rapping, always have), the dancing is even better than I remembered, the production was really good. Holy cow, I love Dalmatian. I can’t wait for Maaaay! Anyways, an awesome music video, and an awesome (and lame) song. The lyrics are cheesy, but that’s why I love them. They’re not meant to be serious or meaningful or anything. The point was that they’re lame and funny. So it’s okay. More than okay! I love it. Even though they autotuned Jisu’s beautiful falsetto. I mean, yeah, it fits the song better and sounds really sweet, but still. His beautiful voice!

I feel like I have so much more to say, since I hold Dalmatian so close to my heart and all that, but it’s time to move on. I reviewed a lot of ZE:A’s songs already, but not even the first one I saw! This is ZE:A’s “Mazeltov”, and it holds it’s place prouly on my “Cheesiest Lyrics” list. Wonderful ^^

Not ZE:A’s best song, gotta say. But it worked to get us hooked! It’s super catchy and synth-y, and the English lyrics are so bad that you have no choice but to love them. The dancing is undoubtedly awesome, though. Seriously. It requires a lot of synchronization, teamwork and careful coordination, especially with so many people, but it looks amazing. They did an awesome job with it. Okay, there are some really lame-looking moves. I will admit that. But they still managed to pull it off! The video’s all dark and grimy and epic, which fits with the sound of the song perfectly, but the lyrics are just too funny XD I’m slightly disappointed with the amount of heavy autotuning they used, but it gives the song a distinct sound. It’s a well produced song, as far as I can tell, and so is the music video, but whoever wrote the lyrics had some issues, I swear. Are those the days of the week I hear? And “Latin Girl, Mexican Girl, Korean Girl, Japan Girl?” And “Mirror mirror mirror?” and the famous Yiddish phrase meaning “congratulations” or “good luck?” Oy vey. I especially like the completely serious “mojeltov” at the end. Cracks me right up XD There is so much terrible Engrish int his song that I don’t even know what to say. It wouldn’t be so embarrassing if they, like B1A4, had some kind of cutesy-boy image that would make them seem endearing and adorable. But the fact that this video is so intense and everythign makes it so much more laughable. I can kind of see why they didn’t get crazy popular from this song XD Also, poor Kevin, the band’s native English-speaker. It must pain him so much to hear this song. He must be cringing even to this day.

Anyways, despite that songs’ insane cheesiness, it caused me to notice them and they captured my heart, even as I laughed hysterically at their lyrics sung with such attitude. I still love them to this day, so they must have done something right.

Alright, I’m done. I wish I could have done whole reviews for these two, but I’m kind of short on blog-time these days. Two epic music videos, in very different ways. Two amazing bands that I will love forever. Waiting for comebacks from both of them! They’re both painfully underrated, too, so please love them a lot ^^ I know I do. Dalmatian and ZE:A, fighting! 


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