So if there exists a person that regularly follows my blog (LOL AS IF), you might have noticed that I have been absent for some time. I apologize for this. I’ve just been sort of preoccupied with life and stuff. So I’m on a very long, very unannounced hiatus for an unknown period of time. Maybe….FOREVER O_O We’ll see how life goes. If this is in any way distressing to anyone….tell me, because I will be surprised and extremely pleased that I have a fan >_> Anyways, sorry! I have not become less enthusiastic or less passionate or any such thing….I just don’t have the time or motivation these days. Perhaps I’ll come back to my beloved blog one day! Until then…PEACE OUT.



About beckysmusicblog

I'm a music-obsessed girl that decided to keep this blog for my future self and my friends. I also have too much free time ^^
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