SotD-Teen Top’s “Don’t Wear Perfume”

"Roman" Album Cover. Left to right: Chunji, L.Joe, CAP, Niel, Ricky, Changjo

It’s out! It’s finally out! I’ve been waiting for this one for weeks, especially since Infinite made their own comeback. I am proud to say that when I watched this video for the first time, there were only 227 likes. It has been less than an hour, and there are now almost 1000. I feel like a true fan! 😀 Anyways, I bring to you Teen Top’s “Don’t Wear Perfume.” Huzzah! (Sidenote: I adore their colourful suits in the above picture. ADORE.)

Let me just say that their new concept makes me laugh quite a lot. I mean, look at them. They’re so little! And they’re trying to be all cool and even a little sexy. I mean, I thought they looked cool in Supa Luv, but they’re trying to look too mature for their age (between 15 and 18). It’s totally not working for me. But it did make me laugh. It still is making me laugh. Hahaha.

When I first saw the MV teaser, I thought it was going to be about this older woman hitting on little Chunji (who is 17, by the way) in a club (what is he doing there?) But it turned out to be quite a different story. Nevertheless, I was pretty excited for the new song and album, because I pretty much love Teen Top. They’re so great.

This is the MV, which pretty much just came out an hour or two ago. (Note: that’s when I started writing this post. Not when I posted it.)

I actually really liked the song right away. It’s catchy and upbeat and fun, and I liked it already from the teasers. I’ve listened to all of the new songs once already, and the ones I liked the most were this one and “Tell Me Why.” Good stuff. Must listen to more later.

I am actually expecting some controversy from this song. I mean, all the boys are still very young, but the song’s about how he’s telling his “noona” who he’s dating while also going out with another girl , not to wear perfume because it might leave its scent on him and he might get caught. Seriously. I mean, I’m assuming it’s supposed to be kind of fun and lame, but in Korea, they could get in a lot of trouble for this. Or maybe none. The rules there are so strict, but some bands just get lucky. Anyways, they’re also seen in a club in the MV, and since 5 out of 6 of them are underage, they could get in trouble for that too. Read the lyrics here. So scandalous! Also, feel free to read this blog post (not by me) about the lyrics and such, because I pretty much agree with everything they said, except that I’m not sure if I like the lyrics at all. Hmm. I’m a little disappointed. Yeah, “Supa Luv” was cheesy, but at least the lyrics were decent. And “Angel” was so sweet. This one kind of turns me off. (This is why I’m glad I don’t understand Korean that well. I can easily ignore lyrics I don’t like.)

One thing I must say; the first thing about this video that caught my attention had to be the set. Specifically, the scene location at 0:08-0:09. Recognize it? Yes! It’s the same set they used in U-Kiss’s “o33o!” O_O It’s the exact same place, with the same props and everything (well, many of the same). Weirdest thing ever. I was all like, “Hey! I know that place! Soohyun! Dongho! This is the wrong band, guys!” It was strange and surprising, but hey, at least they reuse them and don’t just trash sets after using them once.

Anyways, on to the video. It stars 17-year-old Chunji, who is struggling to balance spending time with his friends and girlfriend, and this older woman he’s secretly seeing. His real girlfriend seems to smell perfume on him, so to cover it up he gives her the same kind as a present. Then he goes on a date with this older woman at a bar/club, and his real girlfriend gets herself all dressed up to go find him, because I’m assuming she can tell what’s going on here. She sees him at the bar with this woman, and he just…smiles. Wait, what? I would be kind of nervous, there, buddy. That girl looks like she could probably take you. You’re not exactly big or strong. And she looks pretty ticked. Just sayin’. Anyways, I love how this video is, for once, perfectly understandable and has a simple, easy-to-follow plot. Thank you! I’m a little sick of confusing MV plotlines that make my head want to implode.

The dancing in this song is pretty much awesome. I can’t wait for a dance version or live performance. Teen Top puts a lot of effort into their dances, and they always have spot-on choreography. I love it. This dance is no exception. Except–pwahaha!–their dancing int his MV is so hilarious! It’s supposed to be kind of cool and chic and sexy, but it just makes me laugh so much. My favourite part is at 1:38, where they coolly turn around, put their hands in their back pockets, and turn around with intense gazes. Loving the finger-shooting, the jacket-smelling, the shoulder-bouncing, and basically the entire dancing. Hilarious, but memorable and cute and fun, and really good. They may be young, but they sure can dance. (Jealous!)

English! Is there even any? I have to go check. Hm, all they have are random words in the rap (never, go away, trouble maker, etc.) So I can’t really dock them points. Good job, Teen Top! With the awkward English that was Supa Luv, you have come a long way! (Though, I have to admit–I loved Supa Luv’s awful English. It made the song that much better.)

I have two more things I want to mention. One: Why does only Niel ever sing? D: I want to hear more Changjo and Ricky. Chunji got quite a bit this time around, but the maknaes got next to none. Boooo. At least L.Joe got soem decent rap lines, though (“your love…plus my love…supa luv”) I’m glad both he and CAP got enough. I really am sad about Changjo and Ricky, though. They have nice voices, even if they’re not the best, and I love when they sing. I know Niel has an amaaaazing voice, as does Chunji, but please! Give the babies some lines too! I swear, they can handle it! I am disappointed in you, TOP Media. Hmph. (And yes, I am maknae biased. So what?!)

Two: of course I have to talk about looks! The boys have really grown up since their last MV. Changjo actually looks like a teenager, instead of a little baby. Ricky–well, he still looks like a baby, but not so much. They all look older and more mature. Don’t get me wrong, they’re still kids, but more mature. I’m not loving L.Joe’s curls (though I love that he kept the pink :D) Apart from that, I love everyone’s hair. Liking Ricky’s shorter style and CAP’s shaggy look. Very nice. As for clothes, I do really really like the suits (I’m a sucker for suits :P) and actually all their outfits. Especially Chunji’s plaid pants. Jealous! Also, Niel, is that the JongKey t-shirt I see? It is! It’s this shirt! :O That made me laugh 🙂 Overall, they’re looking pretty stylish and awesome, and I love it.

But forget about that! Have you seen their promo pictures? I laughed my butt off every time I saw them. Look:

Hahahaha. (Left to right: Chunji, CAP, Niel, Ricky, L.Joe, Changjo)

Pwahahahahaha! Best thing ever. Order: same as above

I don’t even know how they managed to pull this off. But man, I can not stop laughing. Their faces are so epic. I don’t know why they agreed to do this, but man, if it isn’t dang funny. OMG their shoes. I am dead. (Note: they have prettier legs than me O_O) I do not think I will ever get over this. So. Funny. 

Anyways, I think that’s all. Except for members, of course! I’ll go from favourite to least favourite today (or at least try…my bias list is very skewed lately). First up: baby Changjo, our favourite maknae and main dancer!–1:57 and…aww, he doesn’t get enough screentime 😦 Next I think is our adorable, curly-pink-haired rapper L.Joe–0:08 and 2:37. Then is baby Ricky, our stand-in maknae–1:50. Then is the hottie rapper and leader CAP–2:34. Then is main character and one of two main singers, Chunji–0:35 and 2:19 and pretty much everywhere else. And lastly, our obvious lead singer Niel–0:15 and 1:01 and also always in the front, so it’s hard to miss him. That bias list was sad, because I could never decide after Changjo. So it will probably change within the next minute or so. 😛

Anyways, I think that’s all I have to say for now. It’s a great comeback song, and I’m happy with it, except for the questionable lyrics and meaning. Oh well. I’m off to go listen to the rest of the album. Teen Top, fighting! Andromeda forever! ^^


PS-still meeeeeeeega pumped for the new SuJu album. Like you don’t even know.♥

PPS-Holy crap! I’ve gotten more views on this post than, like, all my other posts combined (I’m exaggerating). But seriously. This song and MV are big news. But has anyone even read all the way to the end of this post? Anyone?


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