I know I said in my last post that I was going to start adding the band’s name in the title, but for once, this was unnecessary–because they’re actually the same. Yes, I’m reviewing Boyfriend’s debut song, “Boyfriend.” Whoa.

Okay, I’ll admit, I was hesitant to get into this band. I mean, look at that name. That is awful. But I’ve heard awful names before–SHINee, A Pink, Rainbow, etc. So I gave it a shot. Also, the fact that their debut song is also their name and their album title is a little awkward. I mean, on my iPod it’ll read Boyfriend–Boyfriend–Boyfriend. Ouch. But, I mean, look at them. They are so cute, it’s almost depressing. Also, they have twins. Twins, I say!If that doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what will.

Adorable band, Boyfriend

This band just debuted (as in, this MV is their debut) so no one knows much about them. Just their names and the company they’re under, basically. But they’ve been chosen to have their debut followed in a reality show by Mnet (just like Big bang, Dalmatian, Infinite, and many others). So we’ll know more about them soon.

I’m actually not crazy in love with this song and MV, but I have to admit I kind of like it. Who knows? Maybe after a few more listens I’ll totally fall in love. It’s happened before. But honestly, I’m already in love with the members. So adorable.

The MV and song are basically about how this guy either is or wants to be this girl’s awesome boyfriend. The video (found below, and with English subs here) reminds me of SHINee’s “Hello” in that it seems to be about how the boys are in love with a girl but are trying to gather the courage to actually go up to her house and knock on the door. Ahh, too cute. It was cute then and it’s cute now.

Basically, if I were to sum up this video in one word, it would be “adorable.” The song, the guys, the clothes, the dance, the set, the props–everything is just too adorable. Especially the boys and the dance. You’d think it’d be weird, considering they’re all teenagers, but it’s not (at least, not to me). You’d also think we’d all get sick of all the cutesy fluff in k-pop, but I don’t think we ever will. Anyways, I can’t get over how cute the dance is. You’d have to watch it to know. It’s almost ridiculous. I just wanna go and pinch their adorable cheeks. And I love the twins so much ^^ I think it might be the band’s best feature.

I don’t have a whole lot to say about this song or video, because I’ve basically already said it all. The actual song isn’t really amazing, but we’ll see where the band goes. They could be great. They only have two and a half songs so far, but I haven’t really looked into them. There’s not a lot to look into.

I can’t tell the members apart very well yet, but here’s what I’ve gathered: Youngmin–the blond-haired twin–is at 0:07. Kwangmin–the brown-haired twin–is at 1:17 and 2:07. That’s them with their hands pressed together at 2:18. At 0:17 is Jungmin. Hyunseung is at 0:29. Minwoo is at 0:42 and 1:28 (the maknae, I believe he’s my age or younger). And 1:25 is Donghyun. Hope that’s helpful. 😛

Anyways, possibly the cutest video of 2011 so far. I am beginning to love it more and more. We’ll see. For now, Boyfriend fighting! (Urgh, awful name) Good luck, boys!



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